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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snippets Thirty-Nine: John Makes a Decision

That afternoon John sat down to have a few beers with Bobby.  Dean sat on the couch in the living room with a book.  He kept his eye on Sam who was trying to get into everything.  He also listened to the men in the kitchen.  Castiel stood looking out the window and watching his charge.  The boy was tense as if he expected problems.

John set down his fifth beer and asked Bobby if he didn’t have anything harder. Bobby brought out a bottle of whiskey.  The older Winchester was getting incredibly drunk. 

“Bobby, I have a case in Lincoln, Nebraska in three days.  I’m meeting another hunter there. “

“Okay,” Bobby muttered.  “When will you be back?  What happens with Dean and the school?”

“I’m taking the boys with me.  It’s time I started training Dean.”

“For what?”

“Come on, Bobby.  Every family that goes into the business raises their kids to do the same.”

“Like hell they do, John!  You took on this life to avenge Mary.  Dean has seen enough of that already.  Let him live a normal life.”

“He can shoot, Bobby.  Like nothing I’ve ever seen in a child his age.  He’ll be the best soldier ever.”

“He’s a kid, John.”

“He’s my kid, Bobby.  We’ll leave in the morning.”

Dean got up and picked up Sam.  They went upstairs where Dean began to pack their belongings, knowing they’d each get one duffle.  Castiel sat on the bed and watched the boy.  The child made no comment.  He did what he knew his Daddy would want.

‘The perfect little soldier,’ Cas murmured.

‘Yes, my Son.  He will be one of the best and most famous hunters of all time.  Both sides will fear him at some point.’

‘Our side, Father?’

‘Yes, my Son.  Our side is not My side.  Understand that when you do what you have to do.’

The angel watched Dean put the duffles in a corner and sit down to play with his brother.

‘Am I the perfect little soldier, also, Father?’

‘Yes, Castiel. Remember that this little soldier playing with his brother will be a brother you one day.’

‘He will?’

‘Yes, my Son. There will be four of you who fight for the world.’

‘Who, Father?’

‘You, Dean, Sam, and Bobby.’

‘The father?’

‘At that point, the only family Dean has will be you, Bobby, Sam, and the Harvelles.’

‘A brother.’

‘And his guardian angel.’

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