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Monday, June 4, 2012

Snippets Thirty-Seven: The Arrival of John Winchester

Three days after Dean was expelled, John Winchester pulled the Impala into Singer’s Salvage. Bobby and the boys were at the creek fishing.  When John got no answer, he walked around the back and followed the trail.  He stopped and watched his son catch a nice perch. 

Dean looked up and saw his father smiling and froze.  Castiel looked up and saw the man standing there amongst the trees.  He was surprised that Dean did not run towards his father.

Bobby, seeing the man, invited him to come down and join them.  Surprisingly, John did.  He sat down next to Dean and looked at the fish that had been put on a stringer.

“Nice catch, Son.”

Hazel eyes looked into his and there was almost a smile on the boy’s face.  John showed him a trick for casting further.  Dean relaxed.

“I went by the school, Bobby.”

“Okay,” the other hunter replied.

“They wanted to call in Child Protective Services.  We can’t have that, so I’ll be hanging around a few days and see what needs to be done.”

Castiel stood behind the older Winchester and was talking to Father.

“Can I just kick him once, Father?  Please?”

“No, my Son.  This is part of the predictions?”

“What predictions, Father?”

“You will learn more later.  Right now, stay with the boy.”

Castiel was quiet and frustrated.  Too many questions and not enough  answers. He still wanted to kick John Winchester.

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