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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Snippets Thirty-Six: Dean's First Day at School

Bobby drove Dean to the elementary school for Kindergarten.  Dean carried a sleeping mat, his lunch, and the school supplies were in his backpack.  The child looked around the room in shock.  He’d never been around this many children in his life.  The hazel eyes stared up into the older man’s, a plea in them.

Bobby knelt down.  Dean walked up until they were eye to eye.

“I can’t go here, Unca Bobby.  I gotta take care of Sammy.”

“School is important, Dean.  You’re a very smart boy. Study hard and you will end up doing something of major importance someday.  I’ll take care of Sam.”

“His name is Sammy,” the boy murmured as he turned and walked into the classroom, followed by an angel.

Bobby kept an eye on Sam who was toddling everywhere.  He had his computer turned on and had several books stacked next to it. He was still adding research to it.  His local phone rang.  Getting up, the hunter answered the phone.

“Singer’s Salvage.”

“Mr. Singer.  This is Mark Jameson at the school.  We need you to come and get Dean.”

“What?  Why?”

“He’s been expelled.  We will talk when you get here.”

Bobby packed up Sam and headed to the school

Dean was sitting in the outer office, with Castiel standing next to him.


The blond head jerked up and Bobby watched the eyes go blank.  The principal walked into the outer office.

“Mr. Singer?  Come in.”

“Come on, Dean.”

“The boy stays out here, Mr. Singer.”

“Dean has a right in this country to face his accusers.”

The two men and the young boy sat inside the inner office.

“What did he do?”

“First off, he drew a picture of a bleeding woman on a ceiling and there was fire everywhere.  Mr. Singer, that is not normal for a five-year-old boy.”

Bobby looked down at ‘Dean.  The boy’s eyes were closed.

Bobby answered softly, “His mother was killed and he was a witness to it.  You expelling him for that?”

The principal blushed and said no. 


“He tried to leave the schoolyard during recess.”

“It has an eight foot fence around it,” Bobby replied

“When he couldn’t get over it, he took the spoon he stole from the cafeteria and tried to dig under it.”

Bobby turned wide eyes towards the young lad.
The angel sitting in the chair next to Sam’s stroller watched his charge closely.  How can one prevent what the child did if one could not let him know he was there?

Bobby asked, “Dean?”

“Daddy said it was my job to take care of Sammy.  I gotta check on him.”

Bobby turned to the principal, “Their Dad is on the road a lot.  Dean thinks that watching his brother is his job.  Maybe we can figure something out.”

The principal turned redder.  “He cursed his teacher.”

Castiel bowed his head and thought again where would he learn profanity? 

Bobby closed his eyes.  The child was being raised among hunters.  

“What did he say?” he asked.

“Why don’t you ask him.  I prefer not to repeat it.”

Castiel stood up and walked over to his charge and knelt down and looked into the child’s eyes.  
Dean Winchester was angry.  Cas couldn’t remember that look before.

Bobby looked over and softly asked, “Dean?  What did you say?”

“The teacher dragged me by my feet.”

“Okay, that’s uncalled for from any teacher.”

The principal looked at the hunter, “I would have too.”

The hazel eyes looked into his Uncle Bobby’s, “I called the teacher a stupid summa bitch.”

Castiel stood up quickly and murmured, ‘Oh, Father.’

A pin drop could have been heard in the office.  The principal cleared his throat in the silence.

Bobby asked, “How long?”

“Two weeks and we need to speak to his father.  Face to face.”

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