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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Snippets Fifty-Eight: November

The next morning, Bobby turned the page on the calendar and realized that tomorrow would be a year since Mary Winchester had died.  His mind began to click.  He knew he had to call John Winchester, but he wanted an agreement that the boys would stay with him until Dean started school.  He would be six in January.

The conversation with John had been difficult.  The man was drunk.  Bobby understood the reason behind the drinking.  John knew the date better than anyone.  The two men talked for over an hour.  The boy’s father wanted to come get them, but realized he wasn’t ready to protect them, knowing the little he knew.  Different hunters were taking him under their wings and teaching him the aspects of hunting they knew, and he spent time with Missouri Mosley. 

Bobby did suggest that he come and visit at times and just spend time with his boys.  The man agreed.   What surprised Bobby was John had decided that Dean did not need Kindergarten.  He still wanted the boy to learn all there was to know about hunting.  The older man agreed but planned on continuing the training his own way. 

John cried on the phone, and the older hunter listened and waited.   He promised to spend Thanksgiving with his sons.  The call ended.

Bobby sat back with a cup of coffee and plotted Dean’s training and how to intermix it with typical childhood needs.  John wanted to wait until Dean was seven and that seemed wrong to the man but it did give him time to try to help the boy.   Sam would be three before Dean started school.  Maybe the older brother would be able to handle that.  He sighed, sipped his coffee and  planned breakfast for his two boys.

Castiel had been sitting at the table, listening in on the conversation.  He, too thought seven was too old for first grade, but was relieved on Dean’s behalf.  The boys would have almost two years with Bobby before John took them.  The angel smiled at the thought.

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