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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Snippets Fifty-Seven: Halloween Aftermath

Castiel stayed close to Dean the entire night. The boy squirmed in his sleep and whimpered.  He touched the skin and felt the perspiration and knew the boy was remembering his mother’s death. 

“Sammy,” the child moaned.  Castiel ran his hands through the sweat dampened hair and let his peace flow through him to his charge.  Dean would calm down for a while and it would start up again. 

Sam was getting restless.  Castiel went looking for Bobby who was sitting in the kitchen with two hunters.

“The boy thinks the man killed his mama.  I couldn’t hear what the man said but Dean thought he was going after Sam.  What is really interesting is there was a glowing figure behind the boys and the man backed down and shut his door.”

One man leaned on the table holding a cup of coffee.  “I don’t mind checking it out, Bobby, but I’m heading home afterwards.  I haven’t seen Ellen in a while.”

“Thanks, William,” Bobby said as Castiel softly touched him   He stood up.

“You hear anything?”

The other hunter shook his head.  William Harvelle rose and grabbed his hat.

“We’re gonna check it out and head on.  If you don’t hear anything, the place is empty. I’ll give you a call from the Roadhouse once I get home.”

Bobby saw them to the door, and heard a noise upstairs.  Sam was coming down the stairs very slowly.

“What are you doing, up, Son?”


Bobby picked the child up and hurried up the stairs.  The older child was tossing and turning in his sleep.  Bobby set Sam on the bed and pulled Dean into his arms.  Startled, Dean screamed, “Mama!”

“It’s all right, Dean.  I’ve got you.”

The golden head buried itself against his chest, and the boy cried.  Bobby rubbed his back and held him.  Sam sat there watching, a curious expression his face.  Bobby laid down on the bed with Dean in his arms.  Sam crawled over on the other side and put an arm on his big brother.  Soon all three were asleep on the bed. Castiel sighed in relief and sat in the rocking chair to await the morning.

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