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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Snippets Fifty-Six: Halloween Night

Bobby drove the boys into town for Trick or Treating. In the back seat, Dean was trying to explain to Sam why he had to keep the mask on and what the plastic orange pumpkin was all about.

Bobby would stop at the end of a street, let the boys out, then follow them slowly in the car. Castiel walked behind them.

One house had a black light burning on the porch. Sam started to pull away and run towards the porch, but Dean grabbed him. Sam tugged and pulled away and ran up the steps. The door opened and a man stood there staring at the younger Winchester.

Dean yelled, “No!” He ran up the stairs and stopped, staring at the man who was reaching down towards his brother.

“Dun touch him!” the older boy yelled. The man looked at him with yellow eyes. Dean had a flashback of when his mama died. The man in the room had yellow eyes. He grabbed his brother and started to pull away.

The man laughed, “So, you are going to be trouble, Dean Winchester. I should have known.”

The boys didn’t see the glowing form behind them but the demon and Bobby did.

“Dean! Sam!” the hunter yelled, running towards them.

The demon saw Castiel glowing with power and backed down, hissing.

 The door slammed shut and Bobby grabbed both boys. He looked up and the glowing form was gone.

Dean wouldn’t let go of Sam. Bobby finally got the boy’s hand pried loose.

“It’s okay, Son. I’ve got him.”

“He killed Mama.”

“Who did?”     
“That man. I saw him kill Mama.”

Bobby checked the house number and then drove home.

He put a call for someone to check the house and told what had happened.

He went upstairs and found both boys asleep. Dean had the silver blade under his pillow and salt in front of the bedroom door, the closet and the window.

Bobby whispered, “I don’t know what was protecting you boys tonight, but I’m grateful.”

Castiel whispered, “You’re welcome.”

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