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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snippets Forty-Four: John Begins to Teach Dean

John woke the boys up early and, after a quick breakfast, they found themselves in the car and driving to Lincoln, Nebraska.

John had Dean sit up front. The boy was nervous having Sam in the back seat.  His father began quizzing him on what Bobby had taught him about hunting. Bobby had let him play and take care of Sam.  Dean really did not understand hunting. John was infuriated over the boy’s lack of important knowledge and skills.

John began to teach Dean about hunting.   He lectured, gave information, and talked about training. Castiel listened and wanted to stop the man.  He felt a nudge from Father and a whisper to ‘let it be.’  He shook his head and kept a hand on Dean.

By the time, Sam started getting hungry, Dean had quit talking.  He listened, muttered ‘Yes, Sir,’ and Castiel could tell the boy was terrified.  John pulled into a truck stop and told Dean to get his brother.   They went inside to eat a meal. 

John questioned Dean over what he had told him.  Even Castiel was surprised over the answers the boy gave.  Dean was frightened but he wanted to please his Dad more than he was afraid.  John was pleased. The angel was infuriated more than John had been earlier.

They reached the Nebraska border around six in the evening.  The hunter John was meeting was waiting for them.  They continued on to Lincoln.  They stopped for a meal around nine in the evening.  Sam was half asleep at this time.  Dean asked for tomato and rice soup. 

“Are you feeling sick?” John asked.

“No, Sir,” responded the soft voice.  Castiel, watching his charge carefully, recognized a need for comfort.  The boy knew he would not find what he needed from his father so he sought out a memory of being sick and his mother fixing the soup and caring for him. 

“Well, I’ve studied everything, Beau.  You say the thing is in the Sunken Gardens in the city?”

“Yeah,  John.  It attacks at night and we need to get there.  Who’s taking care of the kids?  We need to hurry.”

“They’ll stay in the car.”

Beau looked at the two little boys. 

“That won’t work.”

“Yeah, it will.  Dean, here, is a crack shot.”

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