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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Snippets Forty-Nine: Aftermath of the Hunt

Dean woke up the next morning to a knock on the door and his father demanding to be let in.  For a second the boy panicked.  John Winchester would want to leave and Bobby would not find them.

He opened the door and let his father inside.  John grabbed his duffel and got clean clothes and headed to get a shower.  He turned and looked at the young boy standing at the door.

“Beau told me he gave you money.  Go get breakfast.”

“Yes, Sir.”  Dean was still dressed from the night before and his neck hurt from lying at an angle.  He winced and headed out the door.  Fifteen minutes later he saw three vehicles parked on either side of the Impala as he carried breakfast back to the motel.

Setting the food down on the ground, Dean opened the door and walked in.  The voices inside grew silent.  He stood just inside the door.  Sam was sitting on the bed.

“Take care of your brother, Dean.”

“It’s customary to introduce your guests, John,” the one in the minister’s garb responded.

Bobby snorted.

The hazel eyes wondered at the crowd in the room.  Dad would be angry about Bobby.  The other two had to be Pastor Jim and Caleb.  Both kept calling last night.  He really didn’t know who they were.

“These are my boys, Sam and Dean.  This is Caleb and this is Pastor Jim. Bobby, you know.  If that’s breakfast bring it over here.  Don’t stand there and let it get cold.”

“I didn’t bring enough.”

“Dean?  It’s okay.  Caleb and I have both eaten already.  I imagine Bobby has too.”

Bobby looked at the boy.  His eyes were red and the man could tell the child was hurting.

“Did you get some sleep last night, Son?”

Dean nodded, “Yes, Sir.”

Castiel knew there was probably a major crick in the boy’s neck.  He slept, but it wasn’t a restful sleep, and the angel knew it.

Dean took breakfast over to the bed and ate with his brother.  He listened to the argument.

“The boys are not going with anyone but me.  They are my sons and it’s my job to care for them.”

“I talked to Beau, John,” Caleb replied.


“John, you two weren’t one hundred percent sure what you were up against.”

“The boys were fine.  Do they look harmed?”

“John, they are alive because Beau gave Dean a large silver blade.  You two found Dean on his back on top of Sam with the blade in his hands.  Oh, did I forget to mention it was embedded in a wraith?” Bobby commented, sarcastically.

“Does he look hurt?”

Pastor Jim responded, softly, “Physically?  No.  Mentally and emotionally?  Most likely, John.  How did you fall?”

“I’m not sure.  It felt like I was pushed.  Dean, did you push me?”

The boy shook his head ‘no.’

The minister looked at the boy.

“What did happen, Dean?  You Dad has a concussion.  Beau told us.  He won’t remember things right.”

“He slapped me and he fell.”

“Okay, Dean.  John, you need time to get well and learn to hunt and know what you’re hunting.  We are going to take the boys until you know what you’re doing.  No sense in you having to worry about them and have your mind off your job.  They’ll be better off with Bobby.”

“Fine, but no kindergarten.  Child Protective Services doesn’t need to know he has them.”

Bobby rose from his seat.


“You and your brother get ready to go, Son.  I’m taking you home.”

The men talked as the two children got ready to leave.  Dean walked to his dad and hugged him.  Sammy was in John’s lap in seconds.  The hunter hugged his sons and told them to behave.

Bobby said goodbye and loaded the duffels in his car and made sure the children were safely strapped in the back seat.

Thirty minutes later, the angel and Bobby both checked the back seat.  Dean was sprawled out on the seat and fast asleep.

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