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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snippets Forty: Leaving Bobby Singer

Dean dragged both duffels downstairs the next morning.  John was asleep on the couch.  Bobby was in the kitchen.  Sam was coming down right behind his brother.  Setting the duffels in a corner, Dean took Sam by the hand and led him into the kitchen

Bobby was drinking coffee and looked up when the boys entered.  His eyes were red.  Castiel wondered if the redness was alcohol or tears and wished he could just ask but Father would be upset if he did so. 

Breakfast was already ready for the boys and he had packed lunches for them, figuring John would forget to feed them until Dean reminded him.  The man was worried about the two children.  John had only one thing on his mind; hunting. 

“Dean, your Daddy is taking you boys with him when he wakes up."

Hazel eyes stared into the older hunter’s.  The blond head nodded but the boy kept quiet.

“You can talk to me, Dean.  I’m not your Daddy.  I’ll be one for you any time you need one.  You understand?”

“Yes, Unca Bobby.”

John stood in the doorway.

“Don’t fill his head with all of this childhood crap, Bobby.  Dean, are you finished eating?”

Dean looked at his half-finished plate and back at his Father.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Put your stuff in the car.”

The little boy ran into the other room and dragged his and his brother’s duffels out to the Impala.

“He wasn’t through eating, John, but you knew that.”

Castiel stood in front of John and looked into his face.  The man was not completely sober. 

“Yeah, Bobby, I knew that.  He’s got to learn to tough it out.  Nice meals are a luxury for a hunter.  Dean better learn it now.”

“You’re still an ass, John.  Sign over custody of the boys to Pastor Jim or me and let us raise them.”

“I need them, Bobby.  Thanks, but I’m not gonna do that.”

Dean walked back into the house.  He grabbed Sam’s car seat and took it to the car and strapped it into the backseat.  He was shaking as he did it.  Castiel followed him out this time and could see how the child was struggling not to cry.  The boy didn’t need another loss.

‘Father, please let me push John Winchester to let the boys stay here?’

‘No, my Son.  Dean will not become what he needs to become by staying here.’

‘I don’t understand, Father.’

‘When the time comes, you will.’

Dean ran to the house as John and Bobby came outside.  John gave Sam to Dean. 

“He’s your responsibility from now on, Son.  I will hold you accountable.”

Doing what he always did, Dean looked at Bobby and whispered, “What?”

John interrupted, “It means that anything happens to him, it’s your fault.”

The hazel eyes widened.  Castiel clenched his fists and lowered his head.  Bobby grabbed John’s shirt front and shoved him off the porch. 

“You aren’t fit to be a father, John.  You hurt that boy in any way and I’ll fill you full of buckshot.”

John sneered and told Dean to put Sam in the car and buckle them both up.  Dean ran to Bobby and hugged him.  The boy was trembling.

“I love you, Unca Bobby,” he whispered.

Bobby knelt down.

“I love you too, Son.”

John was halfway to the car and yelled, “Dean, I gave you an order, Boy!”

Dean took Sam and buckled him in.  Climbing into the backseat of the Impala, he looked out the window at the hunter standing in the yard.  Castiel had gotten into the front seat.  He sat so he could watch his charge.  Dean kept his face emotionless. 

The car pulled out of Singer’s Salvage.

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