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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snippets Forty-Five: Dean's Hunt?

John followed Beau to the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln.  The two men got out of their vehicles and double checked their ammo.  John told Dean to stay in the back seat with Sam and use the gun on anything that tried to get into the car.

Beau watched John walk away and shook his head.  He motioned for Dean to roll down the rear window.  A long blade was handed to the child.

“I’m not sure this thing will take what’s in the gun, so use your body and all the force you got and push this into it if it comes near.  Okay?”

Dean held the gun in one hand and reached for the long blade.  The hazel eyes stared into Beau’s and the boy nodded.

“What?” he whispered.

“It’s a large dagger I had made from silver.  You shouldn’t have to be too close to stab it.”

Dean murmured, “Kay.”

Beau left to follow John.

Castiel stood outside of the Impala.

‘Father!  This is insane. Dean isn’t six yet.  I can sense the thing, Father.  It’s a wraith.  Please Father, let me take it out.’

‘No, my Son.  This is part of the boy’s future. He must face this from the beginning to be who he will be.  He will know he can protect his little brother.  Sam will need Dean’s protection.  Sam will stray.  Dean is the only one who can bring him back from the dark.  Only Dean, Castiel.’

‘Yes, Father.’

The hours passed and Dean fell asleep beside Sam on the back seat.  Cas circled the car every so often. 

A gunshot was heard.  The angel stared into the distance.  Dean jerked awake and Sam started crying.  The older boy tried to quiet his brother but to no avail. 

Suddenly, Castiel felt himself be thrown away from the car.  The wraith was able to see him, surprisingly.

The creature pulled on the rear door and pounded on the glass.  Dean stared and Sam screamed.  Suddenly, it went around the other side of the car and broke the window by Sam.  The blond head turned quickly.  The creature reached in for the younger Winchester boy.

“No!” Dean screamed.  “You can’t touch him.  I won’t let you!”

Cas saw his charge throw himself on top of his brother.  The wraith jumped in through the window and landed on the blade that Dean held in a tight grip in his hands.  Cas had reached the wraith and saw what happened.  He pushed on the creature, embedding it on the silver blade.

Sam was screaming loudly.  The creature’s blood flowed over Dean and into the car seat he had covered with his body.

John and Beau heard the child screaming and ran.

They tried to pull the wraith out of the car but Dean was not letting go of the blade.  John climbed into the backseat from the other side and pulled the blade out of his son’s hands.  Beau pulled the creature out of the car. 

John pulled Dean out of the car. Beau turned a flashlight on the child. The hazel eyes were wide and the young boy was shaking. He was covered with the blood of the wraith.  He kept whispering, “It can’t touch Sammy.”

John grabbed his other son and held him, trying to stop the screams.  Dean walked over and tugged on his Dad’s army jacket.  His father looked down and the boy reached up for his brother.  Sitting on the ground, he rocked Sammy and whispered to him.  Soon his brother was sleeping, with Dean still shaking as he held him.

John and Beau salt and burned the wraith and loaded their vehicles.  They rented two motel rooms on the outskirts of Lincoln.  John bathed Sam and put him to bed.  Dean took a bath.  He came out in his pajamas.  John looked at his older son who was so much like Mary.  He told him to get into bed.  As he sat on the other bed, he called his son.


The head turned away from Sam and stared at him.

“I’m proud of you tonight, Son.  “You’re going to be a good hunter.

Dean Winchester turned back over and held his brother.  No one knew what kind of nightmares he had may have had that night, except for one angel who stayed close on the bed and hugged the boy, letting his own peace wash over him.

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