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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Snippets Forty-Six: Cas' Comfort

John managed to put away a half a bottle while lying on his bed.  Dean tossed and turned, waking up with a start, eyes wide in terror.  The angel would breathe a soft breath against the sweat covered skin.  He would touch the boy on his cheek and run his fingers through blond hair. 

‘It’s all right,’ came a soft whisper like a breeze. 

The boy had no idea where it came from but was reminded of his mother.  Once in a while, there would be a soft sob, and hands trying to wipe away unseen blood.  The angel kept up his soft touches and whispers.

The blond head would turn and make sure his sleeping brother was okay.  Castiel knew that he needed someone to just hold onto.  He put his arms around the child, knowing there would be no pressure of arms holding the boy.

‘You are loved, Dean.  You are protected.  Sleep, child.  I am always here.’

The young boy curled up next to his brother with an angel curled up next to him.  The breath of air was there, and with it, a strange sense of peace and comfort.  There were no more nightmares that night.

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