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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snippets Forty-One: First Night with John

Dean requested several restroom stops during the day for himself and Sammy.  He asked for drinks and food.  John wasn’t happy about it but bought the boys tuna sandwiches and a coke.  Dean looked at the food and at his brother.  He took out the bag that Bobby had made for Sammy and got out what the boy could eat at his age.   He did let him have some of the coke.  John watched and grew angry over the sack lunches.

“Okay, next time, you go in and get the food.”

The drive to Lincoln was difficult for both boys.  Around eleven in the evening, Dean woke up beside his brother, not sure where he was.  The motion made him realize they were still driving.
He looked at the highway through the front windshield.


“What, Dean?  Don’t call me Daddy.  Call me Dad.”

“Okay.  Dad?”

“What Dean?”  John sounded irritated.

“We need to go to bed.”

“Sam is asleep and you were.  Go back to sleep.  I’m not stopping until I have to.”


“What, Dean!”

“Sammy and I had a bed at Unca Bobby’s.”

“Damn it!”  John pulled off the highway into cheap motel.  Castiel looked at it and a memory of Sodom and Gomorrah passed through his mind.  One hour room rentals followed that thought. 

John locked the car and went to get a room.  When he came out a hooker was tapping on the rear window trying to get his son to roll it down, much to the chagrin of one angel.

“He’s underage.”

The woman turned and smiled up at the older Winchester. 

“You’re not.”

“You’re right, but I’m broke and I got the two kids with me.”

“If you got a bottle to split, put them to bed and come to my room.”

John grinned and asked for a number. 

He took the boys and their duffels into the motel room and showed his son how to salt the room.

“If anyone tries to get in, you shoot them with this,” he handed Dean the pistol he’d tested him with.

Dean stared at his Dad as the man took a bag with a bottle in it and left the room.

Castiel was freaking out.


‘Castiel, if anyone attempts to enter the room, deal with them.  You have my permission to protect the boys in this situation.”

The angel turned and saw Dean put his brother into pajamas and climb into the bed with him.  Exhaustion was such that the young Winchester could no longer keep his eyes open.  He cuddled his brother close and instinctively put himself between the door and Sammy; a habit he would never break.

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