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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snippets Fifty-One: Home

Bobby pulled into Singer’s Salvage around eleven that night.  Sam was asleep but Dean stayed awake and watched over the younger Winchester.  Castiel figured Dean’s exhausted nap was the reason for it.
Bobby stopped the car, picked up Sam and headed towards the house, with Dean and Cas following.
“Unca Bobby, if you give me the keys I can get our stuff.”

”Nope.  You are going to get a nice hot bath, and I’m going to put Sam to bed.  I’ll fix you something to eat and then you should sleep too.  Just remember.  My house is protected.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Dean followed Bobby and Sam up the stairs and waited while Bobby helped Sam get into some pajamas.  Much of their things had been left behind with Bobby.  Dean spotted his dog and smiled softly.

“You have pajamas still here, Son.”

Dean went to the chest of drawers and found some blue pajamas and underwear.  The angel followed him to the bathroom.

The boy started the water when the hunter entered.

“I, umm, bought this last time I was in town.  Thought you might like it.  It’s bubble bath.”

Dean watched the water foam with a small grin on his face.  He slid into the water and under the bubbles.  Soon his head emerged, covered with foam.  The boy slid down the tub and back into the water splashing it everywhere.  Bobby laid out some towels on the floor to catch the water.  As he headed downstairs to make some soup and a sandwich for the boy, he heard a loud laugh.  It was the first time Dean had done so since Bobby had met the child.

Castiel enjoyed watching the child play, reveling in the joyous laughter.  Dean had a wonderful time, until Bobby called him.  He dried off and put his dirty clothes in a basket.  Getting dressed, the child checked on his brother and headed to the kitchen.

Bobby had two cups of soup, two sandwiches, a glass of milk, and a cup of coffee on the table.  Castiel sat and kept an eye on his charge.  Dean was quiet while he ate.  The man and the angel noticed his head nodding and  the soft yawns. 

Dean and Cas were surprised when the man picked Dean up and hauled him upstairs.   He tucked him in and gave him his bear.

“Good night, Son.”

“Night, Unca Bobby.”

Castiel sat in the rocking chair and noticed Dean go over to the crib and climb in.  He slept next to his brother, placing himself between Sam and the door.

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