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Friday, June 22, 2012

Snippets Fifty-Two: Bobby Steps in

The next morning, Bobby checked on the boys and saw that Dean was in the crib with Sam.  Frowning, he went downstairs to fix breakfast and think of a way to help Dean with his fears. 

Drinking a cup of coffee, he gave Caleb a call and asked the man if he was home or hunting 

“I’m doing some research on a vampire nest I heard about.  I’m over-nighting the information to Daniel Elkins in Colorado.  He’s the expert on them.”

“Elkins is a good man.  He’ll handle it.  Where are you?”

“About 200 hundred miles from your place.”

“Two hour drive?”

“If I take the back roads, yeah.  Watcha need?  How are the boys?”

“I have a Dean problem,” Bobby answered, and he explained what was happening.

Sam woke his brother, and was taken to the bathroom.  Dean gave him a bath and put clean clothes on him.  The younger Winchester was chattering and Dean ‘shhed’ him.

“Be quiet, Sammy.  I don’t hear Unca Bobby.”

“That’s because I’m up here,” the hunter responded watching the boy jump in surprise.

“Come on.  Breakfast  is ready.  You got a long day ahead of  you, Dean.”

The hazel eyes looked at him, a question in them.

Caleb is taking you out to get Halloween costumes for you and Sam. 

Dean remembered Halloween.  Mama quit taking him after the young men in the store caused problems.  He never understood that.

Dean cleaned up and watched cartoons with Sam.  Caleb arrived and asked about a car seat.  Bobby had cleaned Sam’s but it was still damp, so he gave the other hunter Sam’s sizes and said the younger boy would stay with him. 

  Caleb and Dean spent several hours looking at costumes.  Dean picked out the items to be G.I. Joe and pointed at a small Spiderman costume for Sammy. 

When they arrived home, Bobby was sitting on the porch and Sam had some new toys to play with.  The older boy carried the costume items into the house and Bobby told him to take them to their room. 

Caleb grabbed Sam and the two men slowly followed the boy upstairs.

“You get it all done?”

“Yep.  A neighbor helped me.  She bought everything needed for it.  I gave her the money and told her what to get.”


They stood outside the room after Dean entered.  There was no sound.  Peeking into the room, they found the bag of costume supplies on the floor and the boy was touching a quilt on a full-size bed.  The sheets, blanket, and quilt were camouflage.  There was a brown rope netting hung like a canopy.  The curtains were made from the same print as the bedding.  Dean looked up at the two men as they entered.

Bobby smiled and spoke softly, “It’s okay, Dean.  This bedroom is yours and Sam’s from now on.  We can change styles as you get older, but this is home.  It doesn’t matter where you go, this is home.”

The boy ran towards him and jumped into his arms and hugged him tight. 

He gently whispered, “Thank you, Unca Bobby.”

Dean Winchester finally understood that ‘Unca Bobby’ was home.

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