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Monday, June 25, 2012

Snippets Fifty-Five: Halloween and Hunting

Bobby and Dean were up before dawn, and had a quick breakfast. The boy was dragging and Bobby knew he’d had trouble sleeping from excitement. Castiel, the memory of the turkey on his mind, was less enthusiastic about the hunt than Bobby.

After walking for about six miles, Bobby found a clearing.  He and Dean settled in some brush and waited.  After about twenty minutes, the boy was asleep.  Bobby smiled at him and kept his eyes on the clearing. 

The sun finally rose high enough for the light to shine in the woods.  A deer slowly moved into the clearing.  Bobby grew very still and watched.  When he saw the antlers, he knew he had a buck. He slowly raised the bow and attached an arrow with a razor tip and waited.  Taking a deep break, he exhaled and released the string.  A slight Twang was heard and the arrow entered the deer’s neck, right below the jaw line.  Bobby watched it run a few feet and drop.

He went forward, set his ammo down, and field dressed the buck, bleeding it and removing the organs.  He wrapped it in a large tarpaulin and went to wake up Dean.

Gently nudging the boy, he woke him up.  The hazel eyes focused on his face and the child yawned.

“We got us a big buck, Dean.  You were a great help,” the man commented, watching a smile light up the young face.

Castiel was only glad that the animal was in a tarpaulin.  He could imagine thoughts of Bambi and winced.  

The three of them headed home with Dean carrying the ammo and Bobby dragging the tarpaulin.  The wind blew through the trees and the sound whistled through the woods.  Man and boy felt a peace and joy being together in such a beautiful place.  The angel thanked Father for the opportunity to give Dean such a gift.

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