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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Snippets Thirty-Two: Late Evening

Rufus was fascinated with Dean Winchester.  He stayed the night at Bobby’s with the idea of watching the young boy the next day.  The two men played cards and drank beer until they heard the baby cry.

The sound of feet moving caused two pairs of eyebrows to rise.  Dean came running down the stairs and threw open the refrigerator.  He had an empty bottle in his hand and a look of panic on his young face.  Bobby realized that the young boy did not know he had taken the bottles and put them in the refrigerator.  He heard a soft sigh and a bottle was removed. 
They watched the child push a chair to the counter and microwave the formula.  He had it down to a science, checking the liquid ever ten seconds.  When the formula was warm enough he ran back up the stairs, followed by an angel who had followed him down.  Both men looked at each other.

Rufus enquired, “How does he get him out of the crib?”

“Hell if I know,” Bobby snorted as he jumped out his chair and headed towards the stairs.

 Both men entered the room and saw that Dean had released the railing and pulled it down.  He climbed up into the crib and was holding his brother and had the bottle in the infant’s mouth.

When the little one had finished eating, Dean burped him.  He laid his brother on his back and climbed out of the crib.  Going through the duffel, he had another look of panic.  He went through drawers and the closet before he found the diaper hanger on one side and clothing on the other.
Bobby walked over and picked up the young boy.  Dean struggled to get to his brother when Rufus took the diaper.

“Sam will be fine, Dean.  Let us help you while you are here.  I want you to just be you; a kid.”

“Hell, I can change a diaper.  I’m sure I’ve done it at some time or another.”

Bobby took the young boy downstairs.  He placed some milk and cookies at the table and smiled at the intense stare in the young child’s eyes.

“They’re yours.  Your brother is changed and fed, so relax a while.”

Dean ate the cookies as if he had never tasted anything sweet before.  The hunter figured it had been a while. Castiel nudged Bobby to encourage a fatherly attitude in the man.  His charge needed a father’s love more then anything at this time.  John would not offer that. He wanted a soldier. 

Bobby made another pot of coffee.  Rufus had come down and was looking up information on the computer for a hunter who had called.  Castiel watched the boy fall asleep at the table.

Bobby Singer picked up young Dean Winchester, wiping cookie crumbs and a milk mustache off his face.  He carried him back to the bedroom and laid the young boy on the bed and covered him with a quilt.  He watched one arm moving around the bed until the stuffed dog was found.  A slight smile appeared as the child sunk deeper in his sleep.

He sat in the rocking chair for a long time, watching the moonlight kiss the face of the older Winchester boy.  He could just see a spattering of freckles across the nose and cheeks.  The older man smiled, thinking that maybe he was going to be a daddy after all.

The angel, sitting on the bed, running his hand through the blond hair, knew the man  would be the best father in the world.  After all, he would be what this one Winchester needed more then anything.

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