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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Snippets 26: November 2, 1983

John had carried Dean to his room after saying good night to Sammy.  Mary followed behind and tucked the boy in. 

She whispered, “Angels are watching over you.”  The sleepy eyes looked over at his guardian angel and smiled.

Later in the evening, Dean heard his mother get up and check on Sam.  He heard her go downstairs.  A few minutes later, her running feet could be heard in the hallway.  Dean got up. Castiel followed him out of the room.   Dean stepped into Sam’s nursery and stood in a dark corner near the door.  He heard his Mommy scream as she went up the wall to the ceiling.  He saw her belly rip open.  Cas pulled him out of the room and sent him to his own room as they heard John scream, “Mary” and saw him run towards the nursery. 

Dean sat on the floor rocking back and forth.  Cas could tell the boy was almost in shock. 

“Dean, your Daddy and Sammy need you.  I think it is safe for you to go back to the nursery.”

Hazel eyes looked into the brilliant blue.

“Why didn’t you watch over Mommy?  Why did God take her away?”

Cas stood there, his heart breaking, as Dean heard his father screaming.  The little boy ran to the nursery.  As he entered, his father placed his brother in his arms and told him to run and protect his brother. 

Castiel appeared as Dean ran down the stairs.  Mary Winchester was on fire.  John covered his face and finally ran.

The angel found Dean and his brother on the front lawn.  The older boy looked lost.  John ran out and grabbed both boys.  They sat on the back of a car and watched the fire.  John held Sammy.  Dean stared off into space.

Castiel knew there something terribly wrong.  He tried talking to the boy but Dean did not respond.

The angel cried out to his Father, “Why did Dean have to see this?  He’s not talking!  He’s staring off into space, Father!  Why couldn’t I stop Azazel?  I could have.  He was alone!”

“Azazel is powerful.  It is not your destiny to kill him, but he will be killed.  Watch over the boy.  He will no longer hear you.  You will need to find allies for him; people who will care.  He will need them to survive, Castiel.  This will change his father completely.  If there were problems before, Dean has yet to face real ones.  Help him where you can.  He will not believe in you.  This has blocked the memories.”

The angel sat on the ground, staring up at the little boy, and he cried.

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