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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Snippets 25: Sam, Dean, and Castiel

Castiel stood by the living room window staring out as the rain came down.  The leaves had been turning into wonderous shades of color for some time.  Halloween was around the corner and Dean hadn’t even thought about the holiday or the free candy.

Mary had placed a deep blue quilt on the floor and Sam was laying his back and kicking.  Dean lay on his stomach next to his brother, taking a nap.  Cas turned and looked at his charge and the infant lying next to him.  The older boy had his arm around his brother’s waist. Whenever Sam kicked, Dean moaned slightly.  The angel walked over and checked on both boys.  Sam did not see him and this surprised the angel, who thought he would be able to.

“Father?  Why does one young one see me and the other does not?”

“You are not Sam’s guardian angel, my Son.  Dean is your charge.”

“Where is the baby’s guardian?”

“He does not have one.  His mother made a deal with Azazel and the child is not ours at this time.  He will be, but not yet.”

“Father, this will hurt Dean.”

“Yes, my Son.  I know. We cannot interfere.  Man is given free will.  It is not something you can understand.”

Castiel heard the hesitation in Father’s voice.

“But I will?”
“At a much later date, Dean will teach you about Free will.  One day all three of you will be mine again.”

Castiel looked upwards, consternation on his face.

“Again?  Father?”

“Yes, my Son.  Again.”

Dean woke up, crying out.  Castiel leaned down and touched his head.

“It is all right, Dean.”

Hazel eyes looked up at the angel and then down at his brother.

“Bad dream, Cas.”

“Yes, but it was just a dream.  Tell me about it.”

“The house was dark and I couldn’t find Sammy.”

Castiel was quiet.

“You will find him, Dean.  You may not find me for a while, but I will always be here; even if you cannot see me.  I promise."

The older Winchester boy put both arms around his guardian angel and hugged tightly to him. 

“I don’ want to not find you, Cas.”

“It is all right, Dean.  You will not remember.”

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