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Friday, May 18, 2012

Snippets Twenty-Nine: Bobby Singer

By the time John Winchester pulled into Bobby Singer’s Salvage Yard, Castiel was ready to strangle him.  Dean was exhausted, frightened, and becoming overly protective of his brother.  To Castiel this was not good. 

A man stepped out on the porch and the angel thought he could smell the alcohol from inside the car.  ‘Father wants me to influence this man to help Dean?’

The older Winchester stepped out of the car, leaving the children inside. The angel followed him. Bobby looked at the man walking towards him.

“You can’t go hunting with two little ones, John; especially as new at it as you are.  How old are they?”

“Dean will be five in January.  Sam is six months old.”

“Tell me again why your wife’s family won’t keep them?”

“Dean won’t talk.”

Castiel pushed at Bobby.  The man walked over to the car and looked into the back seat. 


The boys’ father walked over to the car, and the older man motioned to the infant.  John reached in and got the Sam out of the car seat and headed towards the house. Bobby just stared at him.  The hunter leaned into the back seat and stared and the blond haired child.  The hazel eyes showed fear and determination.  Bobby liked him immediately

The older man’s voice softened, “Well, hello, Dean.  Why don’t I bring you inside and give you something to eat and find you a bed to sleep in? “

The child froze.  ‘Sammy!’ Bobby could read the thought in the Dean's eyes.

“I think I have a crib somewhere.  I can put it in your room.  I have the place set up where bad things can’t get in unless I let them in.  You can watch over your brother and I’ll watch over both of you.”

Bobby thought he heard a sob escape the little boy but he wasn’t sure.  Dean crawled over the car seat and stumbled as he exited the car.  Bobby caught him and picked him up.  The little boy froze for a second.  With a sigh, he laid his head on the man’s shoulder and relaxed for the first time since his mother died.

Castiel watched and told Father he was grateful for this man.  The angel followed Bobby and Dean into the house.

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