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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Snippets Twenty-Seven: The Aftermath for Dean

John and the boys stayed with some relatives of Mary’s.  An uncle bought a cemetery plot and a stone, but the grave was empty.  The fire had been incredibly hot.

John knew her death had not been normal.  He tried researching and could find nothing.  He went to Missouri Mosely.  Most of the time, he took the boys with him.  From Missouri, he learned about the evil that was out there. 
John would bump into hunters because he was looking for them.  They knew how raw and unlearned he was.  He was given a name:  Bobby Singer.

While John was searching, Dean was having his own problems.  He was afraid; horribly afraid.  All memories of Castiel and his protection were gone.  His mind, in pain and anger, blocked all of it; too much pain and horror for a four-year-old. Mary’s family didn’t want him. He refused to talk, and they could not separate him from Sam.

John had changed drastically. When he got the name of Bobby Singer, he called the man.  Leaving the boys with Mary’s family, he drove to South Dakota.  After several weeks, he received a call to come get Dean. The Campbells told him they would gladly take care of Sam,  but Dean was not normal and had to go.

John talked with Bobby and left for Lawrence, Kansas.  There was a loud 
argument.  Dean climbed back into Sam’s crib and refused to get out.  John entered the room and packed the boys’ things.  He reached into the crib for his oldest son.  The boy froze and stiffened and held on to his baby brother.

“Dean, I am taking both of you away from here.  I don’t know how you know, but you do.  Where you are going, you’ll both be safe.  Now let me get both of you in the car.  We’re leaving here and I won’t bring you back.”

Hazel eyes looked into the older Winchester’s.  The blond head nodded, but he still didn’t talk.

John put both of his sons into the back seat of the Impala and drove to South Dakota and Bobby Singer. In the back seat with the boys was a very sad guardian angel.

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