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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Snippet 15: Visiting Santa

Dean was dressed in dark green slacks, a white shirt, red bow tie, and a light green sweater for his picture with Santa Claus.  He did not want his picture taken with the large man.
Mary asked him why he did not want it taken, and Castiel stood behind her watching the young boy. 

“Santa not real,” the little boy told his mama and Santa’s helper.  The helper asked him why he thought that.

“Cause Santa  did not give me something to eat,”  Dean’s lower lip pouted out and the helper smiled at him and asked when Santa did this.

“I wuldn’t eat the big bird.  Daddy said I had to.  Mummy didn’t feed me for two days,’ Dean whispered.

Mary stood still, looking at her young son and the helper who was staring at him.  The last thing they needed was for Child Protective Services to think that Dean was being abused. 

“Honey, if you don’t want to get your picture taken, okay.  Let’s go get something good to eat at the food court.”

Dean held his mama’s hand and they walked to where the eateries in the mall were gathered.  Dean looked at the different places to eat and stopped in front of a bakery shop.  He pointed at the pie and asked his mama if he could try it.  Mary ordered a slice of apple pie and a glass of milk. 

Sitting at a table with Mary and Castiel watching him, Dean Winchester decided that he liked pie. Maybe Santa was okay too.  

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