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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Snippets Thirty-Four: Sammy's Birthday

On May 2, 1984, a package arrived at the salvage yard.  It was addressed to Samuel Winchester.  Bobby brought it into the house and noticed there was no return address on the package.  He began checking for sulphur and other residue.  The phone rang as Dean ran into the house and up the stairs to check on his brother.

Castiel was following Dean when he saw the package.  His eyebrows rose as he saw Sam’s name on it.  He heard Bobby in the kitchen.

“Birthday?  Today?  Okay, John, I’ll see to it.  When is Dean’s?  He’s older.  He’ll notice a delay.  When?”

The angel jumped when Bobby slammed the receiver down. With everything that had been going on, he had forgotten the boy’s birthday.  The child had to have realized it was missed.  Of course, they were not at Bobby’s, but John should have made sure there was something.  He did for Sam.

Bobby called a friend in town and asked for a delivery.  After he was done, he went digging in a storeroom in the house.  He found some childhood games and decorations. 

Dean came down the stairs carrying his brother.  The older hunter looked up.

“Can we have ice cream, Unca Bobby?  It’s Sammy’s birthday and he’s not old enough to eat cake.”

“I ordered some ice cream, Son.”

Dean smiled and saw the package.  He walked over to it and turned to Bobby.  “For Sammy?”

“Yes, Dean.”

“From Daddy?”

The older man nodded.  Dean walked over to his brother who had been placed in a high chair.

“Daddy sent you a present, Sammy.”

“Did you get one on your birthday, Dean? “

The boy shook his head no, and went outside to play.  He did not return for several hours.  A woman friend of Bobby’s stopped by with packages and received a handful of cash.

An hour later, Bobby went to the door and called out Dean’s name.  When the child and his guardian angel entered the house, it was quiet.  Dean called Bobby’s name.  He heard a noise in the kitchen and walked in.  Sam was in a high chair and wearing a party hat on his head. His brother’s eyes grew large.  A hat was placed on Dean’s head. 

He was taken over to the table and saw a cake.  On it was written Happy 5th Birthday, Dean - January 24, 1984.  Below it was Happy 1st Birthday, Sammy - May 2, 1984.   One tear slipped down the child’s face.  He wiped it away and smiled.

Bobby had presents for both children.  He served up cake and ice cream for Dean and ice cream for Sammy. 

“Well, Son?””

Hazel eyes stared up at him and the boy smiled, "Thank you Unca Bobby. It was good. Wish it was pie stead a cake.”

Castiel burst out laughing.

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