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Monday, May 14, 2012

Snippets Twenty-Three: Dean Meets Sam

Three days later, John brought Mary and Samuel home.  John was calling the baby, Sam.  Mary just smiled.  Dean stood at the front door jumping up and down, trying to see his brother.

They took him to the nursery.  Mary told Dean to sit in the rocking chair.  She placed Sam in his arms.  Dean stiffened for a moment, trying hard to be careful.  He looked down into his brother’s face with awe.

“I’ll take good care of ya, Sammy.  I’ll teach ya everythin you need ta know. I love ya, Sammy,” Dean whispered as his kissed his brother’s forehead.

Mary reached down and picked her youngest son and kissed Dean.  She laid Sam in his crib, whispering, “Angels are watching over you.”

Dean smiled when he heard the words, automatically expecting his brother would have a Castiel.

The angel watched and listened.  In his innocence, Dean Winchester had no idea how prophetic his promises would be.

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