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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Snippet's Twenty-Eight: The Road to Bobby's

John drove at a fast speed from Kansas to South Dakota. There were no motel rooms.  He stopped only for restroom breaks and food.  Dean began what would be a lifetime responsibility.  At almost age five, he was feeding and tending to diaper duty for his six-month–old brother. Taking care of Sam would become the most important thing in his life.

Castiel, watching the older boy, frowned and wondered if this was his lot in life.  He sighed.

“Father, is this what Dean Winchester was born to do?”

“The boy’s love for brother is all encompassing.  He will do anything for Sam.  Remember that, Castiel.  You need to bring others into his life to give him hope and self-respect.  There will be a lot of pain.  Some of it will be from loss.  Most of it is because his family does not always realize what they have in him.  Start with Bobby Singer.  He can and will be a great influence for Dean. Dean will need him for some semblance of normalcy.”

“Yes, Father.”

The Impala was soon a few miles from Bobby’s place.  Dean had fallen asleep from exhaustion.  Sam started crying.  John, hearing the baby, looked into the rearview mirror.

“Dean, take care of your brother.”

The older boy did not respond.


Cas watched the young child jump.  He hugged him, knowing the boy wouldn’t feel it.  The angel did it anyway.

“Take care of your brother.  You need to start talking, Son.  I have to be able to communicate with you.”

Dean fed his brother and stared at his father, saying nothing.

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