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Monday, May 21, 2012

Snippets Thirty-One: Rufus Turner

Castiel watched a large truck pull into the salvage yard and a large man jumped out and headed towards the door.  He raised his hand to bang loudly, but Bobby opened it wide and went, “Shhhh.  They’re still sleeping.  The older boy needs the rest badly.”

“What older boy, Bobby?  I kinda overdid whatcha told me to do.  The kids have nothing?”

“You were here when John Winchester showed up.”

“Yeah.  He’s gonna make a good hunter.”

“Yeah, well, he’s a lousy father.  When you hunt and have a family, you got to balance both.”

“He’s not?”

“No.  Let me help you bring the stuff in.”

The two men carried in several large bags fill with clothing, books, and toys.  Bobby led Rufus upstairs to the boys’ room, followed by Castiel.

“Dean won’t accept a separate room.  He’s gonna watch the baby.  I’ve never seen that kind of intensity in a young child, Rufus.  He was starving and exhausted by the time he got here.  He ate a whole sandwich, and large bowl of soup, and a glass of milk.  The boy was asleep as soon as he laid down.  He’s a cute little fellow, too.”

The two men and the angel quietly entered the room.  Rufus stared at the baby.  There were several infant’s toys in the crib.  The older boy had hand-me-downs. 

Bobby murmured, “They didn’t fit him right either.”

The larger man cursed, “I’ll be damned.  I got just the thing for a tired, frightened little boy.”

Bobby and Castiel waited.  Rufus brought all of the bags into the room and the two men put clothes in drawers and hung them in the closet.  Books and games were placed on a book shelf.  Some toys were placed on a table near Dean’s bed.  Rufus placed a large, stuffed, tan dog on the bed with the boy. 
The child opened his eyes at the movement.  He checked on Sam and then noticed the stuffed dog.  As he turned he saw the two men standing by the  foot of his bed.  Rufus made a hugging motion then whispered, "for sleeping with."  Bobby and his friend experienced a rarity.  Dean smiled a big smile, hugged the dog and pulled it under his blanket.  Soon he was back asleep.  
Castiel sniffed and smiled. 

Rufus turned towards Bobby as they walked downstairs, “Can I shoot him?”

“Hell no, Rufus.  That little boy needs his Dad.  His Mom is dead.”

“That’s why you are fixing to pay me for all of that stuff?”

“Yeah, I’m not gonna lie to the boy.  This stuff is from us.  But I’m not gonna let him think he don’t have a dad either."


Castiel watched the two men make plans to help the eldest Winchester boy.

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