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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Snippets Thirty: Bobby's House

John laid Sam on a pillow on the floor and walked past Bobby and Dean as he headed towards the Impala and the few meager things he had bought the boys since the fire.

Bobby set Dean down and went into his room and came back with a blanket and more pillows.  He made a pallet for Sam and went to check on John.  When he saw the small amount of items he stared at the man.

“This it?”

“Yeah. I need to get going.”

“I know you had a fire, John, but you worked for a while.  Why didn’t you take care of those boys?”

“I did. This is all they need.”

“Which of these small duffels belongs to which kid?”

“The bigger one is Sam’s.  Babies need diapers, formula, and more clothes.  They grow fast.”

“And Dean?”

“There’s enough there for him.  He doesn’t start school until the Fall.  I’ll be back when I come through this way.”

“You gonna say goodbye to Dean?”

John sighed and walked towards the house.  Bobby and Castiel followed behind him.  Dean was sitting on the blanket near his brother; reminiscent of his time at Mary’s family’s home. 

“Dean, I’m going to be gone for a while.  You and Sam are going to stay here with Bobby.”

The child looked horrified.  He ran to his father and held onto his leg.  John pushed him off.

“You’ve got to learn to be a good soldier, Son.  Good soldiers do not question their commanding officers.  Take care of your brother. He is your priority.”

Bobby watched the man walk to his car and leave. Dean stood at the door and watched his father leave him again. He ran back over to his brother and held onto him.

Bobby left them there and went looking for the crib. He took it upstairs to a large room and set the crib up.  He put fresh linens on the single bed and brought the boys things up to the room.  He noticed a number of items of clothing for the baby.  More than likely the family bought them.  He doubted it was John.  Dean had two pair of jeans, underwear, t-shirts and two shirts.  There was a pair of blue flannel pajamas. There was no toothbrush or anything for the boy.

Walking downstairs, he noticed that the older child had not moved. The angel had followed him.  He was just as upset as Bobby. The man walked into the kitchen and dialed a number.

“Hey, Rufus.  Are you still in the area?  Good, I need you to go the store for me.  I’ll pay you when you get here.”

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches wafted their scent into the living room.  The young boy sniffed and recognized the soup smell.  Sammy was asleep and the man seemed nice.  He was so hungry. 

Bobby was at the refrigerator pouring a glass of milk when he realized he wasn’t alone.  He turned and saw those expressive eyes staring up at him from the doorway. 

“Are you hungry?  I have tomato soup. A sandwich cut in half and the crust removed.  I seem remember people telling me kids don’t like crust.  I just set down a glass of milk.  I’ll eat with you.  We can hear Sam just fine in here.”

Dean climbed up on the chair and slowly started to eat.  He finished the entire sandwich, soup, and milk. 

“Why don’t we put Sam to bed and you take a nap?  Good idea?”

The blond head nodded. The man and boy went to get the baby.  Dean watched Bobby lay His brother in the crib.  He helped Dean take off his shoes, shirt, and jeans.  He tucked him under the covers.  The child was asleep within seconds of laying his head on the pillow.

“I’ll keep you two as long as he’ll let me, Boy,” the older man whispered.  

 Castiel also whispered, “And I will not leave you, Dean.  No matter what your family does, I will be here.”

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