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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snippets Nineteen: Talking to Dean

Mary was not sick for very long.  Life went on as usual.  Castiel kept an eye on Dean and his parents during this crucial time.  Mary did not go and see a doctor until October.  Mrs. George stayed with Dean, and John was at work at his garage. 

Dean was enjoying the book the elderly lady was reading to him.  He would lean over her shoulder and read some of it.  The young Winchester was picking out words at a faster pace.  Mrs. George knew he would be four-years-old in January and wondered if his parents knew how bright he was.

Castiel, watching the two reading the book, knew very well how intelligent Dean Winchester was.  He smiled as the young boy asked about words and pictures.  He hoped his charge had the opportunities to use his brain.

Mary arrived around 4:00, thanking her neighbor for caring for Dean.  She hummed a tune to herself as she prepared supper.  Dean sat on a chair in the kitchen watching her.  His mother turned and stared at him. 

“Dean, I stopped by the garage and talked with your Daddy this afternoon.  I need to talk to you too, Son.”

“’Yes, Mommy?”

“You remember how sick I was?”

Her son nodded and a small look of fear showed in his eyes.  Mary hugged him and sat down next to the boy.

“I’m all right, Dean.  I went to the doctor today.  I’m pregnant, Son.”

Confusion replaced the fear.  Dean tried to wrap his mind around the word, ‘pregnant.’


“I’m going to have a baby, Dean.  You are going to have a little brother or sister.”

Dean Winchester sat back in the chair and thought about what his mommy had just told him.  Mary watched the expressions on his face.


“Can I pick it out?  I want a brother.”

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