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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Snippet 13: Thanksgiving Morning

Mary worked all morning on Thanksgiving dinner.  John was raking the yard and Dean was striving to put the leaves in bags for pick up on Friday.    His father grinned, watching the boy picking up leaves and putting them in the bags.  Dean would manage an armful, but three or four made it into the bag.  His father raked a large pile and  set down the rake.  He walked over to his son and picked him up and carried over his shoulder and dropped him into the massive pile of leaves. Dean squealed, and the angel sitting on the Impala, smiled.

John jumped into the leaves and began to wrestle with his son.  Dean’s childish voice could be heard.

Mary came to the door and called to both of her men.  Dinner was ready.  The older Winchester dusted both of them down, removing leaves.  He swung his son over his shoulders and walked into the house.

Dean giggled as his father set him on the living room floor and tackled him gently, both of them spending some time wrestling. 

Castiel watched his charge, smiling when he saw the glow of happiness on the young man’s face.  He knew that times were coming for the younger Winchester that would not bring happiness to him.  The angel wanted to hold him and tell him it would be all right, but he knew it wouldn’t be.  He sighed and thought, ‘Let him enjoy every minute he has  now.’

Mary walked into the living room and scolded both of her men and told them to wash up.  Dean giggled and ran up the stairs, chased by his father.  Castiel heard a loud thump and appeared in Dean’s room.  Both of the Winchesters were wrestling on Dean’s small bed. 

The angel laughed.  Mary was going to have a hard time.

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