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Monday, May 7, 2012

Snippets Sixteen: Dean's Understanding of Valentine's Day

Snippets Sixteen:  Dean’s Understanding of Valentine’s Day
Dean sat at the kitchen table listening to his daddy talking on the telephone.  John was talking to a restaurant and making reservations for two people.  After he hung up, he called a florist shop and ordered a dozen wine red roses to be delivered to the house.

John looked over at his son and told him it was Valentine’s Day and a man always did something special for the woman he loved.

“You’re too young to understand that, Son,” he commented as he left for work.

Dean thought for a long time about love and what a Valentine was.  He went up to his room and took down his piggy bank.  He had nickels, dimes, and pennies in the bank.  He filled his jacket pockets with the change and left the house by the back door.  He knocked on Mrs. George’s door and waited. 

The elderly lady came to the door and looked down at the golden head.

“Well, good morning, Dean.  Does your mama know you’re out?”

“No, Ma’am.  I need to walk to the store and buy somethin.’  Could you walk with me?”

“What are you up to, young man?”

“Daddy said a man was s’posed to do somethin’ special for the woman he loved.  I got to go to the store.”

Knowing it was Valentine’s Day, Mrs. George wondered who Dean’s young woman was.  She invited him in and went upstairs and called Mary.  Dean’s Mom had no idea why Dean needed to go to the store and did not ask her, but she trusted the lady who usually baby sat her son.

Mrs. George walked the young Winchester to the corner store.  The young boy spotted some very small heart boxes.  He picked one up and asked the elderly lady if these were for Valentine’s Day.  She said yes.  The hazel eyes lit up and he smiled a sweet smile and walked to the counter.

The man behind the counter looked down at him and smiled.  Dean raised up on his tiptoes and placed the box on the counter.  The man scanned the box and told him the candy was $3.98.  He almost laughed when the young boy began to haul fists of change from his pockets.  Dean was eighteen cents shy of enough.   Mrs. George put two dimes on the counter.

As they walked home, Dean thanked the elderly lady and walked into his yard.  There were some early flowers blooming in a pot that his mom had put outside to get some sunshine.  Dean picked a flower from the pot and snuck back into the house and went to his room. 

The young boy rummaged through a small bookcase in his room and found some paper and crayons.  He traced the candy box and colored the heart red.  He signed his name, the D backwards.

Taking his gifts, he went downstairs looking for his mommy.  Mary was having a cup of coffee in the kitchen and talking to John on the telephone.  

Dean entered and set the flower, candy and the homemade card on the table in front of Mary

Mary, asked John to call back.  She looked at the gifts and then at her son.

“These are for me, Dean?”

“Yes, Mommy. Daddy said a man does somethin’ special for the woman he loved.  I love you, Mommy.”

Mary cried softly and pulled her son into her lap.  She gave him a big hug and a kiss. 

“Thank you, Dean. This is the best gift I’ve ever had.”

Snuggling in his mom’s arms, Dean sighed in contentment, knowing he had done all he could for his ‘woman.’

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