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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snippets Thirty-Five: Shopping for School and Eating Out

Bobby took Dean and Sam to town the last week of August.  Sam was in a stroller and kept trying to climb out of it.  Dean would walk to the stroller and tell his brother to behave.

Both boys had grown a good deal.  Bobby bought Dean new clothes and shoes for school.  He bought clothes and shoes for Sam.  School supplies were next on the list.  The store had lists for each grade.  He was pretty sure the Kindergarten teachers were not going to be happy.  Dean knew how to read, write his name, count to twenty and could recite the alphabet.

Bobby took the boys out for lunch.  Dean asked for a cheeseburger and pie.

“You know that’s not really good for you.  If you eat a regular meal, I’ll get you the pie.”

The hazel eyes stared up at the older man and weighed his options.  Bobby always loved to watch this.  The young boy was smart and was contemplating whether or not he could manage keeping the pie if he pushed for a cheeseburger.  He finally nodded.

Castiel, watching this, was betting on Dean.  He was trying to figure out how the boy would get what he wanted.

The waitress asked them what they wanted.  Bobby ordered a dinner, some finger foods for Sam, and turned to Dean.

“What will you have, Son?”

The boy had listened carefully to how Bobby ordered his meal. 

“Hamburger steak with fried potatoes.  Can I have a salad with lettuce, cheese, and tomato?  I don’t want rolls.  Can I just have some bread please?  And pie.”

The waitress walked off, Castiel was laughing, and the hunter stared at the boy in front of him who had found a new way to order a cheeseburger and still have a full meal. The hazel eyes stared at him and Bobby swore there was a twinkle of laughter in them.

“God help us,” he murmured.

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