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Monday, November 8, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 80

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Water Wars

They didn't make it too far before Lisa knelt and there was a loud "NOW!" and a wave of water balloons that had been chilled were thrown at Dean. The hunter froze for a second, then took off running towards the trees, trying to escape the cold barrage.

Lisa started giggling and began throwing at him as well, having taken ammo from Bobby.

Sam and Sarah had made it around the edge of the woods with Ryuuzaki, and Dean stopped, turning and looking for another way out. They started closing in, and he knew there was no escape. He dropped his arms, closed his eyes, and took it.

In front of Dean's feet was another cooler. Near had heard of the plans and had managed to sneak a cooler of water guns for Dean to use to retaliate before the picnic had started.

Dean opened his eyes and noticed the ice chest. He thought that maybe it was their source of weapons. He bent down, getting several balloons in the back and the top of his head. He shook the cold water out of his hair that was now in his face, and opened the chest. The water guns were of different types and sizes. Several had straps. Dean started taking them out of the cooler, laying them on the grass. Sam screamed “Water guns!” Everyone took off. Dean hung straps over his shoulders and neck, shoved water pistols in his jeans, grabbed the rest, and took off after his attackers.

The group scattered, occasionally lobbing balloons to slow Dean down. The hunter headed for the woods, making it more difficult for the balloons to be thrown at him. He stayed low, hunting the others. He finally saw his brother and Sarah cutting across a trail. Sarah would never be able to hide her tracks. She didn't know how. He stalked them, realizing that Sam was taking them back to the gardens. He took another way and was waiting when they came out of the woods. The older Winchester doused both of them until they were soaked, and headed back into the woods to find the others.

"Damn it," Sam grumbled, then headed back in to get his brother back for that. He didn't know how Dean had gotten his hands on water guns, but he'd find a way to get even.

Dean found Lisa running along a trail, and grinned. He jumped out at her and soon had his arms around her, pulling her to the ground, with Lisa screaming and trying to break free. Dean straddled her chest with a knee on either side of her, his crotch literally over her neck. He took out two pistols and doused her face, neck, and hair. He then leaned down and kissed her, jumping up and heading back into the woods.

"Dean, you brat!" She could hear his laugh echoing through the woods as he stalked the others. He knew he had Bobby, L, Mello, and Matt to find. Ben had stayed with Near and Watari.

Near hid the knowing expression on his face when he heard the the shrieks and laughter coming from the forest.

Ben giggled and looked at the others. “Dad must be good at his job. It's him against everyone else and he's not screaming.”

"Indeed," Watari chuckled.

Dean saw L's white clothes coming towards him. The tree he was under was perfect for climbing and had a nice thick limb going over the trail with a lot of leaves on it. He climbed the tree and straddled the branch, and waited. He was ecstatic when he realized that Matt was with him.

L's dark eyes scanned the horizon and the genius went a different direction.

Dean watched him for a minute, and climbed down and was soon about twenty feet into the woods, but running parallel with the detective and his heir. He was soon on his belly in the woods about ten feet ahead. This time, L would not see him. He jumped up right after they passed him. He soaked both detectives until they were drenched from behind. He was gone.

L looked at Matt. "It is time to find some better ammunition."

Dean spotted Bobby sitting down for a moment on a log. He crept behind him. Bobby sighed. “Get it over with boy, I deserve it.” Dean sighed. “Damn it, Bobby, you weren't supposed to do that.” Mello jumped out and hit Dean upside the head with two balloons and he and Bobby both headed out at a run. Dean swore and took off after them.

Sarah and Lisa came up behind him, getting him good with several balloons.

Near spotted Matt running into the building and coming back with several super soakers."Near believes Dean is going to be getting into trouble now."

Watching Matt fill the super shakers with the melted ice water from the cooler, Watari shuddered, and said, “I believe he is. He can handle the balloons, but I think the melted ice will break him.”

Ben giggled. "It's fun though."

Watari, smiled, “Yes, and I now know just how good a hunter your father is.”

"He's the bestest!"

“Yes, I believe you are correct.”

They heard a roar from Dean. “Someone found him.”

"Possibly Matt and L," Near murmured.

Dean yelled, “What the hell??!!” There was some swearing. Matt yelled, “Watch out!” There was another shout and Mello yelled, “Oh my god!” Dean yelled, “If you plan to turn a man's balls blue, you can at least stay and take it!”

Watari started laughing at that.

Dean exited the woods, looking for his attackers. They'd all gone to ground, with good reason. Dean had the two ice water super soakers along with the rest of his guns.

The group stayed hidden, waiting for Dean to pass by.

Dean came up to the three on the blanket. “Could I have a bottled water? Seven against one makes you thirsty. Gotta go back in there and roust them out.”

Near handed him one. "This should help Dean."
“Thanks, Near.” Dean opened the water, and downed it, not coming up for air. He headed into the woods from where he was, hoping to come up from behind the attackers.

A set of balloons dropped onto his head, accompanied by a laugh from a certain blond.

Dean turn the super soaker on high and aimed into the tree, dousing everything with ice water. He soon heard Mello cry out. He laughed and ran on.

"You're in for it now, Winchester!" Mello shouted at him.

“Seven to one, Mello? Hell, I thought I already was!”

Balloons hit him again, the blond was pretty accurate in aiming.

Dean wasn't a crack shot for nothing. He aimed the super soaker and doused Mello with the melted ice.

Dean was getting tired. His back was hurting. “Come on! Where are you? Cowards! If this is an execution why aren't you doing something about me? I'm taking on seven of you and you are all hiding except Mello!”

All of a sudden, there was another wave of balloons. The group had met up and had surrounded Dean, sending wave after wave of balloons after him.

Dean was soaked again, spitting water from his mouth, water running from his nose, and his eyes blinking from the chlorine in the water. His hair was down in his face making it hard to see. He was turning in a circle dousing anything in sight. Mello ran towards him with an armful of balloons, volleying them at the hunter, who was dousing him with iced water.

Dean did not hear or see Sam come up behind him. Sam jumped him, knocking him to the ground face first in the high grass and tree limbs. He straddled his back, holding his thrashing brother to the ground, laughing and yelling, “Got him!”

More balloons soaked both Dean and Sam, laughter filling the air as they did so. Sam dragged Dean off the ground and Mello helped him disarm his brother and they dragged him back into the clearing. Dean was filthy from having been on his face in the undergrowth of the woods, soaken wet.

Sam and Mello forced him to his knees. “Okay, Matt, read the charges.”

"Conspiring to soak the rest of us, taking himself too seriously, obsession with cheese burgers and apple pie, and not eating enough do you plead?"

“First off, I only soaked three of you. I do not take myself too seriously. The rest I proudly plead guilty to. I'll take apple pie over chocolate any day!”


“I'm a hunter! I'll damn well do what I want and need to do. I kill monsters. I'll eat what I want when I want. Seriously, yeah, I am serious, but I have fun too. Again, I only soaked three of you, but the other four have put themselves on my hit list. Be glad you're not on my shit list.”

The teens grinned and tickled him, laughing.

Dean struggled to get out of Sam's grip, now that Mello and Matt were tickling him. “Damn it, Sammy, let me go! That's not punishment... that's torture! Damn it!” Dean was laughing hard and struggling to get away. Sam pulled him to the ground. Lisa, remembering the past, pulled a shoe and sock off and started tickling his foot. “Shit! NO!!! “ Dean tried to kick out when Ryuuzaki sat on his legs. Lisa grabbed the other shoe and sock. Dean was trying to buck the detective off, laughing uncontrollably, swearing at the top of his lungs.

Bobby was helping as well,tickling the other foot.

“Damn it, Sammy! Let me go! Oh god!!! Somebody, anybody, make them stop.” Dean was laughing so hard he was starting to cough and choke.

Ryuuzaki was fast to move. "Off," came the order and the boys agreed. He quickly checked Dean, helping him to get to an angle he could breathe better.

The hunter gasped for air, trying to catch his breath. His face was bright red, the cough and choking sounds easing as he got more air.

Sam ran a hand through the wet hair that had leaves and pieces of branches caught in it. “You okay?”

His brother tried to speak but could barely whisper. “Damn it,” was what the squeaky voice managed to get out, “I can't, man....”

"Slow breaths, Dean. Try to calm your breathing down," L told him.

Dean was panicking. “Damn it, Ryuuzaki. How can I lead them if they can't hear me.” The squeaky hoarse voice sounded funny. A few of them started snickering. “Damn it, guys. Stop it.” Dean started coughing again, wheezing as he did.

"We should return to the picnic site, allow Dean time to rest," he spoke, and the others nodded their agreement.

When they got to the big blanket, Lisa got Sam to help her and they began to strip Dean. He was too hoarse and having too much difficulty breathing to try to fight. All Lisa and Sam heard was....”Aw, damn it....twice in one week.” Sam started laughing. He couldn't help it.

"It'll line out," he said with a grin.

The squeaky voice asked him, “How does it line out, Sammy? Soaked and naked in front of a bunch of people twice in one week?” Matt brought towels for everyone and a blanket for Dean.

He chuckled. "What can I say? You're a magnet for trouble."

Dean huddled in the blanket for a few minutes, than he got up, whispered a thank you for the picnic to Watari and headed to his room. He was cold and the only thing on his mind was a hot soak with the whirlpool.

The others soon disbanded as well, being soaked by Dean's sharp shooting.

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