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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 73

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

"Ok, so what are we thinking?"

“First off, enlargement or two homes? Second, if two homes, which do you want? Third if enlargement, I got a great idea.”

"Enlargement is a good idea..maybe make wings out of it?"

“Yeah, exactly. We can actually keep the main rooms, the living room, kitchen area there for gatherings. Actually add full wings on to it. There's the dining area and the office on either end and a downstairs bedroom and two upstairs. One bath down and one upstairs. We could build a private living area, kitchen, baths, and bedrooms on either end. Include the bedrooms already there as part of one wing. The downstairs bedroom, kitchen and living room for Bobby and for family gatherings,”

"We can eat together and stuff..a big family room. Then private wings. I like that idea," he chuckled.

“Yeah, sometimes we might just want to eat with our families or be only with them. It would be nice, but we'd still all be together. I'd like Sarah and Lisa involved in the decorating and stuff.”

"I agree with you there," he grinned.

Dean continued, “So, it's been quite a while since you emailed her. You gonna do it tonight?”

"I was thinking on it," Sam said softly.

“All right!”

He gave a tentative smile at that. "Hope she'll be responsive to it."

“I think she would be, Sam, but sooner then later, you gotta open up to her. I'll have to do the same with Lisa. You know we do?”

"I know," he said softly. "It's just frightening a bit."

“Yeah, it's kind of like telling Lisa that when I last saw her, I couldn't tell her that I loved her because I was going to die and go to hell. Then I have tell how much I enjoyed butchering people. I do know.”

He drew in a soft breath and opened his email, staring at the blank screen for a moment. "You think a main kitchen and smaller kitchens for each wing?"

“Yeah, but the girls should have say in their kitchens and the bigger one, doncha think? You know we can live there while we're doing this, Sam. There's three bedrooms and the dining room and office. You and Sarah could have one and Lisa and I another, give Ben the third. Bobby won’t come immediately. He's got to decide whether he wants to, and if he does, he's got to take care of Singer's

"It's a good idea," he told him, fingers typing over the keyboard. "We'll draw up plans and go from there. Let the girls decorate."

“You think maybe L would loan us the money to do this? Decent rates maybe?”

"Wouldn't hurt to ask."

“No, it wouldn't hurt.”

Both men worked and discussed for a number of hours, and finally had the plans for a massive addition to the cabin which suited the Winchesters, and both men hoped to fill it with family.

Sam looked up at him. "Crazy idea..but maybe we should add a wing for them?"

"Good question. How do you think it should layout? Because I know it'd be a great spot for them if they need a break or something. Matt and Mello commented they liked the area, but where would we put it? Off the back? It would depend on what L did for a large storage room on the back. Or we could add a hallway off one wing, but it would have them coming in and out of one of our parts of the cabin."

Sam shrugged as he listened to Dean's thoughts. His brother continued.

“What I think we should do is see which side the storage area is on and make sure it has a good cover. We build a really nice solarium on the opposite side. Next to the solarium, we add on a wing for them. They would need five bedrooms, a large computer room to set up as they see fit, an exercise room, and a small kitchen and a couple of nice baths. They never use a living room anyway.”

"I like that idea," he told him. "Probably should see what each of their tastes are in regards to personal rooms."

“Yeah print it out and we'll talk about it. This is gonna cost millions, Sam. Not sure I can ask L for that. We'll have to do a little at a time. But, print it. Okay? We need to get some sleep. You want to stay here tonight or hit your own room?”

"Would you like company or prefer to be alone?" He was trying to be respectful of his brother's needs.

“I always enjoy your company, Sam, but what do you need?”

"Honestly, I'd feel better staying with you tonight." He stared at the screen. "I just sent off an email telling her everything."

“Shit! Sammy, you sure that was smart not telling her face to face. You needed to tell her you love her first. Sure you can stay.”

His eyes didn't move from the screen. "I told her I love her but that there were things she needed to know. I...there's no telling when I'll see her face to face, Dean, and seemed like the best way to tell her."

“Yeah, but you're good with words, though, Sam. You can do that. Me, I need to see her face to face and tell her.”

"Let's hope she doesn't try to kill me for being the world's biggest idiot." He stretched, turning his computer off. "Let me change into something to sleep in. I'll be right back."

“Okay. I've gonna get a quick shower. If I'm already in bed, hop in.”

Sam nodded, hurrying out to get changed.

Dean took a shower, washing his hair, and shaved. He decided he liked the hair longer and might keep it that way.

After a short while, the younger Winchester came back in, curling up on one side of the bed. The storm had struck full force and while he was better at them, there were still times when they unnerved him.

Hearing the storm, Dean came out of the bathroom and saw his brother curled up on the other side of the bed, and realized the storm was bothering him. He slipped into the bed and crawled over softly and put his arm around his brother. “It's okay, Sammy,” he whispered. Both went to sleep.

While the two were asleep, Watari came in to pick up the dishes. He noticed the papers and examined them, eyes sparking in interest. The older male took the papers with him, quietly exiting the room. He would definitely have to show L this. He was a bit stunned that the brothers would include them in the house.

Watari gave the dishes to a servant and went up the main room and found L alone working on his computer. The older man set the plans in front of the detective, along with the notes, an estimate of possible costs and a slash through it.

L examined the notes. "They planned a wing specifically for us?"

“Yes. It would seem they tried to calculate the costs of basics, much less decorating and it is going to be so far above their means that they will not ask for help. Winchester pride I would imagine, but a home like that would cost millions. They are planning on including us in their families, L. The solarium would be Dean's idea for Near to have a garden.”

The detective was quiet. "Put the originals back in their rooms. I think the main kitchen idea is a bit redundant though. It would be costly to equip that many kitchens, not counting cooling that larger one. Each family could cook and then bring the dishes to the main dining room for a 'formal' get together." He frowned. "However..this is workable. Leave the copies with me, Watari."

“I will do so. They want the women involved in designing the kitchens and baths. That would limit time but I would not desire to take that away from them. We can have the rooms done but electrical would depend on where they want things. The main kitchen exists in a smaller form right now and it would be fine for warming things and for Bobby. I would put one large washer and dryer unit in the storage room, where the freezers were placed that you purchased for storing meat and vegetables.”

"I'll address the concerns with the contractors," he murmured.

There are fireplaces in all three wings. They have gas for heat and cooking. I can understand that. Winters can be bad there. Electricity can be difficult. Dean has designs for solar energy and some wind also, with a generator and a power plant. He planned to add this later. It would make them self sufficient. There might be times when we would nee that also.”

He nodded. "We'll have that started as well."

“It is late, L. The first trials are tomorrow. Dean is going to push this because of the woman.”

"I know. He will need to be watched to ensure he doesn't take too many risks."

“Yes, I know. He is too brave at times. I would also like to know who Sam's woman is. They have the girls picking the things.”

"He mentioned meeting her during one of their cases," L answered abstractly, focused on his laptop. "Apparently, she wasn't scared off by their lifestyle and what they do."

“Dean mentioned at one time that there was a girl he had told Sam that he needed to marry. This may be the same one. I have no idea who she is.”

He handed Watari a couple of pages. "This is the young lady in question."

“She is very beautiful. Artistic. Intelligent. She would suit Sam. Their tastes are quite different. Dean's woman is not what I would have imagined for him. He seemed to go for the flashier type when he chased women. He chased this one also, but from what I can gather, this one lasted more then one night. That is rare for him. Sam's woman is prettier in a way, but there is something about this one of Dean's. She will have what it takes to handle him, I think, and keep him in line. They are both good choices, L.”

"If you say so," the detective shrugged. He knew nothing about the emotional aspects of things like this and intimacy was a mystery all on its own. "I'll have the plans drawn up for the house and proceed from there."

“Sam has probably already initiated some contact with this one if they are talking girls, but how do you plan to remedy Dean's situation? I am assuming you’re going to wait until after this demon problem is taken care of. He's going to be jumping at the bit. We will keep an eye on him. Can we every minute?”

"I have an agent on the paternity issue," he answered. "It'll be done in a way that won't trigger any suspicions. According to research, she was being tracked by something but it disappeared. That's why she went underground so to speak."

“That will continue to be a problem for them. They are well known to evil things. That thing that tracked her is still out there somewhere.”

"I actually have someone looking into that off of Bobby's list of reliable hunters," he commented.

Watari nodded. “I will get these plans back to Dean's room. I would not want them to know what you are up to. I will need a day or two between the tests to let you regroup and go over what was good and what went wrong. It might be nice to use those helicopters of yours for a day, L.”

He looked up. "For what reason?"

“I was thinking of Texas and, is it New York? Wherever it is the other one lives. Bring some of peace of mine so minds are fully on the job. You have never been interested in romantic relationships, but they are...very much, L Just something to think about.”

L frowned. "More like a distraction."

“Perhaps, with any other men, L. These are the Winchesters. More then likely a bigger incentive to fight, win, and go home.”

He shook his head. "I do not see it."

“I honestly thought you understood what makes up Dean Winchester. Sam, you should know even better, L. Sam might be able to not think of it, but he will. Dean will be thinking more about it then he should. He has had so little happiness in his life that the chance of it can be overwhelming. Easing his mind one way or another would give him peace and enable him to concentrate and fight for what belongs to him.”

"There's no logical purpose to this, Watari. The females may or may not wish their company or to return here. I am not seeing the point."

“Did you know that Dean and Sam are in bed asleep after designing a home for those women. A new beginning or closure is what it would mean. By the way, is Dean being normal to you? I will take these back to his room and finish getting things ready for tomorrow. Good night, L. Oh, I never mentioned them returning here.”

"I am aware of this, Watari, and am still unconvinced."

“As I said, L, I have things to finish. Good night.”

The detective shrugged. "Good night, Watari." He turned back to his computer, working on another case.

The older man headed back to Dean's room, slipped in and left the plans and notes on the table next to the laptops, where he found them.

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