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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 75

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

First Exercise

Dean, Bobby, Mello, and Matt went to the equipment room, stopping by Dean's room first. He grabbed the armament he intended to carry: the knife, his gun, a sawed off , holy water, and extra ammo.

Matt and Mello armed themselves, ensuring to have what they needed but still be able to move.

Dean had the knife and his gun in the back of his jeans. The colt, ammo, and holy water were in a small rucksack that he carried over one shoulder. He carried the sawed off shotgun. When they reached the equiproom they were given earphones that had a mouthpiece added to it. They were almost invisible to the human eye when placed in the ear.

Bobby carried a shotgun, a pistol, and a knife. The knife was in a sheathe, the gun in a holster.

Watari was waiting for them. "Ryuuzaki is in the car, ready for you."

Dean led the others to the elevators and hit the underground parking button. He was calm and collected. Only Bobby would note from the way his jaw moved that he was nervous.

L was perched in his seat, unwrapping a lollipop as the males joined him.

Hopping into the seat next to the detective, Dean leaned over motioned towards the lollipop. “Demons have an incredible sense of smell, Ryuuzaki,” he said with a grin. No foodstuffs while on a hunt.

He shrugged. "Watari said we will be traveling for a while. I have time to enjoy this."

“I'm assuming he's throwing us in cold turkey. Interesting way to train if you think about it. I usually try to know something before I go into a place, but it doesn't always work. Take the caverns as a good example of that. Since we are going to be traveling for a while. I'll take advantage of it.” Dean leaned into his corner of the seat and went to sleep.

Matt played his computer game while Mello nibbled on chocolate, discussing various things with L.

Bobby sat up front with the driver, asking questions, and not getting any answers.

The drive took well over an hour and when the car stopped, they were outside of what looked like an old shopping center that had been abandoned.

Near was at the computers, fingers typing quickly over various keyboards as he hacked into the system Watari had told him to look for. He had his headset on and ready to go.

Dean's eyes opened fast and he was on the alert before the car stopped. “No jumping out of the car. We do this carefully.” He rolled the window down and carefully stuck his head out, listening, sniffing the air and looking at the buildings. He opened his door slowly and stepped out, shot gun at the ready. He picked up the rucksack and placed it on his shoulder. Walking around the car he scanned the buildings. Not speaking, he motioned to the others to exit the car.

The white haired teen's voice sounded softly through the headset. "Near and Sam Winchester are now in the system. The building you are in front of has three levels - a sub level for piping and storage, the ground floor, and the first floor. The ground floor has stores, and the first floor is used for offices."

“Okay, guys. This is how it comes down. There's two hunters here. Ryuuzaki, you go with Bobby. Mello, Matt, you're with me. We split up. Take one floor at a time. Work it in two teams. One at one end, one at the other. I don't like not knowing what's above or below me. We start at the basement, then ground, and then the top floor.”

The group nodded, breaking off into teams. Near's voice interrupted again. "Power seems to be minimal at best. Lighting is poor so the team may wish to use the torches."

“Are you using a British term for flashlights, Near?”

Matt laughed. "That's what he was talking about. We call them torches."

Dean nodded, reaching into his jacket pocket, he pulled out a flashlight. “Everybody got one?”

The group pulled them out. "We're ready," Bobby told him.

“You guys ever watch cop shows? We work like that. Dean found the stairwell to the basement area. He flipped a switch to see if the lights worked. They didn't. He turned on the flashlight and slowly made his way down the stairs. At the bottom, he started to scan the area as the others descended. There were large doors to storage units on the right. Pipes of all sizes filled the left area with a long narrow corridor through the middle.

“Okay, the boys and I are going to walk the pipe alley to the end. I want to make sure nothing is up among the pipes. Once we are at the end. We take turns checking the storage units. Do it cop style, guys. One in, guards for the next. Okay?”

Bobby and L went their own way while Matt and Mello nodded, going into position.

Dean waited until Bobby and L had gotten ready to watch. He nodded to the boys and they slowly made their way through the dark, damp pipe alley. Going slowly, they scanned the pipes above and around them for anything that didn't belong there. It took time.

Near guided them with Sam watching the cameras, looking for anything out of the normal. The two were working well. Since Near had the more calm voice,, he did the talking, though Sam had a headset on as well.

Dean finally relaxed a little. “Nothing in the pipes. We're entering the hallway again. As soon as we're in place, Bobby and Ryuuzaki can work the first storage. We'll watch from outside here. Then, we'll do the next. Work our way to the middle.”

There were answering okays from the others.

Bobby picked the lock of the first unit, He stood on the opposite side of the door and motioned for L to open it. When it was opened with L behind the door, Bobby stepped inside shotgun ready and eased in. “Dean, these damn doors open out.”

Sam's voice was heard through the earphones, "Have the partner to the right side while the one opening pulls to the left. It should keep both out of them line of sight but ready to move."

“Thanks, Sam. He's inside already.”

Bobby scanned the area that could be seen and whispered for L, who followed him inside.

Near's voice gave a warning. "Fifteen yards ahead, there's a door. I can see a figure behind it."

Dean tensed. “Bobby?”

Bobby gestured for L to take position, which the younger male did as Bobby answered softly. "We're checking it out."

“Okay, Bobby. Be careful.” Dean motioned to the two boys to head back to pipe alley. “Don't go far in, but if something comes out of there and it's not them, you shoot it.” Dean went against the wall and squatted down, sawed off at ready.”

Matt and Mello were holding position as Bobby and L opened the door. Bobby was close to laughing but was fast to 'disarm' the one on the other side of the door. He cut the head off of the figure, then checked in. "We're fine. Watari has an odd sense of humor."

“Really? What was it?”

L's voice was droll. "A mannequin with plastic vampire teeth glued in its mouth."

Dean leaned back against the wall, a grin on his face. “Damn, that's funny. There any boxes or anything in the room?”

"We're checking now."

Dean got back into position, a grin still on his face.

L's voice came back. "The room is clear."

“Okay, shut the door behind you. Find how you plan to watch us. It's our turn. Mello, Matt, come on.”

Dean went to the nearest door and knelt to pick the lock, but leaped up quickly. “This one is not locked. Matt, grab the door. Mello, behind me.”

The two teens followed his instructions, weapons ready.

Dean entered and ducked low as he did. “Lot's of boxes. Can't tell if there's a door at the end or not. Boys, one at a time. Keep an eye above you and watch corners.”

It was quiet for a while, then a loud scream occurred with hissing and screeching, followed by both boys laughing hard. “Damn it! I almost shot it!”

Near frowned. "What happened? That was in a blind spot of the camera."

Mello was laughing when he answered, “Cat! It screamed like a banshee when it flew off the top of a box on top of Dean's head. He came unglued! All the sound was the cat. I never heard screams like that before.” Mello was still laughing.

Dean's voice could be heard. “I think it pissed on me. I can smell it and my head is wet. Damn it! I stink! It's not funny, Matt. Cat piss smells.”

The albino's voice was soothing. "Quiet down. Mello, find something to sop it up with. Dean, take off the jacket and leave it behind. After the exercise, Dean can retrieve it. The jacket should have taken the bulk of the urine."

Dean hissed, “It didn't land on my shoulders or back, Near. It landed on my damned head! It's dripping. The hair has grown longer. Remember. The jacket got a little. It's going down my face and stinging all the effing scratches I now have.”

He frowned. "Wipe off as best as you can. Several of you should have a medical kit."

The injured hunter could hear some snickering over his earphone. “All right! Who's laughing?”

“I'm sorry, Dean. I just thought back to the cat when you had ghost fever. I thought the scream was you,” Sam chuckled.

“You got to admit. This is funny, Dean,” was Bobby's rejoinder.

“I will get you back.”

Mello and Matt looked at each other. "Okay, we have to hear this story."

“Now is not a good time,” Dean snapped.

“Get the med kit you two are carrying and I'll tell you,' Sam replied.


Mello pulled the kit out of his pack and began helping Dean. "Okay, we're working on it."

“Damn it, Sam! I had ghost sickness.” The hunter sat there fuming while the two boys tried to clean him up and doctor the scratches on his face, neck, ears, and down his back where the cat slid off. Sam told the entire story of Dean's ghost sickness responses. His outrunning a little dog, the snake, the first floor, how he drove, refusing to pick up a gun, escaping a ghost in the building when he should have had Sam's back, and the cat was saved for last. Dean finally just sat on the floor in the storage unit listening to everyone laugh. He swore he heard a slight snicker from L but would never be able to prove it.

“If everyone is through laughing, can we get back to work?”

Bobby chuckled, seeing the slight smile on L's face. "You got it, Dean. Near, which way for both of teams?"

Near's voice answered back. "Regroup and head down the corridor for ten feet, then take a left at the junction."

“Well, you heard him, guys." Dean and the boys left the storage room. “I didn't see anything at the junction. It doesn't go that far.”

The group nodded. Bobby looked at Dean. "The kid is doing well, very calm and accurate in measurements."

“Yeah, it was that calmness that got me through everything in the cavern. Don't know what I would have done without him. When I lost the earphones, it was knowing he was listening and was keeping track of me.”

"He'll do good during hunts," the older male told him. Near shook his head, not quite understanding the compliment.

“I'll hunt for L and I'll hunt out of necessity, Bobby, but I'm quitting after Lilith.”

He nodded. "I meant for this."

“Sam knows the hunt, and he's there when a fast decision has to be made from where they are. He can do that. I got the two best guides in the world. What could go wrong?” A drop of cat urine rolled down his fact at that inopportune moment. Dean swore and moved on looking at everything on the walls and the ceiling for any entrance.

L's comment made the boys and Bobby laugh. "We will have to hose him off before letting him back in the car."

Dean shot daggers at him, but just stared when Bobby commented, “If there is anything around here, it will smell him a mile off before we ever get there. I really forgot how bad cat piss smells.”

Mello was trying very hard to keep from laughing, and his cheeks were bright red due to the restraint.

Dean turned and looked at him. “L, you gonna let me in the car with wet clothes?”

Near's voice interjected. "A second vehicle has been dispatched with extra clothing. Please proceed with the exercise."

Dean stepped forward watching for openings of any kind. “I'm not seeing anything. No cracks anywhere.” Dean took another step and disappeared. The profanity coming from nothing would make a sailor blush. L leaned down and placed his hand to the floor and his hand disappeared. He realized that somehow a projection was being placed over the hole. Dean had dropped through the floor because there were no signs of a door or hole anywhere.

“Get me the hell out of here! I wanna know what the hell this is?” Strings of words that neither Bobby nor Sam knew Dean had in his vocabulary were being broadcast over the mikes.

Mello and Matt looked at each other and shrugged and dropped into the hole, not abandoning their partner.

Near was pulling the schematics. "Another maintenance tunnel but this one did not appear on the schematics Near had found. This is older."

Dean's swearing stopped.“You're saying it's not on the plans? Then Watari didn't set this up, or you'd have the schematics? Who put up the thing that hid the opening? Stay up there and keep an eye on this. We're gonna check it out. Someone else may be involved now.”

"It is in the folder, just an older one. Given it was cloaked, I would say Watari had a hand in it."

“Well, we'll be back. You two okay up there?”

"There is an entrance back to the upper level in 200 feet, the others can meet Team Winchester there."

L nodded. "We will meet you at the entrance."

The three looked to one direction and checked it to it's end wall. Sighing, Dean led them back the other direction.

“There's got to be something down here, or why the camouflage? Unless it's supposed to lead us away from our objective.”

"Unknown," Near responded. "Watari does nothing without a reason. Be on guard."

“We will. You heard him, guys. I really have no desire to fall either on my ass or get doused with anything else. That door was open with an angry cat in it. Damn thing is, it's all happening to me.”

The group proceeded, moving cautiously to meet up with the other. Another twenty feet and Dean called a halt. “That looks like a door with bars in the window. Everyone hearing this?”

"There is a ladder to the left of it."

“Yeah, I see it. What's beyond the door, Near? We need to check it or do we go up way before 200 feet?”

"Another tunnel."

“Near, the ladder goes up at least 150 feet from L and Bobby. Should we follow the tunnel then, or am I on my own here in this? Cause if I am, I'm taking the tunnel.”

"The ladder will have a stop off point at the floor where L and Bobby are on."

“L, Bobby, if you hear us, did you see a ladder when you headed 200 feet, or have you gotten that far?”

"We've found it," Bobby replied.

“Okay, we're coming up.” Dean let the boys go first, knowing Bobby and L were above them, waiting.

They found them waiting.

“We going up?”

"I think so," Bobby answered.

“All right. I want the boys between us.” Grabbing a rung, the younger of the hunters started his assent.

The group went into position, following Dean up.
Dean shone his flashlight around the area on the next level. “I'm at the first level, but I don't recognize anything. We ought to check it before we go further.” He climbed off the ladder and rose to get a better look.

The others stepped off, following him. Near was watching. "Dean, three paces or so to Dean's right is a door."

“Thanks, Near.” Dean walked towards the door and tried the knob. Locked. He knelt down and got out his lock picking kit. Mello walked up and shone a light on the knob for him. “Thanks, Mello.” In seconds, the door clicked and opened slowly. Dean fell back away from it. “That shouldn't have happened.”

"Be watchful, there are two rooms behind that door."

“Already am, Near. The door opened on its own. Mello, back away.” Dean rose to his feet, and slowly moved to the other side of the entrance and slightly moved the door with a foot and waited.

A manikin fell out, marked as a shifter. Jumping back, and reading the sign, Dean asked the others, “How do you kill a shifter?”

Mello lined up his sites, blowing the head off of the dummy. "There you go."

Dean rose, and turned his flashlight towards the interior room. He could see the two closed doors. Shaking his head, he entered slowly watching both doors carefully.

The rooms were empty after having disposed of the dummy.

“He's sure as hell giving us the works. Near is this going to be much longer, do you know? There's a hell of lot more to the building then I thought.”

"Near is not sure at the moment."

“Okay. I guess we keep going the same direction then. Keep us updated if there is a change we need to be looking for or do we need to go back to the ladder?”

"Near will keep the teams updated."

“I guess that means we head straight then.” Dean turned the flashlight back on and headed down the long hallway, the others following.

L nodded, and the group followed in the right pattern.

Watari walked in on Near and Sam. I was listening while working on the next trial. Is Dean getting tired?”

Near looked up, then asked the question of Dean.

“What? I'm fine.”

"Dean is sure?"

“What's going on, Near?”

Watari looked at Sam, “Why would he ask how much longer this trial will be?”

Sam got a look of consternation, “It's his first time to do something like this since he recovered. He could be tiring, but he will never admit that, Watari. He'll lie."

“He will not lie to L or to me. He knows this case can be pulled out from under him by us.”

Near's voice took on a stern tone. "Dean will tell Near if Dean is tired. The exercise will be brought to a halt. Is Dean tiring?"

“Not like that, Near. What I need is a ten minute break and some water. Will Watari go with that?”

Dean never got Watari's answer because a flashlight shone in his face. L and Bobby were looking at him.L stared at him for a moment. "If you push to exhaustion point, it will not be good for your health."

“Look, a small rest will be enough.”

“You won't be resting , boy, when you go after Lilith. We build up to it. You've been out of practice for a while. Look at his eyes, L. He's gonna drop.”

“Damn it, Bobby. We can't wait on this. She might figure out some other way to use Sam for this. I can't take that chance.”

“Dean, I can take the chance. You told me to take charge when you couldn't handle it. This is one of times. Come home, now.”

Dean leaned against a wall, his head bowed. A fist slowly hitting the wall behind him.

“Dean,” Watari spoke, “The building will still be there. Nothing is going to be moved. You can finish this in a couple of days. Don't push yourself and get an injury that might not heal right.”

Those standing in the hallway, and those in the control room heard a soft whispered, “Yes, Sir.”

L looked at him. "Given how long you have been on rest and healing injuries, you have done remarkably well. This is nothing to be ashamed of."

Before Dean could give any orders, Sam gave them the quickest way to the exit. Dean knew that his Sammy was now in charge. He headed to the exit.

The group followed, watchful of their surroundings. They soon reached the main entrance and waited for a car to come.

Matt asked, “Are we washing him down?”

"Good idea," L said. Dean reeked of cat urine.

“Aw, man. What are you gonna wash me down with? The entire complex is closed. There's no lights, no gas, and no damn water.”

Mello looked down the street. “There's a car wash.”

“Hell, no!” Dean took off at a run. Bobby was laughing as L, Mello, and Matt surrounded him.

L managed to catch him, dragging him to the car wash and found a milder way to hose the man down. Dean was fighting and struggling to break away and before long Mello and Matt had to help hold him still so they could wash him down. All four of them were soaked and the hunter was hoarse from swearing and yelling at them.

"Did you wish to return to base or not, Dean?" L was about at the end of his patience.

“Yeah, you know I do, but the damn soap stings. It's made to get bugs and tar off of cars, not cat piss off my head!”

"I apologize but it is either this or tying you to the roof of the vehicle."

Dean stood still, but he was tense and very pissed off.

Finally, he didn't smell as bad and Matt handed him a change of clothes.

Dean looked at the dry clothes, the parking lot, the people staring and laughing at his bathing episode. He looked at the clothes again. He leaned down and removed his wet shoes. He started taking off his clothes out in the open where they'd bathed him. Jacket, shirts and he reached for his belt and began to unbuckle it.

Mello held out a bag, taking the wet clothing. Dean stripped down to his birthday suit, giving the people who'd been laughing a smirk when he heard screams and a few 'Oh my gods!” He started to put on the dry clothes. He looked at the three who'd fought to bathe him. “What are y'all gonna wear or weren't you expecting to bathe me in a car wash?”

"No we weren't," Mello told him. "We're fine. We just didn't want you uncomfortable with the smell."

Having watched the hunter strip naked in front of a bunch of strangers, L did not not think the smell bothered him as much as it did them.

Finally, Dean was cleaned up enough and ready to get back to base. The clothing had been bagged several times.

“I'm sitting up front with the driver. You guys are all wet.” Dean laughed as he hopped in the front and left an irate and very dry Bobby looking at the three wet detectives.

"Yes but at least you don't smell as bad," Matt teased.

“True, but I don't smell like a wet dog either. Hot, sweaty, and wet. Sorry, Bobby, but I've had my bath the hard way. You'll still need one.”

"No kidding," he said dryly, though it was obvious he was trying NOT to laugh.

Dean looked up from his seat and winked at the older hunter, closing the door as he did.

Bobby chuckled then as he took his own seat. It was good to see Dean in better spirits.

Dean was exhausted, but the mood reflected Lisa and Ben, and he still wanted to make sure Near was all right. It never occurred to him that others were seeing more of the real Dean than they had been allowed to see before. The pranks were him, the joking with Mello was him, but those were really the only times they'd seen him when he wasn't hurting inside. Matt and Mello wanted to tell Sam and Near about the cat, the parking lot and the bath, and Dean changing clothes.

Watari was waiting for them when they arrived, taking the bag and asking Dean if he should make sure that there were cats in the next exercise as well. The question was asked teasingly.

“Only if I have a trap for it. It would be useful for pranks.”

He laughed at that. "You may want to take a real shower. I left soap and shampoo that will remove the traces of urine from you."

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