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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 89

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Dealing with the Aftermath of War

The helicopters took off. Within 3 minutes, the building blew and flames were everywhere.

"I've already got them entertained on a floor below the infirmary," Sam reassured Bobby. "We've already anticipated that." Bobby could hear the tears in Sam's voice as he tried to remain calm and detached to do his job.

Matt snickered. He didn't get to play with explosives often and that was a bit of fun for him.

"Do the girls know or are they ignorant of this and with Ben?"

"Ignorant and with Ben," he answered. "The last thing we need is for Ben to pick up on their stress. They're worrying about Dean as it is. I'll let them beat me up for it later."

"I hope you know what you're doing, boy. Both of those women have been involved in your hunts. Even if you quit, you will still be hunters. They will be hunters' wives. Dean might need her. I said before, they're both in bad shape. You might need Sarah. It's your decision, son. Dean's been relying on you more and I know it's important. that you do this your way and he trust you in it. At this time, Lisa and Ben are your responsibility. I'll be there to help shortly."

"I can't do anything until someone's here to keep Ben from noticing. I can tell them then. The boy is too young to be exposed to this right now," Sam's voice came back firmly. "Matt, think you could do that?"

The red head nodded. "Yeah, I can do it. I'll distract him with games and snacks, no worries."

The helicopters landed and all four victims were taken inside. The little girl was fine. Mello was in an MRI. L was in an another MRI. The doctor noticed the blood pressure, the bleeding, and the slight pulse, and rushed Dean to surgery. He gave Watari the names of an orthopedic man for Mello and another good surgeon and said that when L was out of the MRI, he needed to see the other doctor. His blood pressure was not as low in L, but there was some bleeding somewhere.

Watari was calling in doctors. It looked as if Mello had messed up something in his spine during his slide and twist. L and Dean were in worse shape, which was his priority to take care of. He frowned at the amount of blood on Dean and Mello. One of the medics told him that Mello had no bleeding. He looked at Dean and shook his head.

Matt headed downstairs and called the girls out for a moment, and he explained there'd been injuries, but he didn't know how bad.

Lisa mouthed Dean and ran, Sarah following her. They reached the medical area of the building, and found Sam standing there. Watari turned from speaking to him. "Both men are in surgery. There's an orthopedic man tending Mello."

Lisa sat down in a chair, whispering Dean's name. The hours seemed like days. L's doctor came out. "I'm sorry to have to say this, but the gentleman has broken over two-thirds of the bones in his body. I believe he's going to be a quadriplegic. I'm truly sorry. I will recommend some good therapists to help with this." The doctor left the room, to clean up and write reports. He would be staying to tend to L.

Two hours later, the regular doctor for the household came out. He was exhausted. "I am sorry," he told the family. "Dean is in very bad shape. He's lost more blood then I can replace without completely giving him a total blood transfer. He has not totally recovered physically from his former surgery and healing. He's too exhausted. I don't think he can fight this. Barring a miracle, we'll probably lose him. He's going to be under for a while, but if you want to be with him, you can go back."

Sam was in a rage. "No! We find Cas, now! He's our miracle for both of them. This is not gonna happen. Not again! L's not gonna be a cripple and Dean's damn well not dying on us!"

Near was sitting in a corner, listening quietly. There was no report on Mello as of yet but so far, two out of three were not doing well at all. He quietly went outside in the bright sunshine, voice almost too soft. "Castiel?"

A soft fluttering of wings sounded and an exhausted angel appeared. "I am trying to hide and being here is dangerous for you, Near. Lilith is dead? How are the others?"

"Lilith is dead, body salted and burned with a concentrated explosion of C4. Dean is dying; L may become a quadriplegic. There is no news on Mello."

"I do not have enough power to take care of a full recovery for any of them. They will have little strength for a while because a full recovery will require what I can not give. They will be healed but strength to recover? No. They will need extra care, and peace and quiet. No work. Take them back to the cabin. if L has put his usual rush on it and gotten things started where the women can make decisions and decide where things should be and such, they can stay there. If it is not ready, make some quick plans for staying there. The enemy will not think to look there. This place may be a fortress, but there will be no peace here. They need peace. There are too many bad memories for this building. I can heal them and will do so now."

Wings fluttered and Castiel was gone.

He found Mello having more tests done. He appeared suddenly and touched the boy's back." You will need to get your strength back, but the healing is done."

He appeared in L's room where Watari was sitting. "Hello, Watari. I can not give him his strength back. I'm low on energy and there is still Dean, but he will be healed. Just help him recover slowly. If there is enough done on the cabin, take them there. Get them away for a while."

Watari nodded. "Who called you?"

Castiel murmured, "Near," as he touched the detective. "This is a great amount of damage. It will take a lot of energy but he will heal." A white light covered the detective, and the angel stumbled. "How bad is Dean? Near says he's dying?"

The old man nodded, looking tired. "He is. Blood loss and a lot of internal damage."

The angel nodded. "I need to find somewhere to pray and hope that our father hears me. I don't know if I have enough energy, but Dean has been special and I believe he is to Him. Dean does not believe, but this is one miracle he can not deny." The angel disappeared.

Thirsty minutes later, the doctor had asked the family to let the hunter rest. A soft fluttering sound was heard. A hand touched Dean's. "Dean? Can you hear me?"

Hazel eyes struggled to open. The medication was strong. A soft, hoarse voice whispered, "Cas? Am I dying?"
"I have hopes that you will live a long time, Dean," was the response. "Mello and L will be fine but incredibly weak for a while."

"Did you heal them, Cas? L looked bad. It's so hard to breathe. I've been having strange dreams of a really weird place. Someone keeps trying to talk to me. So tired."

"They will be fine with rest and recovery, same as you will," the angel told him.

"Are you healing me too, Cas? The pain is so bad, man."

"I will, Dean," he said.


"Yes, now relax."

"Okay, Cas."

The angel laid his hands on him, calling upon the power he'd been given, healing Dean.

The hunter's breathing evened, and his color changed. Hazel eyes stared into the deep blue of the angel. "Cas, thank you. Think I could sleep for months, but thank you. I mean it."

"You will wake in another location. I need to rest, as do the rest of you."

"You coming too, Cas? It doesn't hurt, and I can breathe. Why are you touching me again, Cas?" Dean's eyes closed as the angel touched him another time.

Sam, Bobby, and Lisa had run into the room because Watari told them what Cas was doing. The angel was lifting his hand from Dean's chest. He smiled tiredly and told them the hunter needed rest and to get him and the others away for a while. He disappeared.

Watari told Sarah that L was working on the cabin as a surprise for Sam and Dean, but had planned on everyone being able to stay in the area while the work is done, so the Winchester families could do what they wanted in their sections, and L and his group in theirs. He told them of a small clinic with housing for the doctor and three nice trailers for everyone. There was a major transport plane that would haul vehicles, and supplies for everyone. Helicopters would take the rest. The injured would be taken in one of the choppers. The little girl's parents had picked her up earlier, grateful to the ones who had found her. L, Dean, and Mello would probably sleep for at least 24 hours. He suggested that things be packed to leave, and that someone take care of Dean's stuff.
Sarah went to Dean's clinic room to talk to the others.

Near stayed quiet in his corner, eyes watching everyone. It was good the angel had come when he had called; he hadn't expected Castiel to do that. At least everyone would improve.

Everything was moved to the airport The transport was loaded. Sam asked about an airport, and Watari said there was plenty of flat land for the plane to land on. A makeshift runway had been cleared about two miles away from the cabin, so that supplies and equipment could be offloaded easily.

The white haired teen perched in his seat, away from others as he watched the group get settled on the transports.

Sam whispered to Lisa for a moment, getting a nod from her. He walked over to the white haired teen.

"Near, Lisa needs to keep an eye on Ben, and I need to be with Sarah right now. It's not likely, knowing Cas, but Dean might wake up because of the difference in sounds, movement, and things. Would you like to ride in the chopper with him, in case he wakes up? Matt's riding with L and Mello."

He picked up the kitten and robot, then headed towards the helicopter.

The transport left the runway, and shortly after, three helicopters followed.

Near stayed curled up near Dean, watching as the scenery went past.

Beneath the noise of the jet engine, Near thought he heard a whisper. "Where?"

"In a helicopter. Dean must rest."

"What happened? Is she dead?"

"Castiel healed Dean. The group is now relocating to a place for the group to rest."

"Why relocate, Near? What can be better then staying where we were?"

"It is not considered restful and there is always possible chance of having been followed."

"I'm more tired then I've ever been. How bad was I, Near? Truth. All that time with my shoulder and everything was real bad. This is worse. L? He went through it too. How bad?"

"Had Castiel not intervened, L would have been a quadriplegic and Dean would not be alive for long," he answered candidly.

Hazel eyes searched gray ones. "Damn it, Near. Dead? And L? Quadriplegic? He'd rather trade places with me then be that. Oh, hell. What a screwed up mess we got into. She's dead? Please tell me she's burnt to a crisp. Who got her?"

"Lilith is dead, salted, and burned in a flame caused by C4. L is healed as is Mello. All three will require rest to regain strength."

"Mello got the colt and shot her? How'd he get hurt?"

"Near will explain later. Sleep now."

"I need answers, Near."

Near nodded and a nurse came back to where they were. "How did you manage to wake up, Mr. Winchester? You were out cold. You need to rest right now."

"I got questions. Need answers."

The nurse took a needle, and Dean's eyes got big, and he started shaking his head, no. She injected him in the hip. Within a few minutes, he was gone. She smiled at Near, patted Dean on the cheek and went back to her seat.

Near went back to watching the scenery, waiting for the trip to finish.

Finally, the mountains and desert could be seen. Near noticed that a small village of very nice trailers had been set up about five hundred yards from the cabin. There was a lot of of construction being done there. The helicopters landed on a pad designed for them about one hundred yards from the cabin. The invalids were being taken to the trailers, Watari explaining who went where.

Sam and Sarah walked with Lisa and Ben to their trailer as a stretcher carried the sleeping hunter. Bobby followed, also. He'd been given his own trailer. He stared off at the cabin.

"Sam, Dean mentioned a possible storage building on the back, and us having to double up until he could afford to add on, but that's a major construction over there. Someone's adding three wings and I don't know what all else is being added."

"L already has the plans going for that," Near told them.

"What plans?" Sam asked as he turned and looked, mouth dropping open. "That's what Dean and I designed. No one's seen those. How?"

"L has L's ways," the white haired genius told him.

"That's why we came here? L needs the girls, Dean, and I to tell him what we want where in our wings? He needs you boys for your wing, and Bobby for the main building. Dean want's some large enclosed gardens... he wants to design one for Near., and another for vegetables and fruit. L has been busy. But, Near, we can never repay this."

"The wing is for L and L's heirs, thus L and the heirs will foot the bill, Near believes the saying goes."

"Dean won't think it's his if he doesn't pay L back, Near."

"Dean will have to discuss it with L. However, L will consider it paid with this past mission and also any consults in future."

"That will be the biggest battle between stubborn asses we'll ever get to see," Bobby commented.

"L will win," Near said blandly.

"That's because Dean won't know how to argue with him. L will confound Dean and my poor brother will be so confused he won't know whether he's coming or going," Sam answered back, with a wicked grin on his face. "I don't know about you, but getting to go in there and say this is what we want, will be an incredible experience. We've never had that."

"Near suggests each group decides what to do in the wing chosen for the couple. That way when the time comes, all the design ideas and decorating will be decided and no halting of the construction will happen."

"I know which wing is mine and Sarah's, ya'll's, and Bobby's. We can start. Lisa, you may want to see how long it will be before Dean has enough strength. Maybe we ought to all wait til the others are up to it. Not fair to them, really."

Near shrugged. "it was a simple suggestion. Near needs to check the system to determine if new cases have arrived. Outside of video games, there is little to keep the group entertained. However, do as Sam and the others wish. Near will not be available for most of the time."

"Why not? It's your place too. That will sure upset him."

The white haired teenager didn't respond, simply calling to Watari as he disappeared into the trailer designated for the detective and his heirs. Matt sighed as he approached the group. Near was pretty much going to be out of pocket..which was sad considering that he was in charge with L healing. "Great...we won't see much of him."

Sam shook his head."We're in charge of Dean healing. Wanna help? Or do you get Mello?" Sam grinned.

"I'll be back and forth between him and L," the redhead answered. "Watari will be assisting Near most of the time. Since L is out, Near will be taking his caseload." Since the girls and Ben weren't around, they could speak this candidly.

"Yeah, well, we have to keep Dean still for a while so he can rest. He's never regained his strength, but I think he will here. He won't be still for long. But right now, he needs to be."

"Put him to work with Lisa on the ideas for their wing," Matt suggested. "It'll keep him in bed but brain occupied."

"That's a great idea. We'll do that."

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