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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 90

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

The Mixed-Up Adventures of Dean Winchester, or How to Keep One Injured Hunter Corralled.

As it happened, no one's plans concerning Dean went as they thought they would. If any of them had thought about it, they'd have realized that it was typical of Dean. Lisa had gone to to discuss with Watari and Sarah if they were planning on group meals, or could they cook for themselves. Dean was still sound asleep and should be for awhile. Sam was playing ball with Ben.

Dean was roused by the sounds from the cabin, and it didn't sound right to him. He got up out of bed slowly, realizing he was in a hospital gown. Finding his duffel, he grabbed boxers, jeans, and a t-shirt. Not finding his shoes or boots, he located the slippers he'd worn at L's. Moving slowly, he managed to get out of the trailer. He looked around, confused, not knowing where he was or why.

The sound drew him on. The hunter moved carefully, feeling exhaustion worse then he'd ever felt. He saw the cabin and the wings coming off of it. His eyes opened big and he forced himself to move at a faster pace, going straight towards his future home. He saw the plans and he and Sam had drawn coming off the cabin. The extension to the one wing, another wing, and the one in the back for L's group. He climbed through, avoiding men who were working. The greenhouses were in the back and towards the side. The building for the indoor garden was there. He saw that the huge storage unit was attached. There were four freezers and shelves everywhere. He kept thinking who?
Watari spotted him. "Young man, what do you think you're doing?"

Dean had not heard him over the construction noise and jumped in surprise, almost falling.

"Watari! You scared me! " He turned back to look at the out buildings and the additions being added to the one wing and the additional wings. He loved the fact that rock from the mountain had been used to do the outer walls to match the main cabin. Where they'd found slate for the roof, he didn't know, but he liked it. He headed towards the wing addition that would be his and Lisa's. It was now two floors. He grinned and headed into the wing.

"Is this acceptable so far?"

"It's incredible!"

"L got hold of the plans," he said. "Now you have to get back to bed."

"Watari, this is beautiful, but I'll never be able to afford this now. I'd hoped to add on a little at a time, but this...this is beyond my wildest dreams for a home. I can't afford it...not even with Sam and Bobby's help. I've never been rich. I probably never will be."

He answered him as he guided the young man back to his trailer. "L already has a plan in place for that."

"Shouldn't he have talked to me about this plan? Damn it, Watari! This should have involved me in some way. I'm not mad. I want you to understand that. But, I don't want charity." Watari could see that the young man was seriously upset over how he would handle this.

"First of all, this isn't charity. Second, he only began on what you drew up. The interior of the wings will be designed by the owner of each wing." His voice was firm. "Stop being stubborn."

"I can't pay for this, so it is charity. I'm not upset about what he's done. The not talking to me about it was about discussing financing. That's all. I love what he's done. I do. I just don't know how the hell I'm gonna pay for it. There's nothing I've done for him that begins to earn what this cost."

They had reached Dean's trailer and gone inside to the master bedroom.

The old man pointed at the bed. "Sit," he said in a stern grandfatherly voice. "Now shake off that stubbornness and listen to me."

Dean sat down and sighed. He looked up at the older man and waited.

"First of all, L approved of the plans and went ahead with the designs you came up with. As far as charity, it isn't charity and if I hear that word come out of your mouth, I'll make sure you never get one of my homemade apple pies..ever. This isn't charity at all. L is aware this will make a good working base and it's needed. Second, you have no idea what he pays for his consultants when called out." The older man quoted a number which would pay off the debt fast within a few cases. "The case you just finished is triple that due to the risk factors involved."

Dean sat there staring in shock at the older man. "I..." He faltered, staring in disbelief. "I don't get paid for what we do. I can't remember a time that anyone ever paid. I play poker and pool, and I run credit card scams. It keeps us on the road. We don't always have a roof over our heads. Lot's of times we've slept in the Impala. I don't understand how he can pay me for a job I thought I was doing to keep my ass out of prison."

"You already agreed to this with L weeks ago, Dean."

"Yeah, I agreed to work for him. We never discussed pay or how much he'd pay. I didn't know any one made that kind of money. Does the President?"

"The President has been known to take loans from L," he said with a wry grin.

Dean sat there, his bottom jaw open, looking at Watari. "Really?"

Lisa walked in. "Dean! What are you doing up and dressed?" She noticed sawdust and rock chips on him and in his hair. "You've been to the cabin?" She headed to the living room and leaned out the door. "Sam, he's been to the cabin."

"Aw, shit. Now I'm gonna hear it from all of them."

"Yes, now park your behind here or I'll have Matt sit on you," he said with a mild glare. "No pie if you don't behave."

"Are you promising pie, because where Sam goes, Sarah follows. I'm fixing to get my ass kicked by one sasquatch and two very angry women."

"You'll get pie if you stay in bed," he told him. "You three keep him distracted with plans for your wings. I need to check on my other charges."

Dean looked at the three standing in the bedroom staring at him. Lisa was angry. Sam was furious. Sarah looked disgusted. He sighed, laid down, and waited for the tirade to start. Sam had another idea though. Tirades never worked with Dean.

Watari went to see if Near needed anything, leaving Dean to face his family.

"I was told we were going somewhere to rest. The construction noise was not restful. I only wanted to check it out. It's our place, Sammy." Sam swore that Dean was pleading. He suddenly felt like the parent, and it was a shock to him. Dean had backed down and was really letting him lead some.

"I understand, Dean, but you're not well enough to start wandering around. We almost lost you!"

"But, I'm not dead, Sammy. Cas healed me. I'm just tired."

Lisa looked at Dean. "I had to tell Ben that the angel healed his daddy because he was hurt very bad, Dean. You know what Ben's reaction to that was? That he'd work hard to make sure you rested so he could play ball with you."

Dean's voice broke as he responded, "He did?" He closed his eyes, and Sam knew the look of regret his brother could get. "I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I promise. I won't do anything to hurt my boy."

"You'll keep that promise by staying in bed till the doctor says you can get out. Deal?"


"Good. I'll get some paper and pens, we'll get to work. You won't feel bored," she promised, kissing him "By the way, you did a fantastic job with that demon, love. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you?" Dean looked at Sam after Lisa left. Sarah stood there quietly watching the hunter. "What was she told? I didn't kill Lilith. I got my ass kicked."

"Team effort, Dean. It was a huge team effort."

"Yeah, it was. Just so no one thinks it was my team effort. Okay? I was only one small part."

"Don't make me smack you over the head," Sarah told him and Sam winced, rubbing his own head. "I'd agree with her, Dean. She hits hard."

"She gonna be a spouse beater, Sammy, or you gonna handle her? Sarah, I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to agree with. I said yeah it was and that about the team effort being huge. I'm just saying I only had a small part in it."

"You had a bigger than small part, brat," she teased.

"Well, let's see. Cas stopped the stuff at the church. He got the girl for us. Sam and Near ran everything that needed to be handled. Watari shot the tranq dart. Me? I spent the most of that trip, getting Ryuuzaki's and my ass kicked. I was still too exhausted from the day before and my past illness to do what needed to be done. I managed to get her to the window, and then all hell broke loose. The only damn good thing I did was keep her off Ryuuzaki enough where she didn't kill him, and I kept her interest off Mello. I had the colt hidden well enough that her idiots didn't notice it. I told Mello to use it. Small stuff."

"Even small pieces are a major contributor to the whole puzzle," Sarah said, kissing his cheek. "So take the compliment and roll with it. Oh..and a word, you've become a major hero in Ben's eyes."

"I have? In what way, Sarah?"

"His daddy helped beat up the bad guy and saved the world. It's glossed over for his age but yeah, what little boy wouldn't idolize his dad for that?"

Sam saw the tears in his brother's eyes. His voice cracked when he spoke, "He really thinks that? I...I ...damn!" Dean turned his head so no one could see him cry.

Sam rested his hand on his brother's shoulder. "He does. I wouldn't be surprised if he comes running in soon to see you. He's been asking us when he can."

"I'd like to see him."

Sam nodded. "I'll get him."

"Thanks, Sam. I promise I won't do anything the doctor says no to again. I promise."

Lisa came in with pads of paper and pens. She also had a large number of catalogs, paint swatches, carpet swatches, tile samples, and a big grin. Dean stared at the load in her arms.

"Ben's coming to see me," he offered to his love, staring again at the items in her arms.

"Good," she said. "He can help design his room."

Dean got an evil look on his face. "Sarah, you and Sam are going to join us, aren't you? Everything's right here and yours needs to be done too."

Sarah grinned. "Of course."

"I thought we'd be going places, looking at things. I had no idea it was done through catalogs, and small pieces of stuff."

Ben came in seconds later, eyes big. "DAD!"

Sam followed the boy in just in time to see a look on Dean's face he'd never seen before. He'd been right. Dean would be a great dad.

Dean held his arms out, a huge grin on his face, the look in his eyes was one of joy.

The boy hugged him tightly. "You're awake!"

"Yes, I am. I was real sick, but I'm gonna be okay. I have to stay in bed and rest until the doc says I can start moving around. I don't think that will be long. You need to move around to get better nowadays."

"Good," came Ben's reply.

"Guess what we're all gonna do? We're gonna pick out stuff for our new home. You have your own room to decorate. Uncle Sammy and Aunt Sarah are gonna work with us because part of the cabin is theirs." Dean looked up and winked at his brother, sending him a 'I gotcha' look, grinning.

Sam grinned, taking a seat as Ben looked at him. "I'm gonna have a room to decorate?!"

"Yeah. Now the choices are yours, but remember, what you like at nine years, you might not like at twelve, so think about it carefully. A butterscotch carpet and orange or lime green walls might seem cool, but it would get old real fast. Just a thought. Okay?"

Lisa was ready to hit Dean for even putting the idea into Ben's head.
He wrinkled his nose. "I don't like green," he said with a grin.

"I don't blame you. Blues and grays never get old, and they make a room nice and comfortable. It's easy to add other colors in a room with blues and grays. You could choose one for your floor, and do the room in the main color....curtains, bedspreads, and stuff. You can do paneling, wallpaper, or paint. The wallpaper and paint can be changed later. Paneling kind of needs to stay, so you think carefully about it. Just a thought. Sam, I noticed they are putting fireplaces in the living rooms and master bedrooms. Cool, huh?

"No kidding. The interior gardens are going to be interesting when done too. There's a few modifications here and there simply to help maintain structure but it's going to look incredible when it's finished. Bobby's been working with Ben and helping out there. Says his grandson is quite the little handyman."

"Handyman? Hey , Ben, now that's great! What part of working over there do you like best?"

"Getting dirty," he grinned, which made the adults laugh.

"I like getting dirty, myself. I'm going to be working over there as soon as they let me, but I'll be starting to get the stuff together so I can do auto repairs and rebuilding. I can get started but I'll have to travel to find the nearest schools for doing some work on the newer stuff."

"Can you teach me? Grandpa Bobby says he will too. It's fun!" He was bouncing on the bed a bit.

"I would love too." He looked up at Lisa making sure she'd have no problem with it. "I do want you to go to school and make good grades like your Uncle Sammy. College, too. If you still feel that way after school, you can come work for me, learn all the ropes, and we'll make you a partner. Deal?"

"Deal," he hugged his dad. Lisa had no problem with it since it was a great life skill to have.

Dean hugged the boy, holding him close, striving to make up for nine years of no hugs.
"All right, guys. Where do we start with this stuff? Floors, walls, and stuff, first, I'd guess. I didn't get a good look at it, but I think the fireplaces match the stone outside, which means they are like the one in the main living room of the old part of the cabin."

"The stone is of a color that anything will match and look good," Lisa answered.

"Similar to the mountains around here. Mostly browns and tans with some gray in them."

"I wouldn't mind a silver/blue," she said wistfully. "Make the room match the storms on the mountains."

Dean heard the sound in her voice. "I like that idea. Is there a carpet with blues, grays that look silvery, and browns in it? That would be perfect. I'd get T1-11 siding for the room and put it up and find the ride shade to paint it. Just a thought. It might be too rough for a bedroom, but better in the living room. I am not sure. We could paint the walls a very pale grayish silver and bring the blues browns in the carpet out in drapes and stuff."

"I like that," she smiled.

"Let's look at those carpet swatches. What are you guys starting with, down or upstairs?
Downstairs on each wing is living room, kitchen, dining, half bath, and laundry room. Upstairs is two baths, four bedrooms, one is the master and is over the living room, sharing the fireplace chimney. I think we're doing the bedrooms first over here. Sam?"

Sam looked at Sarah. "Think we're starting from the front to the back. Not sure."

"I love art. I wanted to be in art, but I was lousy at it. No talent. Sam, do you like color? I would love more color then Lisa and Dean are doing, but I would want it to be where you are comfortable with it."

"Something cozy, bright in some rooms but muted in others so that there's a quiet place to relax. What do you think?"

"I agree with you, Sam. The living room is massive with huge beams on the ceilings with the large stone fireplace. Do you want carpet or would wood floors be more to your liking? We could find some really wonderful braided rugs for it or, since you've been a hunter, a large faux animal skin in front of the fireplace?"

Dean had looked up from the carpet swatches, a puzzled look on his face. He leaned over and whispered to Lisa, "What the hell does 'faux' mean?"

"Fake," she whispered back.

Sam wrinkled his nose. "I think braided rugs are fine or something. No faux bears or anything please."

"Why the hell don't they just say fake. What is 'faux'? French? I have a hard enough time with English and Latin."

Sam had overheard and grinned. "Are we doing wood floors instead of carpet then?"

Dean thought about that. "Wood floors are really nice, guys, but this is west Texas. It gets cold here. Lots of snow near the mountains. You're okay til you got babies crawling around."

"Carpets are harder to keep clean with babies around," Sarah pointed out. "Put them in onesies, good heating vents, and they'll be fine."

Lisa laughed. "She has a point. Ben got into things before he had teeth and it was a pain
to get them out of the carpet."

"Lisa, you want that too? What about the kids' rooms? Ben's old enough to have carpet if he wants it, but a wood floor is more fun for a race track and stuff."

"Cleaning wise, it's easier for us to keep up with."

"Our room, too? Need to know before we go deciding on things here. If you would rather have wood floors everywhere, I see no point in the carpet swatches."

"We'll need to pick the type of wood we want," the girls chimed in at the same time. "Watari gave us a computer to find things online and order them."

Dean surprised everyone with his answer. "I like the idea of cedar. Real cedar. I know it's a rough wood, but it can be sanded. It naturally turns gray, which blends well with our color scheme, Lisa. It gives a nice scent throughout the house and it repels bugs."

"I like that," she said with a smile, handing him the computer. "Here, you and Ben handle the ordering for our wing."

Anyone know how much we need for the entire wing, upstairs and down ? Oh, and who is it charged to? Is there an account?"

She tossed him a card that Watari had given her that held all the information as well as the tablet that held the measurements.

Dean started researching and found a reputable site in southeast Texas. He got his cellphone and called them. He talked with a salesman and told him what he was looking for, Ben giving him the measurements...Dean doublechecking them. They talked for about thirty-five minutes. Dean gave him the order.

Sam and Sarah had chosen their hardwood as well for flooring.

"What are you ordering, guys?"

Sarah showed him a type of wood that had rich red undertones to it.

Dean liked it. "That's nice. Very rich color. Y'all are going to go for the more dramatic colors. Lots of reds, I guess. What other colors do you plan to use with it?"

Sam eyed his brother, not sure if he was joking with them. Dean was serious, and it pleased Sam and Sarah that he was actually interested in what they were choosing.

"You know, Sam, with Sarah wanting more color and you wanting to be able to relax, Oriental decorating would work well with this wood. You could use black, red, and gold easily. Depending on how you do it, you could have that whatchamacallit stuff.....Zen? Any way, it could relax your mind when you need peace. The colors would make Sarah happy. Just a thought."

Everyone stared at him. Dean looked around..."What?"

Sarah grinned. "You hit it just right. Maybe you should go into interior decorating?"

Dean flushed. "No, I don't think so. I prefer cars. Chinese or Japanese?"

She looked at Sam. "We'll have to check on that and see which style we prefer."

"Japanese sit and sleep on the floor, don't they? Eat off tables that are about a foot off the floor. Maybe a little more. They eat with chopsticks instead of silverware. I like the food from the few times I've eaten it."

"We don't have to follow all of the traditions," Sam said softly.

"No. You don't. You take what you like and discard the rest. Me, and I hope Lisa agrees, I want the mountains and the desert to be part of where we live. Her idea of the colors that reminds ya of a mountain storm is part of that. I want comfort. A big overstuffed couch and two recliners to kick back in. I like a big bed that I have to hunt for her in, heavy furniture. Lisa, what are we doing with the walls? I don't know that we want the same thing in every room."

"A thunderstorm isn't all gray," she pointed out.

"I know, hon. It has streaks of red, white, yellow, blue, and silver in it. The mountains are brown and gray. The desert shows all kinds of color. We can take or leave what we want. The bedroom, you wanted the storm. The living room with the fireplace, is mountain. The dining room could be the desert with all it's colors. I'd put a cactus garden out front of the big window of the dining room. Just a thought. I'm tossing ideas. Keep what you like, hon, and toss others back at me."

"I like it so far," she pointed out.

"Okay, walls? Siding, wallpaper, paint. We might find someone to paint a mural of a thunderstorm on the mountain on that big wall in the bedroom. Ben, what do you really want in yours?"

"No wallpaper. It's a pain to remove later," she said thoughtfully. Ben shook his head. "I like cars and the ocean," he said.

We could paint the walls an ocean blue. If you want sailboats in the distance, we can have that done. If you'd like it, I can make your bed. I saw a design once for a bed that looked like a sports car."

Sam piped up. "What about a bed that looks like a dune buggy? It'd match the beach and ocean theme better."

"Yeah, we could have the beach painted on the wall, with the ocean in the background. Ben? It's your room. If you don't like the idea, just say so."

He grinned. "I like it!"

"We need to find an artist who paints murals. Do you like the idea of a storm on the mountain mural for our bedroom?"

Lisa smiled and nodded. "I would love it."

Dean knew it would be a few weeks before anyone would be needed. He got on the internet and began looking for an artist. He only looked at sites that showed the work. He was still at it after the girls went to fix dinner. Sam was doing something of his own, and Ben went outside to play when he saw Matt come out.

"Sam, I think I found her. Come take a look."

Dean had found a woman who lived in Maine. She painted ocean scenes, and there were some mountain scenes from Canada. There were no desert scenes, but Dean didn't really expect to find any in New England.

Sam peeked over his shoulder. "Damn, she's good. We'll have to talk to Watari about hiring her for this."

"She's coming out of my paycheck, Sam. It seems I'm getting paid for the job I did. That's a nice change."

"Well, Watari said something about this area remaining protected so he'll probably run a background check or something." The older man had been busy between checking on the still sleeping L and Mello, taking care of the group, and seeing to whatever Near was doing. Sam hadn't seen the teen since they'd gotten here.

"Since he's in this compound, can I have permission to take my laptop and show it to him? He's probably to busy to stop in and see me."

"I'll go get Watari for you. You know how protective he is of you," he teased.

Dean just smiled sweetly at him and lay back to wait on the older man. He wondered what Lisa and Sarah were cooking and if it was allowed on his diet. He'd gotten so used to eating that way, he wasn't sure he could go back to his past eating habits.

The older man came in a few moments later. "You asked for me?"

Dean explained about the murals he was going to have done and showed Watari the website. "Sam said you told him the site was still under protection. I wanted to know if we can use her and if so, what do you need to do so I can? I want to remain within the safety measures."

"Because of L using this for a base as well, it'll remain under tight guard," he told him. "I'll do a background check on her and have her come when the time is ready for her to do her work. The ideas for design are fairly solid, Dean."

"Thank you, Watari. I haven't spoken with her to even see if she'll do it. You really like my ideas?" Dean sounded surprised. "Sarah was teasing me and telling me I ought to go into interior design. Seriously, do I look like a designer?"

He laughed at that. "No but you have good taste."

"Really? Thank you. That means a lot to me, coming from you."

A warm smile was given to him. "You're most welcome. The doctor will be by tomorrow to check you over."

"Okay. Maybe he'll let me up. I know he won't this soon, but it's a nice dream."

"If he does, it'll be light duty only. Meaning I'll have to put the girls, Sam, and Ben on alert to keep you from overdoing it," Watari teased.

"I got past them all today, Watari," the younger man teased back.

"Yes but they hadn't expected you to be awake," he grinned. "Now they will."

The consternation on the young man's face tickled Watari. All Dean could think of saying was, "Oh."

He laughed at that. "I'd better get back to work."

Watari stopped in the kitchen where the girls were cooking homemade soup and cornbread. After the shock Dean had been through, the beef and vegetable soup seemed appropriate to Lisa. Watari looked at the recipes and gave his approval. Sam and Ben were sitting at the table. Sam was telling Ben stories about his Dad when he was younger. The girls were enjoying hearing them also. Watari let them know about the doctor and Dean's responses. They had been warned.

They heard the invalid calling for Lisa. Watari shook his head, wished her luck, and left to check on the other two invalids.

L and Mello were still sleeping, though signs indicated that Mello would wake first. It was possible that L's insomniac habits had made his recovery a bit slower than Dean's and Mello's. With a soft sigh, he went to check on Near, knowing the teen had been working himself hard since coming here.

Lisa went to check on her fiance. "You bellowed?" The tone was teasing.

Dean frowned as he looked up from his laptop. "I don't bellow. I called nicely." He winked at the woman in front of him. "Come sit with me for a minute. I want to show you something. Watari is going to get security approval. When he does, I will contact this lady and see if she'll come. I want you to look at her paintings and see if you approve."

"Show me," she grinned.

She could feel the excitement in the man when she sat next to him, and he put his arm around her. The hunter hit a button on his laptop and the site appeared.

"She's in Maine, but it looks like she's traveled the coastline a bit. She also has done mountain pictures. I thought we might consider having little scenes from the desert on the dining room walls. It would be nicer then the wallpaper you don't want."

Dean hit the ocean paintings first and let Lisa look.

"Wallpaper is a pain in the ass to deal with," she said and then stopped talking. "Dean, this is amazing. This one," she tapped the shoreline. "This would be incredible in Ben's room."

"Yeah, it would be. Take a look at these. Now there's no storms, the mountain is close up. You can see the striations, and the rocks laying upon each other. It's not distant. If she can do this with a storm at the peak. Damn! It would be awesome.
Lisa felt the man tense as he hit the button.

"You're right, it is," she said. "Dean, you found a great one. I hope she can come and do this.

Dean sighed, pulling Lisa closer. "I do too. Do you have to go back in there? I'm lonely and I miss you."

"You caught me in the middle of making my homemade cornbread," Lisa kissed him. "Let me finish and get it in the oven, OK? I'll be right back."

"Okay, I've never had your cornbread. Never had cornbread, come to think of it. What are we having it with?"

"Sarah is making homemade soup," she grinned.

"She's kind of a rich, artist type, Lisa. Can she cook? Will it meet Watari's dietary requirements for me?"

"He's already approved it, and it smells divine."

"Really? Is it kind of thick and meaty...maybe? Oh! Get your cornbread in the oven and come to back to me."

She giggled, heading back out into the kitchen.

Sam, watching her enter the kitchen, grinned. "What's he up to that's got you giggling? On second, if Dean is feeling good enough to try to avoid capture, I can make an accurate guess as to what has you giggling."

Lisa threw a towel at him. "He's just lonely in there."

Sam caught the towel, got up, kissed Sarah on the back of the neck, handed the towel to Lisa. "He's gonna wear you down. Sit, have a glass of tea or a beer. I'll keep him company. He said we needed to be more like brothers. Lately, I've had to be the one in charge. I'll exercise that authority and make him rest a bit. He's been doing too much. After he eats, it's nap time for him."

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