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Monday, November 15, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 93

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

The Start of a New Life

Dean heard the puppy in the middle of the night, and slipped out of bed. He went to Ben's room, and picked up the dog, heading outside with it. He sat on the porch and watched the puppy run and play, and do its business. He smiled and praised the dog, bringing it into the kitchen for some water. Lisa could hear him having a conversation with the animal.

"Now, Larry, this is a great start. I'm proud of you for calling out when you needed to go outside. You know, I would've loved a dog like you when I was a kid, but that wouldn't have been possible the way we lived. You got to be Ben's best friend. Someone he can laugh with, play with, and cry with. You got to be his protector, Larry. He'll need that from you. Just remember how important a partnership between a boy and his dog really is. You had enough water? Here, let me carry you back there. You sure are soft. I like the way you smell too. We better be quiet and not wake him up. Night, Larry."

Lisa waited until she heard Dean's steady tread down the hall, through the kitchen and towards their room. He slipped back into bed, and snuggled close to her. She could feel his breath against her neck, and his lips softly touch the base of her throat.

She smiled, glad that both he and Ben had each other now and would have more of a chance to bond over Larry the puppy.

Dean's arm went around her pulling her closer to him. "I know you're awake, Lis. You aren't breathing the same" Dean's lips caressed up her neck, he gently sucked her chin, pulling her bottom lip into his mouth, he sucked and nibbled on it, and his tongue slowly entered her mouth. She could feel the full lips pressing against hers and he opened his mouth and took more of hers. His hands slowly began to caress her.

Lisa kissed him back, losing herself in his flavor. "You're too cute sometimes."

"Just sometimes?" he murmured against her mouth. "I thought it was my one true gift. Winchester charm."

She giggled at that. "Even effects puppies."

"What? Oh, Ben and Larry, and Sam and Curly. Yeah, it does."

"You two are going to have your hands full."

"Ben and I will learn together. I bought a book by that dog whisperer guy. I didn't know you could communicate with dead dogs. It says he can help train them."

Lisa laughed. "He's a person who works with dogs by asserting pack behaviors and body language."

"Really? That works?"

"You have your laptop?"

"Not in bed with me, but I bought the book. It came with the stuff that was delivered for all the owners. I bought three copies. One for us, one for Sammy, and one for Bobby. They're gonna be big dogs. They need to learn to behave while they're little."

Dean tried to pull Lisa back into his arms and buried his head into her neck, and she knew he was fixing to mark her. She felt his hands moving.

"What are you up to, silly?"

"What does it look like I'm up to, Lis?" His breath was hot against her neck as his teeth pulled in her skin and his mouth started sucking it in, almost nursing on the tender skin.

"Mmm, getting into trouble," she said quietly.

"Good or bad?" he murmured against her skin, moving over to another spot lower and closer to her shoulders. One hand went up her pajama top, cupping her and gently squeezing.

"Into areas where some of us aren't protected," she moaned.

"I can stop whenever you tell me to, Lis. His head was slowly moving over her shoulder where he'd moved her neckline over.

Lisa kissed him, losing herself in passion with him. They were loving in their touches, going no further than heavy petting that was so satisfying in its own way. Once over, the two drifted back to sleep, entwined in each other. She could hear a satisfied sigh come from Dean as he drifted back to sleep.

The next morning, the pair was awakened by a bouncing boy and barking puppy on their bed.

"Whoa!" Watch where you bounce, son. Good morning! Has he been outside?"

"Yup and did both of his potty businesses," he grinned.

"Awesome!. You hungry? I can figure out something to feed us. There won't be anymore Watari specials. Got to see what I can have and fix you something. Come on, and let's let your mom rest. We need to make sure that Larry has his needs met too."

Lisa was giggling because a puppy had pinned her down and was licking her good morning. "Help..puppy breath!"

"Good puppy breath or bad puppy breath? He may not have washed himself yet, after potty business."

"Dean! EWWWW!"

"Aw! Come on, live with guys!"

"I don't care...ICK!"

"Look, Sam is the one with all the manners and couth. I'm just me, Lis."

"Go brush the dog's teeth then. Ugh..that's just ick." She giggled, petting the puppy's ears.

"Lis, you can't expect me to brush the dog's teeth every time it licks its ass. That's impossible."

Lisa stared at him. "Yes I can."

"No, you can't. I will be working, and he'll do it dozens if not hundreds a times a day. He's a dog, Lis. They lick themselves. Hell, they lick their balls."

She wrinkled her nose at that.

Dean leaned in and whispered in her ear, a grin forming on his face. "I'm told it even feels good." He rushed out of the room, to go answer the door, dodging a pillow thrown at his head.

Ben had reached the door first, letting Sam and Sarah, who was bearing breakfast, inside.

"Dad and Mom are arguing about licking butts and balls."

Dean froze stiffer then a board, eyes round in shock, looking at his son, and his brother. Sarah burst out laughing.

Sam rested his head against the door frame, cracking up.

Dean was now blood red, "Oh dear god, she's gonna kill me."

Lisa had heard it and was hiding her head under a pillow, laughing as hard as she could. Dean was getting a crash course on parenting the hard way.

Dean, thinking he'd be grateful Ben hadn't said asses instead of butts, looked at his son. "Ben? We don't talk about that kind thing in mixed company. Boys and girls. Okay?"


"Because we Winchesters need to be gentlemen around the ladies. We don't say that in front of them. Okay?"

The look Dean was given was pure one hundred percent Winchester. Sam was almost gasping for air. "Why?"

Dean looked confused. "Why?" He stared at his brother and realized that Sam was enjoying himself tremendously. He wanted to call Lisa, but knew he couldn't do that. He'd started all of this. "Why? Uhh. Well, it's not good manners, and the words are not real nice and men don't say things like that in front of women. It's not proper or polite."

"But they're girls! It doesn't matter."

"Actually, it does, Ben, and I don't want to hear it in front of the girls again. Between men, it's okay. Not the ladies."

Lisa was gasping for breath as well, tears soaking the pillow as her laughter continued to stay muffled.

"It doesn't make sense," he pouted.

"I know, Ben, but women don't always make sense when it comes to guy things. Okay? Look how your mom behaved."

"She's a girl," came the logical response.

"Yeah!" Dean grabbed onto that and held on. "She's a girl. Look at what it did. This whole conversation got started in front of your Aunt Sarah, another girl."


"Look at her. She's so upset, she's laughing in hysterics." Dean was losing it big time and had no idea where to go with it.

"She's not upset, Daddy, she's laughing." He pouted at him, hands balled into fists on his hips.

"Ben, it's just not said. Okay?"

It was obvious the boy didn't understand why.

"It's like swearing, son. What does your mom do when you cuss? I've heard you before. Last year at your birthday. I kept quiet about it. Hell, I'm not a saint, Ben. I can guarantee you, if I'd made the comment you made about what your mom and I were arguing about, my mom would have beat the shit out of me."

Lisa stood in the doorway. "Ben, remember our talk about manners? This is one of the things that falls under that."

"Damn it! I mentioned manners!" Dean was blushing a brilliant red, and didn't even realize he was wearing only boxers. Lisa could tell, with a feeling of feminine satisfaction, that his whole body went red when he blushed.

"It's a matter of phrasing it the right way, love. Go put some clothes on, OK?"

"Clothes?" Dean looked down, and his skin was so brilliant a red, it was almost scarlet in color. "She's getting too many peep shows for a future sister-in-law, Sammy." Dean rushed out of the room.

At this point, both Sarah and Sam were sitting on the floor holding themselves,.the breakfast platter, on the counter top.

Lisa winked at them and went to change herself, giggling.

Dean was in the shower, water running full blast, his boxers were on the floor by the duffel bag. She knew he hadn't realized that Ben could have brought it back to him, wanting to know why he'd said it to mom if it was so bad. Maybe he had. She wasn't sure, but it was so funny.

She loaded her toothbrush. "You OK in there?"

"No, I'm not, Lis. I screwed up. I have to remember he's underfoot and I can't say things like that. I don't want him picking that up. He's nine years old! I'm walking around in my boxers in front of Sarah? Damn it."

"Dean, welcome to parenthood. Things happen at the worst times. It's all right, you handled it well."

"You've got to be kidding? My brother hasn't laughed that hard since he super glued a beer bottle to my hand!"

She giggled. "No, I'm not joking. Kids love to make things awkward and do things at the worst times."

Dean walked out of the shower, the water still running, stark naked, and dripping wet. His hair was running rivulets down his face. "Wait a minute. He knew that was wrong? And he did it anyway? To embarrass me?"

"Probably testing you but it's doubtful he understands about the mixed company."

"I gathered the mixed company thing. So, it's not a joke? He's testing me already? I'm not sure how to handle this. I can't just let him walk away thinking he'd won on it, but it shouldn't be a contest either. I'm glad he feels he can. I never would have been able to test my dad. He would've hurt me. Wow. He's testing me."

"It's natural for kids, Dean. If he does it again, pull him aside and let him know you know what he's doing and not to do it again."

"You know, sometimes, I'm not sure how I got through raising Sam alone as a kid. It was so hard. I'm grateful I have you in this, Lis."

"Parenting is a partnership," she smiled and then began brushing her teeth.

Dean smiled back, when suddenly, the sound of running water broke through his thoughts. He looked down and the puddles of water on the floor. "Ah shit!" He turned off the shower, grabbed an extra towel and wiped up the water. He then dried himself. He felt tired, but knew he would for a while. He'd over done it yesterday. He grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, wearing nothing else.

Lisa was dressing as well after taking care of her teeth, giggling a bit at her fiance's antics.

Dean went to brush his teeth, comb his hair, and shave. He liked a day's growth, and shaved with a razor he kept for that. He knew he'd have to change if Lis said anything. She hadn't yet, but he wasn't well either. He could hear her giggling. She did that a lot, and he liked it. He figured it must be things he did or was involved in that caused it but he didn't mind.

Sarah was reheating a breakfast she'd brought. She had poached eggs, turkey sausage, and whole grain pancakes. Ben and Sam were wrestling in the living room with two puppies on top of them.

Lisa laughed, watching as a third puppy bounded in to play when Bobby came in to help Sarah work on breakfast Bobby hugged both girls and set to work. Dean entered a few minutes later. Sam noted that the heavier beard his brother had been sporting was gone, and the man was back to the light growth he usually wore. He didn't know whether it was his suggestion, or if Lisa had complained, but he was glad.

"Morning, Dean. We have a puppy pile match going on if you want to play," he grinned.

The older Winchester jumped right into the middle, tickling his brother and Ben. Being on top, he had an advantage, but Sam knew where Dean's strength was, and where he was ticklish. So did Ben. The pups were rolling all over the two on the bottom.

Sam and Ben worked together to tickle Dean unmercifully.

"Whoa! That ain't gonna work, guys. I'm king of the mountain. Dean dug in and they couldn't budge him.

The girls both started laughing when Bobby walked into the living room.

"What's wrong with you idjits? The boy's still weak as a kitten. Bobby stuck his foot into Dean's back and shoved him. Dean went flying off the two. They both whooped and went for him. Dean had rolled over but was covered with licking and biting puppies. "Damn it, Bobby! That's not fair! You know how often I get the advantage in that kind of game. Damn it!" He was trying to push three pups off when Sam and Ben got him.

Both were laughing as they tickled Dean. "We got you!"
"Yeah! But you had to have help, Sammy! Okay! Okay! I give up! Stop!"

The two kept on tickling him.

"Come on, I give up!"

Ben giggled. "We got you good, Daddy."

"Yeah, you did. No thanks to Grandpa Bobby. Oh, shit!" Sam looked down and doubled over laughing. Dean had rolled to where a chair was between him and a view from the kitchen, and was pulling up sweatpants. Sam noted there were no boxers on.

"I'm sorry, guys, but I've lost too much weight. Nothing fits any more. I'm going to town and buying some clothes. Lis, you and Ben don't have much either, so you're coming too. Gotta be a Walmart somewhere near by. We need laundry supplies. I'm out of underwear."

Dean was not supposed to be going anywhere. A pin drop could have been heard after his announcement.

"Do you have a guess on sizes, Dean? I could take Lisa and Ben and go shopping for you since you're supposed to be relaxing," Sarah offered

Sam looked at him. "Sarah needs stuff, too, Dean. He walked over and looked at his brother. I'd go down one size, Dean. You'll put some back on, and you won't go back to where you were because of the new diet. I'll go with them and we'll get you a smaller belt, too."

Dean stared at everyone, and Lisa and Sam, knowing him so well, knew he wasn't happy. He surprised his brother again, by taking his advice and listening. Even more so, when he agreed.

Okay, Sam."

Sarah handed him a tablet to get him to write down his sizes, and Sam looked at him. "We'll have a boys day out if you like, see how much has been done."

Dean wrote the sizes down one size smaller. "You go with them, Sam. Make sure it's stuff I'll like. Boy's day out? At the way I'm being coddled, the damn thing will be finished before they let me in there. Even if they do, they aren't gonna let me touch a thing."

Lisa looked at him. "You have a doctor appointment today."

"Yeah, and nowhere to hide, really."

"And you won't either," she said firmly.

"I know. Look, I understand what happened to me. I know that if Cas hadn't showed up...well, I wouldn't be here. He healed me. The only thing he couldn't do was give me my strength back. I'm being treated like I'm dying. I'm not. I can't go for a walk. I guarantee you that if Watari had seen me on the floor with the them earlier, I'd be in trouble. Sam grabbed me by my shirt and pulled one on me last night. I feel like I'm in a cage, Lis."

Her eyes met his. "You're stuck with it, Dean, because someone has to take care of you. We're not treating you like you're dying, though we came too damned close to losing you."

"Why does everyone think I have to be taken care of? If' I'm tired, I'll rest. I just want to be human again. I'm not used to just sitting and doing nothing, Lis."

"That's just're tired but don't rest. Always doing. You don't have to always be doing something."

"Lis, they're doing normal things out there. Normal. And it's the house Sam and I designed. This is gonna be our home, and I'm not a part of it. It's normal. I've never had normal since I was four, damn it."

Dean sat down as Sarah and Bobby put breakfast on the table.

He murmured softly, "It's important to me."

She leaned in and murmured back. "So is your health. You have to stay healthy to spend time with us. Ben's not going to be little forever, Dean."

"I'm the last person you have to tell that to, Lis. You know that."

"Then stop it please. You're sulking about this. If the doctor agrees that you're all right, you'll go back to doing things slowly until your strength returns. But take a step back and evaluate what you're doing right now and what kind of image you're showing Ben by sulking and not following what the doctor says to do. It's hard enough getting him in for his annual checkups."

Dean stared at her, his face showing no that Bobby and Sam knew immediately. He quietly ate his breakfast. He excused himself and went to get his computer. He wished them fun in town and left the trailer. He came back in and tossed the keys to the Impala to his brother. He disappeared with the laptop.

Mello was outside with a computer, looking over things and spotted the older Winchester. "Dean!"

"Hey, Mello."

"They think I'm sulking. Damn. I can't explain it to her without making her think I am. Very seldom have I ever been under a doctor's care, man. We treat everything at the motel. No doctors. We keep going if we're able to. This waiting on a doctor to tell you when you've rested enough or when you can live, I'm not used to that. She thinks it's sulking because I want to be involved in things. It's natural for me. I can't just lay around or sit around all day, doing nothing. I know it's crazy, but it's not sulking. I walked out just now, because I was pissed and hurt that she thought so. I'm a bad example for Ben now. I wanted to walk over the site and check on things. I wanted to go buy some clothes. Someone else is picking out what I wear, man. I'm really not used to being done for. I don't know how."

I'm not usually a sulker, Mello. I may get upset when things aren't like I think they should be. To be honest, before I met y'all, I'd been in the hospital three times. It's been my life, and it's all I really know. Doctors ask questions I can't answer. L had to use different names for all of us when Near and I got shot. Yeah, I'm gonna be tired, but I'm going stir crazy, Mello. If I'm exhausted, I will go to sleep because I'll end up dropping anyway. I can't make Lis understand that. I don't know how to make anyone understand that. I've had to do all the taking care of people, and until recently, Sam has stayed back and let me be. He's gotten assertive and he's making me take better care. Hell, Sam, Ben, and I were wrestling on the floor this morning before all of this started. Why should that be different? Any way, she thinks I'm a baby, sulking. I'm not but she'll never understand why I'm that way. I can't make her. I got out of the house cause I didn't want a fight. I remember Mom and Dad going at it. No. I can't do that."

Mello rested his chin on a hand, biting off some chocolate. "Dean, I think you're taking it too aggressively in some ways. Yeah, you're used to taking care of yourselves but did it occur to you that you don't have to any more? You're talking about working on a low energy. You exhaust yourself, rest, and you're back to where you started earlier. The body needs to rest. I think she may have misunderstood things."

"They're going out to buy clothes, and not just for me. For all of them, I think. I should be helping her pick out clothes, not Sam and Sarah. I would have taken it easy. Hell, I would have even let her drive. I just wanted to be there. I know it sounds crazy, but Mello, I've never taken someone I love out and bought them clothes. I've never had a kid to take care of. I've lost so much time already. It's stupid, I know, but being normal and doing normal things is the most incredible thing in the world to me. Once I was under a Jinn's spell. In the world I woke up in, my mom was still alive. The most wonderful thing for me was mowing her lawn, man. Mowing! It's crazy. I'm watching these things happen and I'm told I have sit on the sidelines and let others do ti. I hope that's not sulking, but it's killing me when no one understands what it means to me. I just want her to understand."

"I knew I had to see the doctor. I didn't want to and I made a remark, that I took as being a joke, but she didn't I know I overdo it. I get excited about things. You're right, other then the few people I've spent my life with, no one's given a damn, and there are times when most of them didn't. It's still part of me, Mello."

"Hell, I don't know what to do. Can you watch my computer? I'm gonna see if he's in and get it over with."

"Sit for a moment," he told him. "You and I have a similar sense of humor. What sounds like joking to us does not sound like joking to others, especially those who do not know you as well."

"Yeah, that's true, but Sam and Bobby were there. They know me."

He pointed out something. "Yes but it was between you and her. They're trying to give you space so you two can learn as a couple."

Dean sighed. "Yeah, I know. I'm trying so hard to do what she wants, but I can't stay an invalid. I can't regain my strength if I let my body just vegetate. What about the mental and emotional part of healing? That should count for something. It's driving me crazy."

Mello tapped the table. "Like I pointed out. Imagine the battery is at half charge and you run it to the point of being empty and charge it for an hour or two. It returns back to half, not full. That's what she's worried about."

"That's what happened after I was burned and beatened. I had to immediately go with you to help Bobby and L get Matt and Near. Then there was the damage and the blood loss. I never fully recovered before we had to start training. Then what happened with Lilith. I never thought of it that way. I'm willing to listen and see things her way, but she's not willing to see mine. We weren't communicating, I guess. She wouldn't listen to what I was trying to say. She's had normal, and she can't see what I had as a kid. I've never told her. I only told her about one thing and that's all I've ever said to her. I can't keep telling it over and over and hope it gets better. I'm tired, Mello."

"I think I'll see the doc, now and take a nap. Maybe I don't have the right to make those demands when everyone else needs something else from me. Who knows? I sure as hell don't. Thanks for the advice, Mello. You're a good listener and a pretty smart guy."

"Dean, I'm no genius at relationships. I understand people to a point. Lisa is trying to take care of you. You're not stuck in that bad childhood or the lifestyle you led. You have a family now to watch over you. All this," he gestured at the property. "It'll take time to build. You follow your lady's advice, you'll be on your feet faster than you know. I've heard mothers are good at taking care of others. Trust her."

"Okay. I'm trying, Mello. I honestly am, but I forget sometimes that I don't have to think that way. I was told I'd fall sometimes, but to pick myself up and keep going. Thanks."

Dean headed to the clinic that had been set up for the doctor and his nurse. He knocked and entered.

"Come in," came the reply.

Dean spotted the nurse. "Hi, Can the doc see me now?"

"Yes, he can. Go through that door," she pointed at it.

"Thank you."

Dean entered through the door. "Doc?"

"Dean? How are you feeling?"


"Take a seat," he pointed at a chair. "What's going on?"

Dean sat and explained everything to the doctor. It took a while, and surprised the man, because Dean gave everyone's point of view.

"I feel left out, Doc. I'm not used to sitting and watching the world go by. This is the first time in my life, I have a real family of my own. I got the home I helped design coming up and I can't go look at it. I wrestled with Sam and Ben and the pups this morning and that was all right. Lis and I fooled around quite a bit, too. Why are those okay, but the others aren't? Damn, I know I'm tired. I know what I faced and what happened to me. I know I need rest. I can't understand why there can't be a compromise. Why can't I do both? I'm tired, and I plan on going back and sleeping when we're through. I just wish that Lisa understood. That's not gonna happen, so I'll do what I can...what everyone will allow. Just how long do I have to wait to be a part of things again?"

Dean looked tired to the man. His skin was pale, there were dark circles under his eyes. He was shaking a little, but the doctor wasn't sure how much was exhaustion, and how much was stress.

"To be honest, I've hospitalized men for exhaustion as severe as yours. How much of what you're doing with your family is based on will power, Dean? And be honest with me."

"Probably most of it, if not all."

"Then she's not wrong, is she? Dean, you have to learn to read your body's signals and act on them. Do you know what you're doing to yourself? On this level of exhaustion alone, there's a lot that could go wrong."

"What kind of things?"

The doctor began listing all the serious things that could come up because of the lack of energy and fatigue Dean was suffering through. This would explain Lisa's concern about him.

Dean was quiet. He had his eyes closed as he listened. The hazel eyes looked sad as he opened them and stared at the man across from him. "What do I have to do? What's the regimen and for how long?"

"You don't have to go for bed rest unless I see no signs of improvement. Small short walks for certain amounts of time," he was writing this down as he spoke. "Frequent meals and snacks."

"Sleep, if I'm tired?"

He looked at him. "Don't be surprised if you take naps during the day. There's nothing wrong with that."

"I'm heading home to do that right now. All the stress around this makes me more tired then doing things would. No, you've seen my records. That's not true. Not really. Too much to do, and not ready for it, but I want to be. I'll be honest, Doc. It sucks. When do you need to see me again?"

"Every other day right now until i know you're steady and able to work again. Dean, you have nothing that needs doing so don't think you have to run everywhere and involve yourself in everything. Take board games with your son, chat with your brother..take it easy."

"Okay, Doc. You know...that's what Sam and I were supposed to do when all this crap started. We were gonna take a few days and rest. Now it's forced rest, but I'm getting it. Thanks, Doc. I need to call Sam. I'll see you day after tomorrow." Dean picked up the papers the doctor had filled out for him, and headed out of the man's office.

He read the papers as he headed to get his laptop.

"Hey, Mello."

The blond looked up. "Hi Dean."

"Thanks for the advice I stopped to get the laptop. Thanks for watching it for me. Lis was right. I'm gonna go take a nap. Thanks again."

He gave him a small smile. "Anytime. Sometimes it helps having someone to point out the other's perspective. You have a smart lady there, Dean."

"Yeah, I know. She gets stuck with me. Talk to you later."

Dean headed to the trailer, noted that the car was gone. He went inside and set his laptop on the kitchen table. He opened the refrigerator and grabbed a bottled water and an apple. He set the doctor's papers in a neat stack, and took out some paper and a pen and wrote a letter to Lisa. He figured he be asleep, as tired as he was. He wanted to let her know how he felt. It was a long letter, explaining the reasons behind how he acted and felt. He told her was wrong. He explained talking to Mello and going to see the doctor without being called. He told her the doctor's notes for his care were there with his letter. He apologized for being an ass. He did adamantly state that it was not sulking and he hoped she now understood why he acts like he does enough for her to understand that it wasn't was just a need. He apologized for walking out. He said he did not want to fight and he was upset over the accusation about sulking and the doctor, which he thought was a joke when he said what he'd said. It had hurt that she thought he was being a bad influence on Ben. He felt it was better to walk then fight over something in front of everyone. He apologized.

Dean then called Sam.

"Hey Dean," came the response when the younger Winchester brother answered the phone. "How'd it go?"

"I stopped and talked to Mello, and decided not to wait on the doctor. I went to see him. I told him the truth, Sam. That wasn't easy. He told me the dangers of exhaustion, and said he normally had people in my shape in the hospital. We talked. He's given me a list of what I need to do. I don't need bed rest. Naps are a good idea. I am going take a nice long one right now. Take them out to eat somewhere, will you? Oh, and I need a large number of board games.....some for a large number of people, and some just for Ben and me. I have to go for short, timed walks. I'd like for you and I to spend some time daily, just talking. Anyway, I'll be asleep when you guys get in. I didn't want to wait, so I left a letter and the doctor's instructions on the kitchen table for Lis. Let her know it will be okay."

"I will," he said softly. "I'm glad you went to see him."

"Yeah, me too. If he is going to be L's doc for the U.S., I kinda hope he'll maybe open up an office local. He's the first one I feel comfortable with. We have so few we can actually go to. You know?"

"I know it," Sam answered. "Anything else you need while we're out?'

"The doc said frequent meals and snacks. I guess it's the sudden weight loss. I ate an apple and drank a bottled water, but I have to have healthy stuff. The snacks are a new addition. for me. I'm going to bed, man. Love ya. Let my family know that, too. See ya later."

"I will, Dean. Rest up and we love you too."

Dean hung up and went into the bedroom. He stripped naked, not having clean boxers, and laid on top of the crumpled sheets, not bothering to cover. He was gone in seconds. He slept for hours, not hearing the family come home.

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