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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 84

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Second Exercise

L and the others were waiting for him at the top floor.

“I hear we're redoing,” Dean said as he entered. “Any particular reason for it?”

"Unsure," Near replied. "Watari has packed supplies for all of you and they are waiting in the car."

“We're getting supplies this time? What kind? I need to go check the weapons before we leave. Make sure everything's okay.”

"Watari has taken care of that and is bringing them up shortly. Watari said to tell Dean not to change anything that has been done."

“Oh, hell no. Nobody messes with my guns. What did he do to them?”

L spoke up. "He would not damage them. You need to have faith in people...especially your team."

“All right, L, but if Lilith or something else finds out we're there, and the weapons aren't working right, we're dead.”

Watari's voice was soft as he came in. "The weapons are fine. However, no live ammunition.Trust me, you will understand."

“Okay, I trust you, but you better have something we can use if we really come under attack. No cats either. Are we ready?”

"There is," he said. The weapons were handed out.

“Question, Watari. If we have no live ammo, that means we're coming against people. We play for real? We get hurt, or they get hurt? Real fighting?”

"You'll find out when you get there," he said.

“Shit. Let's go guys.” He headed for the basement garage.

The group followed while Sam and Near took their positions at the observation post.

Dean opened a car door and got in.The others followed suit. L and the others could tell that Dean wasn't happy.

Mello tapped him on the arm. "Calm down. Watari is trying to keep this as close to his vest as possible so that we're working as a team and getting used to things we don't understand. We're going to walk into things blind all the time."

“I understand this better then anyone, Mello, but we were told no ammo. That means real people. I guess we're supposed to wait and get hurt because we don't know whether we can hurt the good guys or not."

Dean sighed and said, "Okay. I'll kick ass and ask questions later. I'm not letting you guys get hurt.”

Matt looked at him. "We're a team, Dean. Don't forget that."

“Damn it. I know that. If I'm kicking ass, you damn well better be.”

"Like we'd actually let you do it alone."

“Hell, I don't know. I'm still bearing the wounds from the last battle. Where the hell were you when the cat attacked? Sitting on the floor or doubled over leaning against a box, laughing your asses off.” Dean winked and settled down.

There was laughter from Bobby and the teens.

Dean closed his eyes and rested, waiting for the car to arrive at the shopping strip.

Near and Sam set up, ready to guide the group.

The car pulled into the strip, and Dean was sitting up, alert and ready. He sat in the car, eying the buildings, looking, rooftops, the single entrance to walk to the alley back behind the buildings. He eyed it all. “Okay, let's go.”

"Near is here," came the soft voice over the ear pieces. "Test the microphones please."

“Testing,” Dean murmured softly.

“Same here,“ Bobby responded.

The rest sounded off as well, and Near began the exercise. "Three floors again. Which floor will the group begin with?"

“Same entrance or different building?”

"Different entrance this time."

“As before, the basement, ground floor, then top floor.”

"Yes," Near answered softly.

“Let's go." Dean found an open door three buildings down from the last one. He stepped in and stayed close to the wall, listening, watching, and smelling. He softy told the others to enter.

The group fell into position, following Dean's orders.

“Let's find a door down. Might have to pick some locks and open doors on this floor before we find it. No telling where it will be. We lucked out last time.”

"All right," Bobby answered.

"We'll worry about abandoned stores later. Try to find a door that says basement or storage. It probably won't be glass. Stay in the same groups as last time. Don't get too far away. We don't know what we're dealing with.“
The older male answered too. "Keep a weapon within reach as well."

“Let's head out. L, you and Bobby take the right side. The boys and I will take the left.”

The older men nodded, heading to that direction while the teens fell into position with Dean. They slowly walked the floor looking for a solid door.

“Damn.There it is.” L and Bobby joined as Dean pointed to the wooden door inside an empty storefront.

"I hope the door is open. These are caged. Gonna be hard to pick." Dean walked to the entrance and sighed. He handed his sawed off to Mello and dropped down onto his stomach and started picking the lock on the caged door.

“These are usually electronic in places like this. In New York, you can just lift them.”Dean was sneezing and coughing as he worked on the lock. Matt dragged his foot and saw the dust fly. Finally, they heard a click, and Dean got back up, beating the dust and dirt off his clothes. He grabbed the cage and tried to lift. “Gonna take all of us, guys.”

Mello and Matt helped lift the cage door. "Next time, Watari, get a place that's got full power so Near can hack the system."

Dean chuckled as he heaved on the cage, the three of them finally lifting it. “Everyone get in. I can't guarantee it'll stay up once I let go of it.”

The group hurried in, holding it in place so Dean could come in as well.

As soon as the group let go, the cage crashed to the floor. Dean winced but said nothing. Instead, he headed to the door he'd seen through a window. It said storage. He tried to open it and swore. “I hate locks. Really. I do.” He took out his kit and knelt down to pick the lock.

L knelt beside him, taking the kit and picked the lock within seconds. "There."

“When were you going to tell me you knew how to do that?”

"You didn't ask," he answered dryly. "Matt and Mello can as well."

“That's not on the usual question list for people. You saw us pick locks the other day. It would have been nice if you'd volunteered the information.”

"Oops," came from Mello. "Sorry about that, Dean. It hadn't come up before."

Dean murmured, “Okay.” Opening the door, He pulled out his flashlight and saw a large storage room. “Damn it!.” He slowly made his way into the room, which had several doors off it and a lot of boxes, “Why do I get the feeling someone doesn't want us downstairs, but up here?” He went to the first door and felt the knob. It was unlocked. He whispered, “Mello.” and motioned to the knob and get behind the door. He stood on the opposite side of the door, waiting for Mello to open it. L was fascinated by the actions Dean was taking, and wondered what had made him put such trust in Mello when he had been so against working with them.

Mello moved into position, body alert to move when ready. Dean nodded and ducked low ready to enter. Everyone stood ready as there was a silent count from Mello before opening the door.The count hit one, Mello opened the door and Dean went down lower and entered. Mello, going low, followed him. Dean put a finger up to his lips asking for silence. He mouthed, 'Something moved back there.'

Near homed in on the camera. "Two beings..Near is unable to determine the type. Neither is Sam from the angle the camera is in. Five feet from the door and to the right."

“Okay, move carefully.”

Bobby held L back. “Not a lot of room in there.”

Mello was looking intently. He wasn't seeing what it was Near had seen. time, he'd ask for night vision equipment. Dean, still crouching, moved to the right side, so as not to be seen as easily. He stood up, back pressed against the wall, and motioned for Mello.

The blond slipped beside him, pointing to his eyes and shaking his head, telling him silently he couldn't see their targets.

Dean nodded, motioned to move slowly and then did leaping motion with his hands, then held up shotgun and flashlight and pointed to where they were. Whoever was there had to know they were there.

Near's voice interjected again. "Dean and Mello must be having difficulty seeing. Targets have moved further to your right by two feet."

“Near, that puts them three feet from us. Why the hell can't I see them? We're against the same wall.”

"Shadow play in that side of the room. Near has the capability of switching cameras to various spectrum."

“Mello, crouch down. I'm jumping across and will hit them with lights. You do the same from a lower level and aim for the eyes. Have your weapon ready.” Dean counted to three..said now and leaped. Lights from two directions hit the wall three feet from them.

Mello went into action, doing what Dean had said. They managed to blind the two in the room. “Bobby, L, Matt! We got them! Okay, put your hands in the air. Stay right there where I can see you.”

L cuffed them, searching them to spot extra weapons,w which looked more like paint guns.

Dean pulled a box up and sat down. “Okay, talk to me. What are you? Who are you? And what the hell were your plans? I'm asking nicely. I'm playing a game here. I'm playing to win, so quick answers will leave you here for someone to come get you. How does that sound?”

One male grinned. "I'm a ghost..oooohhhhhh."

Matt face palmed. "Oh great. I know this guy."

“You know him? Who the hell is he? Oh, and buddy? Ghosts don't hide against a wall in the dark. You might have at least talked to somebody to find out how they act. What about you?” Dean asked the other captive.

"I think I'm supposed to be some weird thing with a long ass name."

L shook his head. "Next time Watari assigns you roles, remember to research it better."

Dean shook his head, looked at the ceiling, muttering, “I want the damn cat back.”

Bobby snickered. "Hey, at least he's trying."

“Really? He doesn't even know what they hell he is, Bobby,” Dean looked at the guy. “Let me tell you something. Weird things with long ass names don't hang along walls in the dark with ghosts. I'm out of here. This is a joke. I think that whoever is hired for the next round, needs lessons before we go in.” Dean walked out.

Dean got to the store entrance and noticed that the cage door was burning hot, almost red. “Bobby!”

"What the hell?" He started looking around.

A woman walked up to them from outside the store and looked in. “Hello, Dean, Bobby. It's been awhile.”

The older male's eyes narrowed. "Meg. Great..seems like we can't get rid of the damned roaches around here."

Dean stared at the woman. “Can't say I like the meat suit as much as your old one, Meg. What the hell are you doing here?” Dean was hoping that Sam and Watari were sending weapons.

"You have something I want, Winchester, and I'm not leaving without it."

“Well, you're looking at everything there is. What are you wanting? Now I do have a couple of asses in the back.” Dean walked away for a minute and whispered, “Sam, under no circumstances does your ass leave that building. No matter what she does. You understand? You are major important to freeing Lucifer and they must not have you. Nothing is more important.” Dean turned back and looked at Meg. “Well?"

"You think you're fooling anyone, Winchester? I know Sam is nearby, and I want him. He's needed."

L's voice was calm. "You cannot have him." He walked out of the shadows with a supersoaker.

“That wouldn't be fully loaded would it?” Dean asked, wondering where L had gotten it and if there were more.

"Blessed by the local cardinal," he said calmly and Meg's eyes widened. "I would advise you to let us out."

Meg backed away. “I don't think so. The building will just get hotter and hotter. You understand heat better than most, don't you Dean? The building will finally combust. Enjoy. I imagine Sam will try to rescue you and I'll get him then.” Meg ran away from the store front.

Near's voice interrupted before panic could set in. "Head to the back of the store. Stop five paces before the group reaches the rear wall."

“We'll have the two that are cuffed in the back, but what about the others in the building? Is Sam staying put?”

"Samuel is. The others have been warned to vacate by Watari. Uncuff the others and follow Near's directions. Near will guide the group out. Now hurry."

“You heard them. Let's get out of here. L, you got a key to those cuffs, or do we need to pick them?” They all started moving towards the storage room and the two prisoners left there.

A set of keys was tossed to him while Near told the group what to look for. L picked up Mello, and the blond pushed the ventilation shaft open.

Dean uncuffed the prisoners and watched L and Mello. “That's the way out? "Where's it go, Near? It may take time for all of us to get through it.”

"This shaft will join to a larger one. From there, the group will go down. Does Dean remember that tunnel Dean fell in last time?"
“Yeah. You gonna be guiding us out of it? How much time do we have. It's getting hot in here fast.”

"This is a faster route then trying to move up," Near commented logically while Mello reached down and L helped Bobby into the shaft. The two began working to pull people into it.

“No, I agree. We meandered a bit down there. We'll need a guide to get out quick. How long we got, Near?”

"Near is calculating that now. Just get into the shaft and Near will continue to guide. Speed is important here." His voice was still calm, which amazed Bobby.

Dean set his shotgun down and started helping to push the two prisoners up to Bobby and Mello. After they were up, he helped L. He grabbed the shotgun and passed it up. “You're gonna have to grab me.” The older Winchester leaped up throwing his arms into the air. Bobby and Mello caught him, pulling him up. "Proceed to the right,' came Near's soft voice.

Dean could feel heat from above and around him in the walls. “Damn it, damn it, damn it. Okay, ghost and weird ass name, you had better put it into full gear or so help me, if I get burned, the world ain't big enough to hide you. Move those asses now!!”

The group moved quickly as Near guided them to the main shaft. "There is a ladder there. Take that and go all the way down. This will end at a grate. Kick the grate and drop. This will bring the group to the tunnel system."

“Bobby, take the lead. I don't know what else Meg may have. The boys after you. L, your next. Tweedledum and Tweedledee next. I'll bring up the rear.”

Listening, Sam saved the Tweedledum and Tweedledee for a later date. 'Where had his brother heard that before?'

The group followed Dean's directions, crawling through the shaft. Near's instructions were spot on, even down to the distance. The metal ladder started getting hot. Dean finally yelled, “Watch out below,” and dropped the shotgun. He put his feet on the outside of the ladder, grabbed the outer poles and slid down it guiding his speed with his feet.

The others had taken the same route, not wanting to be barbecued. L had kicked the grate out and dropped down into the tunnel, helping the others down. Dean came running up, breathing hard. His face was red. “It's getting harder to breathe, L” He handed the shotgun to the detective and jumped down.

The tunnel system was cooler though, fortunately. L nodded. "Near, where to now?"

"Head North for five hundred yards."

They headed north. “Near, we getting close?"

"Yes. At the juncture, turn left."

Dean was remaining calm, but pushing hard. “Go, go, go, go, go! Near, I just thought of this. Meg probably has reinforcements. Do we even have a driver and car any more? Do we have surface help? We got one super soaker filled with holy water.”

"Near has had the car and driver head to another location. A second vehicle has been dispatched to retrieve the group. This one is carrying weapons and live ammunition. In five feet, there is another junction, head north again."

“Remind me to kiss you. You're damn good at this.”

"Near would rather forget that one," came the dry response with snickering from a certain Winchester behind him.

“Well, sheesh! I know when I'm not wanted. North! Not south. Somebody take lead from Tweedledum will you.”

Mello snickered and did just that, shaking his head.

“Okay, Near, we turned left. How far?”

"Eight hundred yards to the next junction. At that point, continue North again."

They had turned north and were moving quickly. “It's getting hotter.” Dean looked up. He and L had the rear. He stopped and grabbed L. He pointed up. The wood was showing signs of red like coals. He grabbed L again and headed off at a running walk.

L spoke up. "Pick up the pace."

“Near, I seriously hope we're near the end of this. Our time is almost up.”

"The end is close.The tunnel will end at a small ravine."

“We're underground? There's a ravine under the buildings.?“

Smoke started billowing through the ceiling. “Rip off a piece of shirt and cover your nose and mouth. Quickly!”

"Dean will understand when the group reaches there."

L spotted what Near was talking about.The tunnel ended at a ravine. He began climbing down, assisting those who didn't have climbing skills. The hunter helped them over the edge so they could get a foothold. He looked down and backed down over the edge and started his climb down. He looked for crevices. Anything to get a foot in or a hand grip on. He finally reached the bottom. Some were sitting, getting some rest. Bobby and L were talking. Dean walked off and stood by himself for a few minutes. Exhaustion had set in, but relief in just getting out was almost overpowering. He had removed the cloth and was taking deep breaths, his eyes closed. He was black except where the cloth had been.

So was the entire group. After a few moments, Near's voice came through again. "There will be a hike to reach the car." Dean rejoined the group. “You heard him, let's go. Which way, Near?”

"Go East," he told them.

“L, you seem to know a lot about hiking and climbing. Will you and Bobby lead this part? I'll take up the rear.”

He nodded, guiding the group towards the direction Near indicated. “Guys, we're heading east. “

Sam looked up at Watari. “He's still getting tired easy. I can hear it in his voice. This is the toughest thing he's done since the doctor said he could start doing things.”

Watari nodded. "I know but there's no choice."

“He knows it, Watari. He won't say a word,. He'll push himself til it kills him if he has too, but he won't hold them back. I can promise you that.”

"The situation, unfortunately, cannot allow for him to slow down. Dean knows it."

“That's why he walked off for a minute. He gathered himself together, and he doesn't want the others worrying about him.They need their minds on surviving. Dean's good at this, Watari. I've seen him carry a wounded man for several miles in the woods, being hunted by a wendigo, and he told no one he was injured til it was over and he collapsed.

"I know, Sam, I know."

“If you don't mind, I”d like to prepare Lis for him and help get him cleaned up, fed, and into bed. He still doesn't have his complete stamina yet. That worries me.”

"That's fine," he told him

“Thanks. It's understandable, I guess. He really hasn't had the time to rebuild slowly.”

"He will. I know he will."

“All that time, I thought he was weak. The Dean I had thought he was would not have gotten out of the building. Meg would have had him.”

"They make for a good team," he said, watching Near as Near was pulling up maps of all available time periods. The white haired teen looked at the two. "Near requires maps of better details."

Yeah, they do. I know I can't, but I wish I could have been there today. He could have used me. Today, he might have let me help. But, if he had, he might never get back into the groove he had.”

Near stared at t he two, voice a little sharper. "Near requires assistance."
L was heading the direction Near had told them, eyes open for any trouble.

“What are you needing, Near?”

Dean bringing up the rear, was going a little slow, about ten feet behind them, eying every crevice, boulder, anything that could hide someone. He stayed behind to see if anything moved after they passed.

"A detailed map of the terrain. What Near has found thus far is useless." His fingers were flying over the keyboard, pulling up site after site.

It was slow going given the rocky state of the ravine. The group was paying attention, hoping that everything would be all right.

Dean began to worry. “Near? We haven't heard from you in a while. We still supposed to be in this thing? How far?”

Sam went back to his keyboard and pulled up a geological survey done five years before. “Will this work, Near?”

Near copied the site, looking over the map. He'd been timing the walk and watching the trackers that were in the equipment. "Another 150 yards, there is a path up."

“Thanks, Near. L, did you get that?”

Bobby looked back, checking on everyone. They'd gone around a bend and lost site of Dean. “Dean, get your ass up here. We need to be in field site of each other.”

“I'm coming, Bobby.”

Matt looked at him, then dropped back to help Dean. They knew he was tiring and the group would help him the best they could.

"I copy that Near."

Dean was moving fast as he came around the bend, “Hey, Matt. What are you doing away from the group?”

"Waiting for you," he told him, falling into step beside him.

“Really? I stayed back about ten feet or more, so I could see if anything moved after the group passed. I'm fine.”

Sam, hearing the comment, muttered, “Still a piss poor liar.”

"If you were ten feet, you wouldn't have had to rush to get back to us, Dean. Don't lie about your state of fatigue, OK? You're still recovering. There's no weakness in admitting you're nearing your limit." He stared at him as they walked.

“Okay, I am tired, but I was hanging back to watch. t just got further back as we went along. I don't want to worry anybody, and I can still hold my own.”

Sam and the others as well as those in the group could hear him. “That's more like it, Dean,” Sam murmured as he monitored with Near.

Matt flashed him a smile and nod. "We worry cause we care, silly. Now come on, let's get back to base."

“I know. Changing the subject, didn't you used to have red hair, and your face is weird looking.” Dean teased.

"Uh huh, yuck it up," he said softly. "You don't look any better than the rest of us."

“Yeah, figured as much. We'll be blowing black boogers for weeks, I bet. Could a been worse if we hadn't covered our noses and mouths.”

Watari shook his head at that as Near tracked them. Trust those two boys to come up with weird conversations.

L found the path and started up. "It's very steep. Be careful," he called back to the others.

Dean looked at the trail and sighed. He wondered where Cas was. The angel must've figured he could handle this or he'd have been there. He started up the trail, sawed off now attached to a strap and over his back. He'd held off on it in the building, concerned about room.

At the top of the ravine were three trails. Once they'd reached there, Near had them go north again.

Dean came over the edge last, cursing to himself. He got to his feet, smiled and said, “Let's go, guys.”

The group nodded, heading the direction Near had told them to go. Fortunately, all of them knew how to determine north, south, east, and west and could follow the younger genius's directions with ease.

Dean caught up with the two prisoners. “What the hell do you guys do when you're not playing screw ups?”

The older one gave a rueful grin. "Security honestly."

“Security? So, I'm thinking you thought this exercise was a game?”

"We didn't have full details. Watari said he'd needed stand ins for this as the original two got called onto something for L," he answered.

“I don't like people who pass the buck, buddy. I know Watari. There's no way in hell he put you into that situation without telling you what was going on. Knowing him, he probably gave you a folder with all the information and told you to study up on what you were supposed to be and do. You didn't.You thought it was a game, didn't you? Let me tell you something, those things you were supposed to be? They're real. So was that demon that set those buildings up to combust. You can't see the smoke but you can smell it if you take deep breath. That was a big strip type mall.”

"We were given a folder yesterday when we were dumped on a flight here. Most of it didn't make sense," he admitted to him.

“What didn't make sense?”

The man sighed. "Most of it. L uses us for muscle when it's needed. He does the thinking; we obey orders I never claimed to be smart, sir. I owe Watari and L my life. He says jump; I jump."

“For what you were asked to do, muscle was important.You do security. That requires some defensive thinking.You should have reversed it.You were supposed to attack. I saw you moving around in the dark. I'm gonna clue you on something that might help you in your work. It's good to jump when the boss says jump; but next time, when he says jump, it might be a good idea to ask how high?”

"With L...most of the time, we've learned not to ask that because the instructions are such that you don't need to." He gave a sheepish shrug but it would be easy for Dean to see just how devoted the two men were to their employer.

“Given your mental prowess, I can understand that, but take what I said to heart, guys. Okay? If you don't understand, ask.”

"There wasn't a lot of time this time, but I will."

“Okay. Fair enough.” Dean dropped back a little, keeping an eye on their surroundings, and trying to save energy.

The weather turned darker, sprinkling which didn't help the path at all. Bobby slipped a bit and Mello caught him. The blond managed to keep the older man from hitting the ground but was thrown a bit off the path. A stream of curses was heard from the teen.

Dean put on speed, slipping and sliding a little, but caught up to Mello. “You all right?”

"Don't touch me..shit shit DAMN IT!"

“What's wrong, Mello? Uhhh? Were you cussing or did you land in it?”

"I landed in fucking poison ivy," the blond growled. Matt turned, hiding his laughter.

“Watari, we'll need a doctor when we get back.” Dean took off the blackened remainder of his buttoned down shirt and wrapped a hand in it. He leaned down and grabbed Mello with the hand and pulled him up, falling back on his rump after the last tug. Mello was back on the path.

The blond was pulling leaves out of his hair, fuming. Bobby helped Dean back up as Near answered. "A doctor is waiting for the group to return."

“Good. He may have something that can stem a bad onset of poison ivy. Right now, I think that's all he's needed for.There's been no other complaints.”

"The group will need to be checked to ensure no burns or smoke inhalation. Continue along this path for another seven hundred and fifty yards."

“I'm fine, Near. Nothing a lot of water, a bath, and some rest won't cure.”

Sam murmured softly, “Hates doctors. He's inordinately afraid of needles. He tends serious wounds in a motel room. Won't go."

Watari shook his head. "He won't be able to avoid it unfortunately. Their health and well being are my concern."

When the group finished the direction, there was a large van and someone L recognized as the driver.

They hurried to the vehicle and started climbing in. Dean scanned the surrounding area before entering the van. He leaned back as it took off. Within minutes, he was asleep.

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