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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 86

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

The Entrance of Castiel

The two retired for the night, leaving the group of geniuses to their work.

Morning came, and Dean's eyes opened, but his head was still fuzzy. He still felt tired. He knew he had to have slept a long time. Early evening or there about. He still shouldn't feel exhausted, and he was. "Lisa? You awake?"

"mmm...too early," she groaned, then cuddled into him.

"Than it's all right to still feel exhausted?"

"Go back to sleep, Dean," she muttered.

"Okay." Dean was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

She conked out quickly as well, tired and needing the extra sleep.

A couple of hours later, Dean turned over, finding himself nose to nose with Castiel who was on his knees beside the bed. Dean sat up with a jerk.

"Holy crap! Cas! What the hell are you doing?"

Lisa woke up with that, staring wide eyed at the male in their room. "Dean?"

"Cas. This is my bedroom, and this is Lisa."

"The mother of your child. Yes, I know. I need those who are involved in this hunt, Dean."

Castiel was still for a moment, reading the building in his mind. Within seconds, Sam, L, Bobby, Mello, Matt, and Near were standing in the room. The four who had been with Dean were still in pajamas or underwear. Sam was not dressed at all and was floundering around, trying to find something to put on, cursing under his breath. Near just stared. Dean sat there in shock. Lisa giggled at Sam.
"Well, I still think I got the better deal," she murmured. Both brothers turned and stared at her in surprise. Sam finally realized that Dean was now not the only one who had to worry about a future sister-in-law doing comparisons.

L stared at Castiel. "A simple announcement would have sufficed," the detective told him. "I dislike being teleported all over my home. Why are you here?"

"Lilith is on the move. She has found some Satanists to take her blood to the seal in the church. They can cross the sigils and what has been done for protection will not stop them. She must be stopped now. You have to kill her and salt and burn immediately. There is no more time."

The detective shook his head. "They cannot get in." He'd had a bit of work done on the building.

"If you were positive of the cage being protected for eternity, you would not have been training these men. There is always a possibility of them getting in. There are angels who want this as badly as the demons do. They can get in and they can transport. They know that Lilith has to die. She must die elsewhere before the angels find out where Sam is. You have very little time, so prepare now and I will take you where she is going to be. Do you have the colt or will it just be the knife?"

L's dark eyes looked almost angry for a moment as he stared at the pushy angel. "It should be here within a few hours," he told him.

"Then we must wait. Sam, if you wish to go fornicate with your fiancee, there may be time for more after all. Foreplay would seem to be appropriate, Sam, but it would appear to be all you have done. You can not produce children that way. Dean, I do not understand why you have not. You two have switched roles and I can not grasp the meaning of that."

Again, both brothers stared in shock.

"Cas, my bedroom is off limits to your spying. What I do here and what Sam does in his is none of your f'ing business. Do You understand that? That is worse then invading personal space."

"I have watched people have sex for centuries, Dean. It is not that big an issue for me."

"It sure as hell is for me!"

Mello's eyes were huge. "Man, Castiel, you keep on with this and I'll have no faith left at all. First, angels are pricks and assholes. now they're perverts!"

Dean stared at his almost naked brother, who had last night's table cloth around his waist. He stared at Cas, Lisa, and Sam

"HELL!!! Cas! Leave this room, damn it! NOW!!"

Near shook his head, heading out of the room to go back to his puzzle. Mello looked upset and was near ready to come unglued by what he'd heard from that so called angel.

Cas stared at the humans. "I do not see why you are upset. I merely made suggestions for procreating. This is what humans use sex for. I will wait in the garden." The angel vanished.

Dean was on his knees on the bed by this time, hyperventilating. Lisa was trying to calm him down. Matt and Bobby left. L suggested that Sam stay and help calm his brother down. L stared at the younger Winchester. He looked as if he were in shock. As L left the room, he suggested something to calm everyone down. They'd all had quite a shock. He sent for Sarah to come help Sam and bring him something to put on.

Watari brought up cups of tea and a light snack for the two couples to nibble on and relax.

Lisa thanked him and suggested that Bobby, L, and the boys needed it too. As Watari left, Sarah entered upon a scene of almost bedlam. Sam sat on the bed in a tablecloth and stared in shock at his brother. Dean was lying on the bed on his side, still breathing too fast. She ran to Sam and asked what happened. He stared at her and blushed. Lisa told her.

"Great...perverted angel," Sarah grumbled, digging through Dean's clothing to pull a pair of sweats out and tossing them at Sam. "Go dress. Now."

Sam stood behind Sarah and donned Dean's sweats. He looked over at Dean. "Drastic measures are needed, Sarah. What do you suggest." Sarah grinned at her fiancee and walked over to the bed. "Lisa, that's Dean Winchester, former womanizer extraordinaire. Lay one on him. I bet it helps him get his mind on something else then a perverted angel who embarrassed the hell out of him. And I had to miss it." She winked at Lisa and went back to Sam, pulling his head down and giving him a very involved kiss. Soon Sam's arms went around her waist to steady himself.

Lisa grinned and took Sarah's advice, leaning down to give Dean a long kiss. The hunter's breathing slowed into slow, deep breaths, as his mouth softened and opened to hers and his tongue began to explore her mouth. He pulled her down on top of him, hands slowly caressing her back.

Much better, she thought to herself and kissed him back, enjoying the kiss from the other. Dean, forgetting they had company, deepened the kiss, pulling her closer. His hands went under pajama top, feeling the skin of her back, gently caressing her. Sarah smiled, looked up at Sam, and mouthed, you and me?

Sam grinned, picking her up and heading back to his room.

Dean stopped kissing for a few minutes, staring up at Lisa who lay on her stomach on top of him. He kissed her again, slowly nipping her bottom lip, sucking it gently into his mouth. His hands moved all over her back, gently caressing her bottom, but outside of her pajamas. He was not going fast.

She smiled at him. "We can play a bit, love, but not all the way. I don't think we're ready for another baby just yet."

"No, we're not. I was afraid to touch you. Thank you for this." His lips slowly went across hers to her cheek, nibbling. He slowly went towards her chin and down her neck, softly licking and sucking, leaving no mark, but she knew he'd been there. Every touch was gentle, and burned her flesh at the same time. His hands slipped under pajama bottoms softly squeezing and caressing her butt cheeks.

The time was spent in pleasure, sharing each other in many ways except the most intimate. It was building a bond between them..that of lovers and mates. Through the years, when she thought of Dean and talked about him, she always remembered the wild, unbridled passion of their lovemaking. She'd forgotten that he could be gentle and tender like this. He gave completely of himself in ways he'd never done before, and she knew it was because of his love for her.

Later that morning, she sighed happily from the comfort of his arms. "Love you," she whispered to him.

She felt him squeeze tighter. His whisper was hoarse with emotion, "I love you, too, Lisa. With all my heart."

Lisa's smile was very bright. Dean sighed, "I feel complete. You were what was missing."

"I feel the same, Dean."

Dean sighed in contentment, knowing he'd finally come home to someone who loved him for who he was, not what everyone expected him to be. He pulled her closer to him, kissed the top of her head, and sighed again.

The couple cuddled for a while, enjoying each other's company. Dean looked at the clock. It was 12:35. He remembered something about Lilith. They had not eaten breakfast, nor the snack Watari had brought. He thought, 'The hell with it. They can come get me when ready.' He turned over and began to caress Lisa softly on her soft stomach.

"We should probably clean up and find out what's for lunch. Ben will be looking for us before much longer," she mused. He sighed, turned over and sat on the side of the bed.

He looked at Lisa, "It's been one hell of a day so far. Lisa, I don't know what's gonna happen when the colt arrives and we go after Lilith. I want you to know, that I'm coming home. I promise you."

"Damn well better, Mr. Winchester, or I'll come after your hide," she told him.

"You'd kick a demon's hide if she got me?" He smiled at her with a look of soft amusement in his eyes, but so much more was there.

"Better believe it," Lisa told him spiritedly. "You're mine and no one is keeping you away."

His voice sounded husky as he responded, "I believe you really would." She saw a look of surprise and awe upon his face.

She kissed him. "Now let's clean up before we get pounced."

"I guess it had better be a shower. That tub takes too long."

"Very true," she grinned, goosing him and running into the bathroom. He caught her as she entered the bathroom, turning her around and kissing her. He slipped in past her and turned on the shower

She giggled, enjoying the playful attitude.

Dean got the temperature the way he liked it, then lowered it a little for her softer skin. He suddenly turned and grabbed her, picking her up where she was facing him, and he pulled her legs up around his waist. Stepping into the shower, he murmured, "Can you get the door...m'hands are kinda full."

Lisa gave another giggle, closing the door so they could get showered in warmth.

The hunter moved with her until he had her against the wall and turned supporting her on one knee. He reached up and moved the spray towards them. He grabbed some of the liquid soap and drizzled it down her breasts, and started to slowly massage the soap over her body, maneuvering his so he could reach every part of her.

She grinned, returning the favor and knowing they were limited on time as Ben would inevitably be searching out his parents.

Dean grabbed the shampoo and washed her hair, running his fingers over her scalp, massaging it and rubbing the hair. He would lean in and take breaths of her scent. She could feel his breath against her neck, her ear, even against her scalp.

"Mmm..that feels nice. I'll have to get you to do this more often," she teased.

"Once we're married, I'm gonna have to shower twice. You won't want me doing this when I'm covered with grease."

She giggled. "We'll make sure to get big hot water heaters then."

"Yeah, with all the wings that place will end up having, it'll need them."

"The house is going to be that big?"

"Yeah. Bobby will have the main building and the one bedroom. There's one two -story wing on either side. One for Sam's family. One for ours. Put a huge storage unit in the back. There's some major greenhouses, wind generators, and solar panels and what's needed to turn it into electricity. There's a good well. Noticed the water table is deep but has good water. I'm putting in a third wing for Ryuuzaki and his people, plus an indoor garden for everyone, but mainly for Near"

"With his sensitivity to sunlight, it's a great idea; but it'll take a lot of money to build that." She washed his hair.

"Ryuuzaki hinted that L would loan me the money, but I'd be paying him for the rest of my life. I have to buy the place yet."

"L must have a lot of money. I know he's an international detective but wow."

"Yeah. I imagine he could buy anything he wanted. I know he has the power to own anybody he wants. That's power."

"No kidding. I can't imagine he'd be very happy though. I've heard he lives alone mostly, no communication with the outside world other than his agents and computers," she rinsed Dean's hair.

"He must like what he does or he wouldn't do it."

"I hope so," she answered. "I couldn't imagine being in that type of job if it's the only thing I knew how to do."

"From what I understand, he knows a lot of things. He's supposed to be as smart as those boys are, if not smarter."

"Frightening thought."

"I guess, in the wrong hands, that kind of intelligence might be frightening."

"That anyone could be that intelligent. I would set them apart from others."

"Watch the boys. They are a lot like him."

"I have," she answered him. "They interact well with each other but not too well with others that they don't know."

"It takes work, but it's worth it. For some crazy reason, they've nominated themselves as my protectors. They think I'm screwing up, they're gonna tell me. They instigated things to help me deal with stuff. We have wild pranks going on at times. I guess I should warn you about that."

"More than the water fight?"

"It all started when Sam took this really awful picture of me with his cell that even Bobby wanted a big copy of for his walls. Sam snuck it took it to Mello who gave it to Matt. I was in a lot of pain then. I spent that day, avoiding the cameras, and did that ever upset Ryuuzaki. I set up nets attached to the fans over the beds. I covered the beds with plastic and put the covers back over them. I filled the nets with some water balloons filled with ice water. I disconnected a wire in their light switches at the door. I attached a string to the ceiling fan light switches. I had myself barricaded, and Sam started unscrewing the door. They were angry and Matt had electronic equipment on his bed. War broke out. They ended up getting me in the hall. I fell flat with the busted shoulder and couldn't get up. Watari made Sam and Mello clean it up and helped me rebandage and get some rest. Little things ever since."

"Oh good grief," they rinsed off and she reached for a towel.

Dean looked at her intently. "You can deal with that kind of thing, can't you? I'll end up including Ben when I do stuff like that, Lisa."

"I'll rein you two in if you get too rambunctious," Lisa grinned. "But you get me, I will retaliate."

Dean's eyes lit up. "That a challenge?" The hunter dried off quickly, brushed his teeth, but didn't worry about shaving." He dressed quickly, noticing a box by the door. He picked it up and walked over to the table, and opened it. Inside was a new pair of boots similar to the pair that had burned up in the queen's chamber. He was sitting there, staring, when Lisa walked out of the bathroom.

"No, it's a warning." She started dressing then noticed his preoccupation. "What's wrong?"

He had not told Lisa about the Ruby and the queen. "My boots were ruined on a case I just ran. They replaced them."

"Isn't that a good thing?"

"I've always had to scrounge to get things I needed for myself, Lis. The only thing anyone's ever given me was this amulet from Sam when we were kids. I've never had new boots. The ones I had, I stole off someone's back porch when I was a teenager."

She cupped his face. "Look at me, Dean."

He looked into her eyes, "Yeah?"

"Those days are over. You are worthy of having people give you things and love you. Got me?"

"Yeah, I understand that, Lis. It's just that no one's ever done it before."

"Get used to it," she grinned. "Now let's find our boy."
Dean nodded. He put the boots on, and grinned. "They fit great." He got up and opened the door for her, placing his hand on the small of her back. They headed to the top floor.

Ben was playing with Matt and Mello, alternating from taking his turn on the game and eating his lunch. L was working on his laptop, occasionally sipping his over sweetened tea and Near was concentrating on a case as well, stuffed kitten and robot near him.

Dean walked up behind his son and grabbed him, lifting him over his shoulder. "Hey, son. Watcha eatin? Your mom and I are starving."

Mello grinned and murmured, "I bet."

"Sandwich and chips!"

Watari walked up and mentioned that there was a buffet set up in the dining hall, and he rather thought that Bobby, Sam, and Sarah were there. Dean grinned, put his son down, and touched Near's shoulder. "How about that steak this weekend after we all recover from Lilith?"

Near looked up, eyes focusing on him as he nodded. "That is agreeable."

Dean nodded, "Fantastic." He turned and took Lisa by the hand and headed towards the elevator, looking over his shoulder. "You coming or staying, Ben?"
"I'll come," he told the others he'd be back later and went with his parents.

The new father let go of his fiancee's hand and grabbed Ben, picking him up and swinging him up, laying him across his shoulders, holding his arms with one hand, and his feet with the other.

The boy giggled, hanging on so he wouldn't fall.

They went down the hall to the dining hall. Bobby, Sam and Sarah were sitting at the dining table. Dean could see a large buffet laid out, and smiled. He set Ben down and told him to go see his Uncle Sam, Aunt Sarah, and Grandpa Bobby. Taking Lisa's hand he dragged her to the buffet.

Lisa filled her plate, then headed to the table to join their family.

Dean set a plate and a glass of lemonade on the table. Sam and Bobby stopped talking and looked at his plate. There was some potato salad, a sandwich, two pickles, and some fruit. The plate was not overloaded.

Lisa was already munching on her lunch, chatting with Sarah.

Dean stared at the two men who were watching his plate. He looked down at it, puzzled. "Something wrong?"

"It's nice to see you eating healthier, Dean, but still a surprise. Give us some time," Bobby answered with a grin.

"Watari told me it was serious. Cholesterol and my blood pressure. At my age? You eat the right things and it's not half bad.

The grin grew wider. "Good."

"Yeah, and the doctor gave Watari an exercise regimen for me to help get my strength back. Looks like I'm not gonna get to do that before we go after Lilith, does it?"

"Wouldn't hurt to get started," Sam told him.

"I would, Sammy, but, if I understood Cas right, we're going today. Do I want to do that and get tired and then go after Lilith? Advice here, guys."

"If we're going today, then no," Bobby said.

"If I understood him right, he said kill, salt, and burn immediately. If she does die, Satan can't resurrect, can he? Isn't it her death, not just the blood?"

"Could be both," Sam answered thoughtfully.

"Damn it, Sam. That means we have to stop the Satanists too. Just in case. I don't like killing humans, but if I have to, I will."

"It may not come to that point," L said as he entered the room with his heirs behind him. "The death of the demon may be enough to destroy the plan."

"Ryuuzaki, if she's dead, and the Satanists take the blood to the church and manage to get in, isn't it the same thing? Dead demon...blood? Isn't that why you said we had to make sure no blood remained?"

"It may not work. There is a theory out there that I researched after Castiel's appearance early this morning. It states that it's the trauma of the death..the sacrifice at the location, if you will, that is part of the ritual. Without one or the other, the breaking of the seal may not work."

"Ryuuzaki? I thought you had to see to me? How much faith do you put in theories? They aren't proven. I don't trust them."

Dark eyes stared at him. "I had to research. Do I believe? Unsure..but it is unwise to discredit a theory before abandoning it all together."

"All right. Do you trust this theory enough to base the future of our world on it?"

"I am not giving it a chance." He dropped a box onto the table with a thud. "The angel needs to arrive."

"Is that the colt?" a voice behind L asked.

"Damn it, Cas! Would you quit doing that? Give us warning that you're coming!"

"You're going to get yourself shot one of these days, pervert," Mello told the new arrival.

"I do not understand the need for name calling. I am not a pervert. I simply made suggestions for procreation. Dean should understand it perfectly. Ben is his son. Sam needs to understand it. Sarah wants children."

"It doesn't mean inviting yourself into people's bedrooms," Matt interjected.

"I am an angel of the Lord. I know what is going on in the bedrooms. I can tell everyone about Mello's pornography collection and where it is hidden if you desire that I do so. I entered Dean's bedroom because I am responsible for him. I needed to talk to everyone quickly, so I brought them. It is not my fault or my problem that Sam was naked. Why Dean panicked like he did is not reasonable. I do not understand his getting upset. It is not as if he were a virgin."

Watari answered that. "Humans are very private about what goes on within the bedroom, Castiel. Entering without knocking is considered impolite."

"I am not concerned with politeness. I am trying to prevent the apocalypse while my brothers and the demons are trying to start it."

Dean was sitting next to Lisa, blood red, with his hands clenched into fists. He was shaking. Both Bobby and Sam knew the signs of Dean in a rage. He had his eyes closed trying to keep control and not try to beat the shit out of Cas.

The elderly man shook his head. "Simply manifesting outside of the room would make people more willing to work with you. Remember, Castiel. Even angels have to hold themselves to the code of honor and etiquette when dealing with mortals."

"I will take some time to consider your suggestion when this job is done."
` "I would consider an apology," Watari stated, gesturing to an obviously irate Dean. "Otherwise, certain team members may have a major issue with you."

"I will apologize if someone would explain what I am apologizing for."

Dean swore under his breath. He pushed away from the table in a violent manner, the chair flying backwards and landing on its back. Everyone thought he was going after Cas. He stopped a few feet from the angel.

"You know, Cas. I made excuses for you to everyone. No more. Hell, I thought maybe you were a friend, but you're just an ass with wings."

The hunter stormed pass the remainder of those in the room and headed down the hall to the elevator.

Near looked at the angel. "Go and repair this. Now." There was a note of command in his soft voice, making Sam bite back a smile. Definite successor indeed.

It was easy to see that the angel had no idea what he had done wrong other then entering Dean's room without permission. Sam looked at Bobby. "I'd better go find him before he drives his fist through another wall. Come on, Cas."

The white haired teenager met the angel's eyes. "Castiel erred when entering a mortal's bedroom without permission. Angels may not understand the concept of privacy, but it is a necessity for most humans. Castiel violated that right and damaged trust between Castiel and Dean. Castiel will repair this now before this mission goes forward."

Sam spoke up as he walked towards the door. "Your discussing Dean's sex life and commenting on the fact that he wasn't an innocent, and doing it in front of everyone, mostly Lisa and Ben, made him feel immoral. I know my brother. So, come on, Cas"

The angel followed.

Near took a seat at the end of the table, one leg pulled to his chest. He didn't understand emotions but even he understood the need for privacy.

Sam and Castiel reached the elevator. It had stopped on the ground floor. There was no way of knowing where Dean got off. "Okay, Cas. Where is he?"

The angel headed towards the inner gardens.

They entered the gardens, looking for the hunter. They found him working one of Near's puzzles. He looked up, a dullness in his eyes, and Sam knew he was hurting.

"Dean, you OK?" He sat beside his brother, rubbing his back.

"No, I'm not, Sam. I know Lisa has had a few guys down through the years. She hinted that someone else was Ben's dad, so I know that. Sam, I've slept with almost anything with tits. Man, I was a ...a..." Sam saw him close in and knew he was reciting that mantra L had give him. Cas had made Dean think he was a whore.

"Don't you dare, Dean. You know better than that." He glared at the angel before hugging his brother. "You're not a whore, understand?" Time for a bit of a distraction. "You should've seen Near after you left."


"He went against Castiel right after you left," he grinned. "I've never seen a kid his age with balls big enough to do that. Pretty incredible." It would give Dean something to think on. Near was quiet most of the time and to be defensive of Dean, it had to mean Dean was worth something. That would help the man's self esteem.

"Near did that for me?" He looked at Castiel. "Why did you attack me like that? Does my having Lisa and Ben interfere with everything? I'm not giving them up, Cas. I'm not gonna hunt full time either."

Sam nodded, smiling. "He did, Dean. Didn't back down any either."

"Cas, you and your brothers have screwed around with our lives for long enough. I want this job done. Now. Then I want to start living a normal life. Understood?"

"Understood," was the gruff reply.

Sam was surprised at the angel's response. So far, it had always been Dean who backed down. Castiel had a presence that seemed to demand obedience.

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