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Monday, November 19, 2012

Learning Dean Winchester: Chapter Five

        Sam cleaned up after his meal, the dream in his thoughts.  Deciding to find out more, he went to the living room and found a book he thought Dean might like.  There had to be a way to approach the subject without upsetting and injuring his brother.

        Walking down the hall, he saw a dim light on the table by the bed.  Castiel was back in the chair.  The angel looked up as the younger man entered the room.

        “You weren’t here earlier.  I noted giving him the pain meds in the chart you have made up.”

        “I saw it, Sam.  Thank you.  I am investigating the attack on Dean,” was the soft reply.

        “Any luck?”

        “Not yet.  Do you wish to sit with him?”

        “Yeah.  If he wakes, I thought I would read to him or we might have a talk.”

        “I have things I need to tend to.  I will be back before you retire for the night.”  The angel stood up to give his seat to the taller man.

        “Thanks, Cas,” Sam said softly.

        “You are welcome, Sam.”

        The angel disappeared and the younger Winchester made himself comfortable.  He looked at his brother.  Dean seemed to be sleeping deeply.  Sam felt frustrated he might have to wait on the talk, but took the time to study his brother.

        The older man looked uncomfortable.  He wished he could ease the pain more, but knew it would not happen.  He stared intently at the injured man.

        Dean looked pale, but he had paler skin that Sam.  It just never registered in the younger man’s mind that Dean could have a more fragile look.  His brother’s personality overwhelmed the look at times.  Most people felt him more than seeing him.  Sam thought it was a shame.  Dean was actually a handsome man.

        Sam smiled at the freckles.  Dean found them frustrating at times.  His brother was only concerned about his looks when a woman was present.  Sam had to admit his brother could attract them.  He almost laughed about it. 

        Sam frowned for a minute.  He had found what normally irritated him humorous.  He began to think about all the women.  Why did Dean chase after them so much? 

        Sam jumped when he heard the strange voice again, ‘Why should it bother you?  Dean has a need to be appreciated and loved.  Even a one-night stand lifts his ego.  He seldom receives what he needs at home, Sam.  Think about that.’

        The younger hunter looked at his brother with another puzzle partly answered.

        He whispered softly, knowing Dean did not hear him, “Am I part of the reason you chase women, Dean?”   Sam Winchester had another thing to worry about and work through.

        He sighed and leaned back in the chair, waiting for Castiel’s return.

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