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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Six: The Siege Part Three

        Three days passed and there were no demon signs.  Bobby and Caleb discussed the situation.  They called John who told them the demons would have no reason to go after Dean.  He was concerned about Sam due to where his mother died.   He asked that the men remove the boys from the safe room and keep an eye on the youngest.

        Bobby wasn’t overjoyed at the idea of not watching the older son.  Dean had no reason to make up such a story.  John scoffed at the older man’s fears and told him that Dean wanted attention. 

        Bobby took the boys to town to buy some clothes they needed.   What they had was too small for them.  They were still out of town when the demons attacked.   The truck went sliding off the road and hit a tree.  Dean threw himself on top of Sam as Bobby hit the windshield.  The passenger door opened and hands reached in to grab the boys.

        Sam was tossed to the ground and the man dragged Dean away from the truck.  The younger brother screamed his brother’s name.  A woman reached down and touched the boy.

        “It’s all right, Sam.  We’ll protect you.  You don’t need him.  He’ll be a hindrance in the future.”

        “I don’t think so,” came a voice that held no inflection.   The woman turned and looked into the piercing blue eyes of an angel.  She screamed as his hand went to her forehead and she could not evacuate the body and dropped dead.

        Dean was struggling with the man who held him in a vice-like grip.  The man grabbed the boy’s throat and squeezed and he reached the other around his head to snap his neck.  They both heard the scream and saw the woman drop, but only the demon saw the angel. 

        A large cloud of smoke left the man’s body and Dean fell with the man landing on top of him.  Sam ran towards his brother as Castiel checked the older boy.  He was going to have bruises.  The angel walked over to the truck and lay a hand on Bobby Singer.  The man woke and looked around him.  He saw the bodies and started swearing as he jumped from the truck.

        “Are you two okay?”

“Yes, Uncle Bobby,” Sam stuttered.  Dean nodded softly, his teeth gritted to keep from showing any emotion.  Castiel watched him closely.


‘The demons will leave them alone for now, my Son.  They now know which brother is being protected.  This will worry them.  Stay close to Dean from now on.’

‘Yes, Father.  Thank You for letting me protect him.’

‘You are welcome, my Son.  When did he become your boy?’

‘My what?’  Castiel stared at Dean Winchester in confusion.  He thought back and realized he had called his charge ‘my boy.’  He was concerned that maybe he was becoming too close to him.

‘Well,’ thought the angel.  ‘He is my charge so he is my boy.’

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