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Friday, November 16, 2012

Learning Dean Winchester: Chapter Three

        Sam sat on the porch for several hours, marveling at the angel’s patience.  Castiel had not come looking for him.  Curiosity got the better of the man as he rose and entered the house.

        Checking out the kitchen, the hunter took a bottle of beer from the refrigerator and walked to the rear of the cabin and his brother’s room.  He stopped when he heard voices.

        “Relax, Dean.  Drink some of this water so you can swallow this pill.”

        “Damn it, Cas,” came a soft, hoarse voice.  “It hurts.”

        “I know.  The fever does not help.  Drink this.” 

        Sam heard silence for a minute or so.

        “Thank you, Cas.  I’m so thirsty.”

        “We have to take it slow, Dean.”

        “Why don’t you just zap me with some of your mojo?”

        Sam entered, “Because he wants me to grow up and understand all there is to know about you.”

        Dean’s flushed face turned towards his brother.  His glazed eyes tried to focus clearly on the figure standing in the doorway.


        “I am going to put an end to the feuding, Dean.  Sam needs to learn you.”

        “I don’t understand.”   

        “I didn’t expect you to, Dean,” Sam commented.  The young hunter watch his older brother wince in pain and gasp sharply.

        “What the hell does that mean, Sammy?”

        “You can damn well quit calling me that.  I’m not seven anymore.”

        Green eyes stared up in confusion as he fought to keep his breathing calmed down.  Castiel stood up and walked over to the younger brother.  I suggest you go and get some decent rest.”

        Sam turned and walked out of the room.  He heard his brother speaking softly to the angel.

        “What does he think I did wrong this time, Cas?”  There was fear and sadness in the voice. 

        Shaking his head, Sam entered the bedroom nearest to the front of the house.  He took a shower, laid down and fell asleep.

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