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Friday, November 16, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Twelve: 1992

        Four years passed, with Castiel doing more jobs away from Dean.  Sometimes, he would sneak around to check on the boy.  He did not like Dean’s attitude.  The boy was showing some cockiness and was definitely becoming a smartass.  The angel wanted to know why. 

        John was training the boy more intricate parts of being a hunter.  Sam was being taught the basics.  When John was gone, Dean stayed close to his brother, keeping an eye on him. 

        The angel noted how the boy was idolizing his father.  He frowned with worry, trying to focus on why.  The angel sat on the ground where Dean was was watching girls and smiling.  Sam sat next to him, leaning against a tree in the park, with a large book in front of him.

        ‘Why are they here instead of Bobby's?  Father?’

        ‘John Winchester believes Dean is capable of handling things now.  Dean likes that his parent treats him more like an adult. ‘

        ‘Why has his attitude changed?’

        ‘He hides his hurts and fears with the sarcasm and cockiness.  It is a defense mechanism.  John Winchester is still drinking.  He can be harsh.  Words cut like knives and Dean is very sensitive.  He needs his father.  Home is important.  Sam and John are all he has.  He will take any abuse and still worship the man.  I am sorry, Castiel.  You cannot change this.’

        The angel watched the two boys, tears unknowingly going down his face.

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