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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Fifteen: Awakening

        Dean finally regained consciousness.  He slowly felt himself for injuries.  His jacket and shirt were sticky.  He looked for his flashlight and saw blood on his hands.

        Panicking, the boy looked everywhere for a wound and found none.  Confusion replaced the panic he had felt.  He struggled to remember what had happened.

        His father was drunk and he fell.  He had not had his safety on.  Dean remembered hearing the shot and feeling a sharp pain.  He remembered waking up in pain.  Everything went blank after that. 

        The boy rolled over onto all fours and looked slowly got to his feet.  He needed to get his Dad home and into bed.  Dean was grateful he knew how to drive the Impala but he just had to remember how to get home.

        The angel followed the boy as he slowly made his way to his father.  Dean did not know that he had help getting his father up and to the car.  The man stumbled and spoke incoherently.

        Castiel helped Dean with the driving, nudging him on where to turn.  He waited as Dean parked the car and sat in the seat with his head on the steering wheel.

        “It is all right, Dean,” the angel spoke softly.  “You are safe.”

        Taking a deep breath, the boy got out of the car and went to rear door.  Again, he had angelic help. 

        Trying to hold his father and find his key was difficult.  The door suddenly opened and a frightened Sam reached to help.  They dragged their father to his bedroom and put him on the bed.  Dean covered him while Sam took off his boots.  They walked into the living room.

        Sam saw the blood.

        “I’m okay, Sammy.  I don’t know why, but I am.

        “Dean, go take a hot shower and get out of those clothes.  I’ll make some hot chocolate.”

        “Thanks, Sammy.”

        Dean came out of the bathroom in sweats and a t-shirt.  They drank the chocolate and Dean told Sam what he remembered.  It made no sense to either of them.

        Cas spent the night sitting on a chair in the second bedroom, watching the two boys sleep.  Sam had arms and legs all over Dean, but the older boy did not seem to mind.  Cas would get up when Dean had a nightmare.  He would gently touch the boy and ease the fears.  Dean slept under angel care.

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