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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Ten: Aftermath IV

        The boys walked for two hours before they found a restaurant.  Dean ordered breakfast for the two of them and spent more time watching his little brother eat.  Neither noticed the old car pull into the parking lot.  They did not see Bobby Singer walk towards the door.  He stood inside the restaurant looking for the boys.

        Spotting Dean’s face, he grimly walked toward their table.  The older boy spotted him and stood, studying the older man’s face.  Bobby knew that the boy understood he was in trouble.

        “Uncle Bobby, I found Sammy,” came a stutter from older brother as the younger one jumped up and hugged the man.

        “I missed you, Uncle Bobby,” came a mumbled reply as Sam’s face was buried against Bobby’s body.

        Bobby shook his head and told both boys to sit down and finish their breakfast.  He motioned to the waitress and ordered ham and a short stack with a cup of coffee.

        Dean stared at his plate.  He looked up into the stern features of the hunter sitting next to Sam.

        “I’m sorry Uncle Bobby, but I’m not sorry I looked for Sammy.  I found him.”

        “You both coulda been kidnapped, killed or worse,” came the gruff reply.

        “I had to go after him, Uncle Bobby.  He’s my brother and it’s my job to protect him.”

        “It’s your Dad’s job to protect him, Dean.  It’s your job to tell me things and get my help.  You’re a kid!”

        “I’ve taken care of him since I was four, Uncle Bobby.  I’ve been raising him.  It’s my only job.  I won’t stop.”

        Bobby Singer looked at the defiant stance of the older Winchester boy.  He would have become angry if he didn’t see the quivering lip and the fear and worry in the hazel eyes. 

        He took sip of his coffee. 

        Sighing, he looked at both boys, “From now on, when you get an asinine idea like this, think twice and don’t do it.  Idjits.”

        Sam smiled and continued eating.  Dean looked relieved and sighed.  

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