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Friday, November 9, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Nine: Aftermath Part III

        The sound of rustling in the brush around him woke Dean.  He tried to sit up but felt as if he were tied down.  In the sleepiness of his mind, it took a few minutes to realize that arms and legs were wrapped around him.  He turned his head and saw his Sammy.

        “Sam,” came a soft, unbelieving whisper.

        “Dean!” Sam threw himself on top of his brother, holding on for dear life.

        “Where did you come from?  You weren’t here when I laid down,” the older boy questioned.

        “I don’t know.  I don’t care.  I’ve found you,” the hazel eyes showed absolute joy.

        Dean rolled over and pulled his brother into his arms.

        “They’re not gonna tear us away from each other again, Sammy.  I won’t let them.  We need to get going.  We got a ways to go to get home,” Dean spoke in a whisper as he started putting their things together.

        “Let’s find a place where we can get something to eat and I’ll call Uncle Bobby to come get us.”

        Castiel sighed and turned his mind towards Father and he winced.

        ‘Castiel, you had no right to interfere in the way you did.  You must return to Heaven and face your wrongs.’

        ‘I will come, Father, but not until Bobby Singer finds the boys.’

        ‘No, Castiel.  You will come now.’

        The angel ignored the command and moved Bobby Singer closer to the boys.  After this act of rebellion, two angels appeared and took the renegade angel captive.

        ‘I must not leave my charge.  I will come.  He has to be protected!’

        The three angels disappeared and boys were alone.

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