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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Seven: Aftermath

        Bobby had managed to flag another vehicle down and asked the driver  to let Caleb know what happened.   Caleb came with  a wrecker and brought everyone to the salvage yard. 

        Dean remained quiet, but Sam was talking.  He told Bobby what the woman had told him.  How she just screamed and died.  The boy mentioned the other man trying to hurt Dean and how a large puff of black smoke left him as he fell on the older boy.

        Bobby could get no response from the older Winchester.   When they reached home, he called John.  Three days later, Jim Murphy came and got Sam.  The boys’ Dad felt that a church would be better protection for his youngest.  Everyone was surprised that he allowed Dean to stay with Singer.
        Things remained quiet for some time.  After six months, Pastor Jim called Bobby and told him that Sam had run away.   He was heading out to find the boy, but Bobby should be on the lookout because Sam wanted Dean.

        The older Winchester brother sat on the top of the stairs listening to the one-sided conversation.  He soon realized that Sammy was trying to get home to him.  His brother was somewhere without protection.  Dean packed a backpack with a few clothes, his weapons, and pocketed the money he had saved. 

        After getting off the phone with Murphy, Bobby went to check on Dean and found him gone. 

        Panicking, the older man called Murphy and Caleb and told them that Dean must have overheard and had gone to look for his brother.

        Caleb called John at his last known number and was cursed  for his time.  John told them to find his sons.  He was in the middle of a hunt and could not go and find them.  Lives were at stake.

        No one knew that Dean had a protector.  Castiel knew were Sam was and kept his charge going in the right direction.  At times, he would lessen the distance by blurring the boy’s thought processes and moving him closer to his brother.  Several times, Father tried to contact him, but Cas had one thing on his mind….helping the Winchester brothers.  No one realized at the time that it was the beginning of a lifelong process for the angel.

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