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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Fourteen: Memories

        The angel stared into the slightly glazed eyes of the young teenager laying on the ground beside him.  The hazel eyes stared into his blues ones and a sudden glimmer of recognition passed over his face.


        ‘Father?  What do I do?’

        ‘He needs this right now.  Give him strength to fight, my Son.  He is badly injured.  Stop the bleeding and let him believe in you.’

        “Yes, Dean.  I am Castiel.  You remember me,’ the angel replied with more of a surprised statement than a question in his voice.

        “How do I know you?”

        “I watched over you when you were little,” Cas spoke softly as he pulled back the jacket and saw the wound.  The bullet had punctured a lung.  The boy was going to  bleed out before another human could help him.

        “Are you an angel?”  Dean had surprised disbelief in his voice as he started having difficulty breathing.

        ‘Father, I have no choice.’

        ‘I know, Son.  I am giving you free will here.  He must not die and he must not remember.’ 
        ‘Thank You, Father.’

        “Why did you leave me?”

        “You no longer believe in me, Dean,” the angel spoke softly as he placed a hand on the wound.

        The younger Winchester gasped and bit down on his bottom lip to stifle the scream.  A light surrounded him for a small second and the pain was gone.  He took a deep breath and looked up at the man in the trench coat with questions in his eyes.

        He placed a finger on the boy’s forehead and watch him go limp.  The memories of the moment were gone.

        “I never left you, Dean.  You left me,” Castiel said sadly.

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