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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Eleven: Heaven

        Castiel sat in a cell awaiting judgement.  There were manacles around his wrists and ankles.  Soon, two angels from his garrison came to take him before Father.

        They quietly entered the throne room and Castiel listened to the music of the angels and Saints who stood before the rainbow throne singing.  The prisoner stopped before the Judgement Seat and fell to his knees before Father.

        A gentle voice called his name, ‘Castiel?’


        ‘Why did you ignore Me?  We could have prevented all of this.  Rebellion is not a worthy cause for you, my Son.’

        ‘Father, Dean Winchester has become my cause.  I have been with him for nine years.  I watched him give up belief when his Mother died.  He can no longer see me, but I can do much to help and comfort him,’ the angel whispered.

        ‘You need to distance yourself, my Son.  It is not time for free will.’

        ‘What do you mean by free will, Father?’

        ‘When Dean is grown, he will teach you about it and you will follow him.  I told you to keep him alive and not worry about Samuel.’

        ‘Dean worries about him and where Dean goes, I go, Father.’

        ‘Castiel, I am going to give you a strict warning.  Keep this impersonal or I will remove you from this job and give it to someone else.  Perhaps Uriel?’

        ‘Father, I will strive to be what you want, but I will falter.  I find that I cannot help but want to do more for him.’

        ‘If you continue in this way, I will give the concern to Uriel and hand you over to Raphael for punishment.  I understand your heart, Castiel.  I appreciate how you want to help him, but you are becoming too human.  Stop it now.’

        ‘Yes, Father.’

        God raised his hand and the manacles were gone and Castiel was in the front seat of Bobby’s car as the hunter and the Winchesters drove back to South Dakota.

        Castiel closed his eyes in relief when he heard Father’s voice, ‘I will be sending you on other cases at times, my Son.  Dean has to grow up under John’s care to become what he must become.  You will be there but not at every moment in his life.

        The angel closed his eyes in emotional pain and quickly opened them, concerned that Father would take it as a weakness and give Dean to Uriel.  He shivered and sighed.  

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