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Monday, November 26, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Seventeen: 1995

        John had gone a long hunting trip.  School finals were almost over.  Sam was feeling antsy.  Dean watched his little brother, knowing another argument with their Dad had occurred.  The older boy was at a loss how to fix things between his father and brother.  The fights made his stomach hurt.  Sam was questioning everything.  John Winchester never tolerated anyone questioning his abilities.

        Two days after school was out for the summer, Sam told his brother he was going to walk to the library.  Dean decided to walk with him and go to the local burger place.  There was a girl working there he was interested in.  The two boys parted ways at the library. 

        Two hours later, Dean entered the library.  He searched all three floors but could not find his brother.  He asked at the checkout desk.  No one had seen Sam.  Concerned, Dean jogged back to the house his father had rented

        “Sam!”  Dean slammed the front door.  “Sammy,” he yelled.

        Dean stood still in the house and felt the silence.  Where was his brother?

        The bedroom they shared was empty.   He looked around.  Sam’s duffel and some of his clothing were gone.  His brother had tried to run away before but never got very far.  He knew he could wait him out or bring him home.  The older boy headed to the living room and the front door. 

        Hours later, Dean walked towards the house and entered the front door.  He stood there, feeling the emptiness.  A large lump had formed in his stomach.  He walked through the empty house, fear growing.

        “Oh God!” he cried.  “What am I gonna do?”

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