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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Eighteen: 1995 Pt. II

        Dean stood still for a while, eyes closed, with his hands fisted, nails biting deeply and drawing blood.  The boy finally winced from the pain and his mind cleared.  He only had two choices Bobby or his Dad.  If he called Bobby, he might get Sam back without John knowing.  Shaking his head, he knew the reality of John Winchester never knowing.

        The boy walked over to the phone and called the number of the hunter John was working with.  His father said very little.  Has asked the pertinent questions and told Dean to be ready.

        It was late when the man finally arrived.  He walked into the house, stared at his older son, and walked to the phone.  Dean realized the man was calling Bobby.  John listened for a moment and hung up the phone.

        He walked over to Dean.  The boy stood and faced the man.

        “I had no way of knowing he was gonna do that, Dad,” he spoke quickly, a sense of panic in his voice.

        John said nothing.  He kept staring.  The quietness made Dean’s stomach hurt even more.

        “Dad, we gotta find him.  He could get hurt.  I’m sorry, Dad.”

        “He ran off on your watch, Dean,” the man spoke quietly.

        “I know, Dad.  He was going to the library.”

        “Where were you?”     

        “I went to the burger place,” Dean turned pale as the thought of the girl came to mind.

        He never saw the fist.

        “Get up, Dean,” John growled.

        The boy rose to his feet and faced his punishment.  He’d lost his charge and deserved what was going to happen.  He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth.

        “You were supposed to keep an eye on him!  You were chasing girls, Dean!  Sam was your responsibility.  Anything happens to him, I will take it out of your hide!”

        “Yes, Sir!”  Dean took the hits to his stomach and his face. 

        The angel arrived and headed towards the boy’s father.


        ‘Father?  I have to stop this.’

        ‘No.  You may comfort him when it is over, but you cannot interfere this time, my Son.  This memory is vital for Dean.  I am sorry.’

        ‘May I help him heal?’

        ‘After the father is gone, but slowly.  He must not think it is a miracle.’

        Cas watched John Winchester beat his son, anger showing on the angel’s face.  If he had his way, this would be the last time the man touched the boy. 

        John headed for the door, leaving hs son leaning against a wall, holding his stomach. 


        “He’s in Flagstaff.  Bobby called around.  You will stay here.  I’ll decide whether you get to stay with Sam or not when I get back,” the hunter answered as he left the house.

        Dean laid on his side on the floor and deep sobs left him.   He would take anything from his dad but don’t take his Sammy away.  Cas could hear the whimpered cries between the deep sobs.

        He laid down on the floor with the boy, and held him, slowly easing some of the pain and letting his peace fall upon him.

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